Versailles World Tour Dates

Despite tragedy and some pretty heavy hard-times hitting the band last year, it would certainly seem that Versailles is fighting back with a lot of gumption. They are without a doubt putting the “world” back in the term “world-tour” this year with their extensive international circuit, circling through Japan, North and South America, and Europe. The band announced that they will perform 7 more dates in Japan, wrapping it up on September 4th with a tour-final at CC Lemon Hall. Here are the final dates for the rest of the tour– with South America and European dates included.

Versailles World Tour 2010

-Method of Inheritance-Latin America

June 04  Sao Paulo / BRAZIL

June 06  Santiago / CHILE

June 09  Buenos Aires / ARGENTINA

June 11  Lima / PERU

June 13  Mexico City / MEXICO

-Method of Inheritance-Europe

June 26 Oslo / NORWAY Samfunnssalen ※Desucon (Guests)

June 27  Moscow / RUSSIA

June 29  Helsinki / FINLAND

June 30  London / UK

July 02  Baecelona / SPAIN

July 03  Montpellier / FRANCE

July 06  Amsterdam / HOLLAND +SOLD OUT!+

July 07  Cologne / GERMANY

July 09  Hamburg / GERMANY

July 11  Budapest / HUNGARY

July 13  Paris / FRANCE

“Method of Inheritance”-Arousal-

07/19 Club Citta Kawasaki
08/10 Nagoya Bottom Line
08/13 Hakata Be-1
08/19 Osaka BIG CAT
08/22 Sendai Darwin
08/27 Sapporo CUBE GARDEN

“Method of Inheritance”-GRAND FINAL-


09/04 CC Lemon Hall

Source: Official website

D: Please Do Samurai, Not Versailles

…That being said, however, the moderate “bleh” ness of the 7th Rose PV is sort of redeemed by new single Kaze ga Mekuru PAGE‘s PV. Yes, it’s one of those happy, upbeat with-a-Goth-twist songs that is faintly dissonant and mentally disconcerting to anyone who thought they had a firm grip on their understanding of reality, but that’s a good thing. ASAGI and co. look so much more badass in hakama and kimono than they do in poofy Hizaki hand-me-down prom gowns and super pasty makeup.

 Yes, the guitar riffs are nothing special, and the vocals threaten, at times, to lurch into the usual happy-D-song medium, but Kaze ga has a good vibe, and actually sounds like a confidentally composed song. In fact, it sounds like one of their more “Jrock”y pieces, with a guitar pattern that almost rings of GACKT…two artists I thought I would never dare to mix in one post. Anyway, the song is good, and the PV is (very D) elegant…

Take a Walk in the Park with Descendant of the Rose

Versailles new official fanclub Descendant of the Rose will be launched on March 1st. Japanese fans can already register, and information about overseas fans registration might be revealed soon.

Might be revealed soon. Thanks for that, Versailles.

[Membership fees]
Normal membership: 6,000 yen
Online membership: 4,000 yen
Admission fee: 0 yen
Membership validity: 365 days

[Special privileges]
Two special privileges will be sent to people who will register by February 28th.
1. Fanclub limited photoset (4 pictures). Normal membership only.
Right to attend one of the special concerts at Meguro Rokumeikan on June 23 and June 24. The first one is limited to male fans, the second one is limited to female fans. The people attending will be chosen through a raffle.

[Fanclub services]
1. Priority advance sales for Versailles concerts and events. However, it’s possible that priority advance sales might not be available depending on the event organization and the like.
Members card issue.
3. Special bulletin magazine (at least twice a year). The first issue is going to be a DVD.
4. Memorial admission present.
5. Greeting cards will be sent for your birthday and Christmas.
6. Priority access to fanclub-sponsored events.
7. Original merchandise sale.
8. Mail magazine delivery.
Access to the fanclub area of the website featuring exclusive off-shot footage, video comments and the like (PC only).
10. Other kinds of service. (Such as?)

As mentioned above, actual admission for world-wide fans is not open yet. It will be up on SG when it is. So, going to join?

Versailles European Dates Announced

Note: Re-posted in response to Versailles officially announcing the addition of a London, UK date on June 30th. Congrats London.

Finally Versailles PQ has officially announced the dates, countries, and venues where they’ll be making stops for the EUROPEAN leg of their World Tour~ Method of Inheritance. Anyone going? (And before you ask– no, I will not be flying 1/4 across the world to see them….unfortunately! There’s something kind of…fitting, about seeing Versailles in Paris. Ironic, but fitting.)

27/06 – Russia, Moscow: Tochka

29/06 – Finland, Helsinki: Tavastia Klubi

30/06 -England, London: 02 Academy Islington *ADDED*

02/07 – Spain, Barcelona: Sala Apolo

03/07 – France, Montpellier: Le Rockstore

06/07 – Netherlands, Amsterdam: Bitterzoet

07/07 – Germany Cologne: The Werkstatt

09/07 – Germany Hamburg: Knust

11/07 – Hungary Budapest: Dürer Kert

13/07 – France Paris: Le Trabendo

Official Website

Versailles Leaves Japan for World Tour After All!

Looks like Versailles PQ will be taking their world-tour, y’know, worldwide after all. Their first international dates were announced this morning, along with a hearty promise for more to come.

Versailles International Dates:

-Method of Inheritance- Latin America

June 04  Sao Paulo/BRAZIL

June 06  Santiago/CHILE

June 09  Buenos Aires/ARGENTINA

June 11  Lima/PERU

June 13  Mexico City/MEXICO

-Method of Inheritance- Europe

Period: from late June until the middle of July

To be announced soon!


Official Website

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Full list of Japan tour dates