Secret Garden 2.0

Welcome to Secret Garden 2.0!

I can’t believe in all of the 2+ years I’ve been running this thing, it’s never had a makeover. Lately, though, it’s felt like everything could use a bit of a facelift–my blog, my life, I don’t know, whatever. I’ve been struggling to hold my interest in keeping SG updated. I buy and enjoy albums and singles, but don’t review them. Long story short, I’ve just outgrown the original, and it’s time to level up.

I’m pretty stoked on it, if I’m perfectly honest. As you can see, theme and header are brand new. Pages are now up top, and dropdowns, so there are multiple pages stacked in there… They’ve also been rearranged a little bit. A few have been completely revised. Check them out if you feel so inclined. The sidebar and widgets have also been moved around and edited– I find that it can take a few tries to get the sidebar right…So if anyone is having problems with it or encountering issues, do me a favor and let me know so I can smooth out the kinks.

There’s a lot I would still like to update, develop, and refine, but for now I’m okay with taking all of this one step at a time. It feels good to have a new face, and I’m sure the rest will follow suit.

Part of the reason I really needed a change was due to the fact that GACKT has pretty much always been the face of SG. He’s graced the header, sidebar, and pages for the past two years. This is all well and good since I have so much respect for GACKT, but on the other hand I felt like the image was misleading–to myself, as well as readers. My blog isn’t a blog about GACKT. And I realized the other day that I don’t even want to say it’s a blog about Visual Kei. Honestly, there have been a few instances in which I have felt inspired to write about something, but I decided not to because I felt it veered from the path I was trying to take. This has helped develop a sense of congruency (I hope) in content, but on the other hand, I honestly couldn’t give less of a shit about congruency right now. Seems blase.

So as things continue moving forward here, I hope to start introducing new bands into the flow. Film and drama reviews might show up after a while. I might throw some other genres, perhaps even some Asian music that’s not Jrock, in there if it’s sick enough.

All of this oh, no point in blogging because Visual Kei is idle is starting to get boring. I’d like to take a minute right now and just go ahead and choose not to let that get in the way. Just because bands aren’t releasing endless amazing albums doesn’t mean we all just pack up our headphones and throw sheets over our speakers, does it? When D’espa disbands and it seems like all hope is lost, what kind of playlists are you rockin’? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

 Here’s to new beginnings.

Updates– Nov 09–

Just a quick note to address some changes that have happened here lately. :) I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of widgets, most of which didn’t survive the test-run (unfortunately). Somehow the sidebar keeps growing, though….I just added a list of the artists that have appeared on here, and that list will just keep growing (here’s a tip: it grows faster the more CDs I accumulate…), so every time a new artist appears, the name will be added to the list. No links yet, but hopefully in the future, when I become smarter(too late), more tech-savvy(riiiight), and, probably, bored (as if), they will appear. Hopefully this will help people quickly assess the information available. If there’s something missing that you would like to see, there’s nothing like a little motivation to get things rolling, so just drop me a line, either in comment form or via the Contact Me page. :D

The ‘Gacktpause Picks’ section will also keep expanding. This is stuff that I want (here’s a tip:…oh, you get the idea…), really like, and/or have acquired and think you all should check out.

Also– I didn’t realize this, but on WordPress, after you use a Tag enough times, it gets converted into an actual category. There’s something that bothers me about this (most likely a control issue buried deep in my psyche), but in the end I guess it’s helpful. You can now click right on abingdon boys school and Visual Kei as complete categories. Have fun.

Also, there’s so much I plan on adding (when I have the time, energy, and brain-power available to work with). I have stacks of CDs that need to be reviewed, profiles to be added, and names to stick on that list. This stuff is on its way….slowly but surely.

Questions, comments, and complaints appreciated as always here on Secret Garden


Visual Kei Series

Today’s post An Introduction to Visual Kei is the first in a series on defining Visual Kei that will be appearing on Secret Garden. The posts will be filed under the Visual Kei Series category so they can easily be viewed as a collection. Subscribe to my feed or stop by to keep up with Visual Kei and Jrock related news, reviews, and profiles.

Thanks for reading Secret Garden~ Gackt

Comments, complaints, and questions appreciated.


ABS European Tour 2009

Abingdon Boys School to appear in the barbaric west this fall! November will bring the stunning rock phenomenons abroad in their first European tour. Starting November 4th, ABS will hit up Finland, Sweden, 3 cities in Germany, France, and the UK, finishing up with a 4th date in Germany, concluding in Munich.

Lucky to be English? They will perform at The Underworld in Camden, in London, England. Tickets advance price £22.00. Concert begins at 19:00 (7:00).

Venue site and info: The Underworld in Camden

Everyone else– tour info available here.

Read about Abingdon Boys School

Lucky to be English? Come see us live!

Lucky to be English? Come see us live!