BUCK-TICK Blows Kisses with ‘Kuchizuke’ and Tour

What with fireworks being in the near future for us Americans, it’s a fitting time for the band with a firework namesake to rise up out of the shadows and shower us with sparks. At least, that’s what I hope ends up happening. BUCK-TICK has announced not only a new single (due out Sept. 1), but also an extensive nationwide tour.

The single, titled Kuchizuke, with b-side Yougetsu, will be their first release since the awesome dark pop track Dokudanjou Beauty. I really liked what they did with Dokudanjou Beauty, and I hope Kuchizuke holds up to the same standard. However, I hope that they don’t take the same direction and release another poppy song. So many bands these days try something different and then repeat it one single later and just ruin the whole thing (coughD’espairsRaycough). To be honest, I’m not really sure where they can go from here, but I have a lot of faith that they’ll surprise me (Beauty did), and do something different again. I’m really glad to see them stirring it up with some activity. There’s been too much silence from them this year, and they’re one band I’ve been waiting to see get back on the field.

A note on their “new look”. Not worth Googling, in my personal opinion. Imai (the only one whose look actually changes) looks like a creepy teenage girl. Personally, I liked their Beauty look way too much to accept this one so easily. I thought for once Imai looked kind of cool rockin’ the Perm. Everyone else looks like they usually do, which is good.


October 15th @ Saitama Shibunka Center
October 17th @ Nara 100 Nen Kaikan
October 23rd @ Toyama-ken Tami Kaikan
October 24th @ Ryuutopia Niigata City Geijutsubunkakaikan Gekijou
October 27th @ Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall
October 28th @ Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall
October 31st @ Kanazawa Kenmin Hall
November 3rd @ Sunport Hall Takamatsu Dai-Hall
November 5th @ Hiroshima ASTERPLAZA Dai-Hall
November 7th @ Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan
November 10th @ PARTHENON Tama
November 13th @ Tochigi-ken Sougoubunka Center Main Hall
November 14th @ Yokosuka Geijutsugekijou
November 21st @ Chiba-ken Bunkakaikan Dai-Hall
November 23rd @ Gunma Ongaku Center
November 16th @ Kobe Kokusai Kaikan Kokusai Hall
November 28th @ Kyoto Kaikan First Hall
December 1st @ Oomiya Sonic City
December 3rd @ Fuji-shi Bunkakaikan Rose Theatre Dai-Hall
December 5th @ Hokuto Bunka Hall – Chuu Hall (Nagano-ken)
December 10th @ Sendai Izumity 21
December 12th @ Sapporo-shi Kyouiku Bunkakaikan
December 15th @ NHK Osaka Hall
December 16th @ NHK Osaka Hall
December 18th @ Chuukyou Daigaku Bunka Shimin Kaikan Aurora Hall (Nagoya)

Tickets: JPY 6300. On sale 8/28/10.

Pre-order their new single now! Kuchizuke [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] / BUCK-TICK

Source/ translation: shattered tranquility

Image: Official website

Nightmare Spills the Beans with Tell[All]Ism

Nightmare, or Naitomea as they are commonly referred to, will be setting out to blab all (musically, of course) on a decent Summer tour around– no, you guessed wrong. Not your country of origin.


7/10 (Sat) Misato City Cultural  Meeting Hall (Big Hall)
OPEN/START 16:30/17:00
info. Disk Garage 03-5436-9600

7/15 (Thur) Hiroshima Aster Plaza (Big Hall)
OPEN/START 18:00/18:30
info. Candy Promotions: 082-249-8334

7/17 (Sat) Fukuoka City Meeting Hall (Big Hall)
OPEN/START 16:30/17:00
info. Kyoudou Western Japan: 092-714-0159

7/19 (Mon) Osaka International Assembly (Main Hall)
OPEN/START 16:30/17:30
info. Kyoudou Information: 06-7732-8888

7/23 (Fri) Niigata Citizen’s Fine Arts Cultural Assembly Hall Theater
OPEN/START 18:00/18:30
info. Kyoudou Western Area Ticket Center: 025-245-5100

8/04 (Wed) Aichi Prefect. Fine Arts Theater (Big Hall)
OPEN/START 17:30/18:30
info. Sunday Folk Promotion: 052-320-9100

8/13 (Fri) Sapporo City Education and Cultural Meeting Hall (Big Hall)
OPEN/START 18:00/18:30
info. WESS 011-614-9999

8/15 (Sun)Tokyo Electron Hall Imperial Palace
OPEN/START 16:30/17:00
info. Kyoudou North-East: 022-217-7788

All tickets appointed ¥5,500(tax in)
※Everone older than 3 years old must have a ticket. Everyone younger than 3 years old has to stay home.
General sales begin: 5/22 (Sat)

Image: gangrenka.pinger.pl

A9 Back to the Future

It would seem that the first round of the 2010 tours are starting to wrap up here, with a few carrying on until the end of this month. Many of the summer tours have already been announced, but it would appear that there are still plenty coming. Today’s draw is a double announcement from danceable visual princelings Alice Nine. The pretty boys will release a new single on August 4th (details pending), and they will hit Japan with another tsunami of a tour, this time spanning across four months.

It looks like the boys are also sporting a slightly more mature look lately. I believe this was the look that was used for the CDJapan special offer last month, and is now featured on their MySpace and official website.

Alice Nine Summer Tour 2010 : “FLASH LIGHT from the past”

July 5th @ Shibuya O-EAST
July 10th @ Niigata LOTS
July 12th @ Sapporo PENNY LANE 24
July 13th @ Sapporo PENNY LANE 24
July 15th @ Hakodate club COCOA
July 19th @ Yokohama BAY HALL
July 21st @ Kashiwa PALOOZA
July 25th @ Live House Hamamatsu Madowaku
July 28th @ Ebisu LIQUIDROOM
July 31st @ Nagano CLUB JUNK BOX
August 1st @ Toyama club MAIRO
August 10th @ Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO
August 12th @ Kyoto FANJ
August 14th @ Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
August 15th @ Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
August 18th @ Sendai darwin
August 19th @ Sendai darwin
August 24th @ Shinagawa Stellarball
September 15th @ Kooriyama Hip Shot Japan
September 17th @ Aomori QUARTER
September 19th @ Kanazawa AZ
September 20th @ Fukui Hibiki no Hall
September 22th @ Kobe VARIT.
September 24th @ Takamatsu Olive Hall
September 25th @ Kouchi BAY5 SQUARE
October 5th @ Namba Hatch
October 9th @ Okayama CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM
October 11th @ Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS
October 13th @ Zepp Nagoya
October 17th @ Zepp Sendai

Standing tickets (advance): 4750 yen. Seated tickets: 5250 yen.

January 6th (’11) TOUR FINAL “TOKYO GALAXY” @Nippon Budoukan

Tickets 6300 yen (advance),  6825 yen (doors).

Source: Shattered Tranquility

Kagrra, no Kai

Kimono-clad Kagrra, finally announced the dates for their summer 2010 Japan tour. In typing this up, I decided to keep the original kanji names as well as translating their meanings, because the traditional Japanese-ness is part of Kagrra,‘s unique style. It’s really cool that they have named every performance after a demon, monster, or spirit from Japanese mythology, in keeping with their unique tour name. For anyone not familiar with this band, they are a neo-Japan Visual Kei group, drawing on traditional Japanese culture and themes in their image and music. If you are unfamiliar with Japanese demons and monsters, see the footnotes.

Kagrra, + Pilgrimage Hyakkiyagyou ~ Kage~ / Night parade of monsters and demons ~Shadow~

-河童の怪-Mystery of the Water demon

8/25(Wed)Mito Lighthouse
[OPEN/START] 18:30/19:00
[問合] キョードー東京 03-3498-9999

-鵺の怪-Mystery of the Chimera

8/26(Thur) Sendai darwin
[OPEN/START] 18:30/19:00
[問合] キョードー東北 022-217-7788

-コロポックルの怪- Mystery of the Koroppokuru

8/28(Sat) Sapporo KRAPS HALL
[OPEN/START] 17:00/17:30
[問合] WESS 011-614-9999

-パウチの怪- Mystery of Pauchi

8/29(Sun) Tomaomaki Ongakukan
[OPEN/START] 17:00/17:30
[問合] WESS 011-614-9999

-豆腐小僧の怪- Mystery of the Toufu Kouzo

9/3(Fri)Shibutani duo MUSIC EXCHANGE
[OPEN/START] 18:00/19:00
[問合] キョードー東京 03-3498-9999

-袖引小僧の怪- Mystery of the Sode-hiki Kouzo

9/5(Sun)HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin (Saitama new city center)
[OPEN/START] 17:00/17:30
[問合] キョードー東京 03-3498-9999

-大入道の怪- Mystery of the Oonyuudou

9/11(Sat)Nagoya Electric Lady Land
[OPEN/START] 17:00/17:30
[問合] ズームエンタープライズ 052-290-0909

-茨木童子の怪- Mystery of the Rose-thorn Child

9/12(Sun)Umeda Shangri-La
[OPEN/START] 17:00/17:30
[問合] キョードーインフォメーション 06-7732-8888

-海御前の怪- Mystery of the Sea’s Messenger

9/14(Tue)Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
[OPEN/START] 18:30/19:00
[問合] BIC 092-713-6085

-羅城門ノ鬼の怪- Mystery of the Demon of the Silk Gateway

9/16(Thur)KYOTO MUSE
[OPEN/START] 18:30/19:00
[問合] キョードーインフォメーション 06-7732-8888

-八面大王の怪- Mystery of the Eight-Faced King

9/18(Sat)長野LIVE HOUSE J
[OPEN/START] 17:00/17:30
[問合] FOB 025-229-5000

[Tickets] All standing¥4,725(tax incl)/DRINK charge separate
[Date of sale] 7/24(Sat)
※Do not bring preschoolers.

++Kaggra,‘s Parade of Demons and Monsters++

1. Kappa no Kai: The Kappa is a water demon with a frog-like body, a bird’s beak, a bald-spot, and a turtle-shell back.

2. Nue no Kai: The Japanese version of the chimera monster has a monkey’s head, a tanuki’s body, tiger’s limbs, and a snake’s tail.

3. Koropokkuru no Kai: Koropokkuru, mythical Ainu dwarf characters.

4. Pauchi no Kai: Pauchi Kamui is an evil spirit in Ainu mythology that descended to earth to plague humanity with insanity, stomach ailments, food poisoning, seizures, and frenzied dancing.

5. Toufu Kouzo no Kai: Kouzo is a young kid, especially a young Buddhist priest, so a toufu kouzo is a young Buddhist priest of the toufu.

6. Sode hiki Kouzo no Kai: The sleeve-pulling squirt.

7. Oonyuudou no Kai: A giant.

Kagrra,‘s latest single, Shiki

++Source: Official Website++

Video credit: nicosug7