This is Sparta

I’m really not so talented at remembering to acknowledge milestones. I never celebrated 1 complete year of blogging back in April. I never said something really wise, witty, and RT-worthy for my 1,000th Twit on Twitter. When I saw that I was at 297 posts on here, though, I became absolutely determined to make the 300th post a real milestone marker, acknowledged and everything with some overblown, self-congratulatory post.

Well, 298 came. 299 just blew right by me. Come 300, I had completely spaced on the entire thing. “301,” I thought, “301 will be it.” That didn’t happen, either, but what’s being 1 or 2 posts off the count matter, right?

That is to say, on September 11th, I reached a milestone of 300 posts here on Secret Garden.

In many ways, it almost seems like 300 posts isn’t all that much for 17 months of working on this blog.

Looking back at those 300, and not necessarily needing to delve that deep, I can see a lot of imperfections. Not to say at all that anything I do now is perfect– not even close. But I can see a steady improvement, at least a little, throughout the timeline, along with a deepening commitment to blogging. Each of those 300 posts has taken a lot of work to create, compose, and get out there, and although none of them are perfect, I at least feel proud that I believe I was able to give each one my all.

Due to my stubborn addiction to Jrock, these 302 posts probably would have existed even if this blog never saw the light of day. But I have to say, it is the input, discussions, conversations, and overall presence of my truly epic readers that (shed a tear, yo) make blogging on SG extremely interesting and challenging. It is something I don’t do just for myself, or just for Jrock, but also for you.

I will continue to strive to constantly improve the quality of the information I present and how it is expressed here. Feedback is always greatly appreciated, complaints are usually deleted and ignored, and compliments go straight to my head. So keep it all coming. May the next 300 blow everything up to this point straight out of the water. Keep reading Secret Garden.