GACKT Hits Home


This is possibly the most exciting news since…well…since the last piece of most-exciting news you ever heard. Finally my prayers (repeated daily since the release of JESUS) have been answered. It has come:

GACKT Greatest Hits Collection!

By the way, JESUS had better be on this thing!

I don’t know about any of you, but I suffer from acute GACKT syndrome. This is a nervous disorder common among his fanbase, as developed due to excessive and repeated shock and psychologically-damaging marketing techniques. They haven’t found any way of helping us yet– but that’s alright. After you get used to it your nerves are so fried that you just start prioritizing your values. GACKT albums over brain-cells, all the way.

GACKT, of course, likes to go ahead and hospitalize as many fans as possible before proceeding to make them go bankrupt. At least we’ll have a ton of GACKT to listen to in rehab…. Along with the greatest hits album, GACKT will be releasing another compilation entitled ARE YOU “FRIED CHICKENz”?? which is mysterious, in that, CDJapan has described it as “featuring his rock songs”, but last I checked, GACKT was a rock musician, so this is a little bit of a dubious description. At the same time, a reissue of his previously released singles collection The Sixth Day will be released. All albums will be released under Nippon Crown, despite/due to GACKT’s recent move to Avex.

The Greatest Hits Collection and Sixth Day reissue will be released July 21st.

ARE YOU “FRIED CHICKENz”?? will fly the coop on June 23rd, and will feature two bonus tracks (Uncontrol and Justified).

All albums JPY 2,857. Excuse me while I go down to the bank to take out a bloody loan.


UNTITLED (Single Best) / GACKT

The Sixth Day / Single Collection [Priced-down Reissue] / GACKT

Somehow it has a certain ring to it: The GACKT Ward. Be seeing you there…

Out of All These ONE Must Shock Us!

Back before Zero was a creep

It looks like the second round of summer releases have been announced. Have I ever mentioned before how stressful I find it that Jrockers all release their stuff on exactly the same day? There are like two dates in a given month when they’re allowed to release material. For June you can expect to go bankrupt on the 2nd and 23rd, so get ready, guys.

D’espairsRay // “Dead or Alive Complete Covers Album” // July, ’10 (Album)

For the first time ever, a Jrock band will feature nothing but covers of the one band probably everyone is perfectly happy going the rest of their life without ever hearing!
Just kidding. It’s true, I’m being uncharacteristically vindictive (I’m not usually vindictive, right?). I mean seriously. The actual news is that they will, in fact, be releasing a brand new album right in time for adding songs to the set-list for their world tour, which will kick off in the US sometime in August. But, y’know, please don’t let us know what the dates are UNTIL THE DAY OF.

Out of all this second round, I think this is the most exciting news. Although all we know at this point is that it will be released sometime in late July.  Love is Dead itched the darker aspects of my dementia, but I thought b-side Medicine (I haven’t figured out how to make backwards N’s yet) was a really cool song. It was congruous with the single, but also got heavy and angry to counter the dancey thing that preceded it.

Exist Trace // “Knife” // 6.2.10

I always look forward to these bad-ass babes. I’m sure they aren’t going to release a techno song.

Inaba Koshi // “Okay” // 6.23.10 (2 types)

A barely-optimistic title, but surely a single that won’t disappoint from B’z frontman Inaba Koshi.

Nightmare (ナイトメア)// “a:fantasia” // 6.23.10 (2 types)

What the hell was with them releasing an entire album with ONLY ONE SONG ON IT. That’s what they invented the “repeat” button for, hello Nightmare?

Ayabie // “Irodori – Tour Final Live @ ZEPP Tokyo” [title subject to change] // 7.14.10 (Live DVD)

To be honest, I haven’t really followed these guys since I got irrevocably bored with their Rikkaboshi +A album.

Rin //”As if Forever Exists” // 6.2.10 (3 types)

Kisaki’s new band.

Phantasmagoria // “Diamond Dust in Truth” (live DVD) // 6.23.10

Kisaki’s old band.

**Pick ’em up here**

For anyone who forgot:

Sadie just released some new stuff yesterday (4/28); a Singles Collection, and a maxi-single (which hopefully isn’t included on the singles collection…) called DRESS. The PV is pretty cool, and the song is awesome.
If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out:

D’espairsRay album release source: CDJapan

Video: shuujiHysteria

Sadie’s Dress Tailored to Fit Visualists

I do realize that this is a bit old on the ‘net, but I’ve been kinda overwhelmed lately, so I’m just getting around to talking about it now. Indies Visual hardcores Sadie have been pretty busy lately (relative to them of course). Their perfected levels of misery and angst are overflowing in the preview for their latest song DRESS, which will be released exactly one week from today (4.28.10). I’ve only listened to the 15 second clip 3 times and the melody line is already stuck in my head.

Honestly, Sadie is one of those bands who I run into every so often, but don’t really follow as much as I would like. When they do pop up on radar, though, I always like what I hear. I think their look is really cool, and their sound is strong. They are a pretty dark group, though, and their music can be intense.

If you haven’t seen the preview for DRESS, check it out:

The song definitely sounds powerful, and Sadie is actually still making gloom-rock (unlike some bands who we won’t mention here who have defaulted to disco…), so perhaps they’re the heirs to the Visual Kei legacy, thrown aside so carelessly by those other rockers who are already bored with Visualism as a whole…

Video credit: Direngreyvids

BT’s Latest PV A True Beauty…

Finally something to blog about! The PV for BUCK-TICK‘s latest single, Dokudanjou Beauty, has finally hit the net. And, really, true to its name, this song is a real beauty. Although, like other veteran bands from the ’80s, such as B’z etc, BT‘s music has taken a turn to more of a crowd-pleaser feel. The benefit to being the greatest Jrock bands ever, however, is that this doesn’t necessarily take away from quality, it just adds a particular mode or context to the music. I must say, though, that both the aforementioned bands released albums last year (BT put out Memento Mori, and B’z did MAGIC), and I personally was sorely disappointed with both of them. That being said, though, they both released singles that were absolutely phenomenal– B’z really knocked my socks off with double A-side Ichibu to Zenbu/DIVE, and today, BUCK-TICK is cleaning the floor with Dokudanjou Beauty.

Finally a memorable composition, after the flat and rather same-ol’ feeling Memento Mori delivery. Not only that, but Dokudanjou Beauty is one of the sleekest, most interesting PVs I’ve seen in a while. The Spartan warriors and the sensuous, but dangerous, woman create a sort of Helen of Troy kind of feel, and I really like one of the final images when the warrior throws his sword.

Although Imai obviously still thinks he’s living in 1986, still doing the dance moves he made up when he was on LSD, everyone looks really stylish, cool, and creepily suave. Sakurai Atsushi is in his prime, despite probably being somewhere around 50. They pull off appearing like veterans, what they are, rather than the burnt-out rock-papas they were beginning to feel like in ’09.

Dokudanjou Beauty sounds awesome. Dark, and sort of a-typically BUCK-TICK, the sing-song lyrics are some of the most fun, hip, and mesmerizing I’ve heard in a while. Sakurai has some of the most interesting lyric-composing skills in the industry, and he puts them to good use here. He also totally redeems the perm (the most-scorned-by-me hair-style trend ever to hit Jrock), and even though I scorned his look earlier, even Imai manages to come off as cool.

The bass line is awesome, the vocals are super good (“Oh my god kami-sama!” has to be the catchiest line I’ve heard in a while), and the trash-can-lid-banging sound effects at the beginning cue you in for some BUCK-TICK power like we haven’t heard in a while.

See ‘D’ with C’D’ and ‘D’V’D’

March will bring plenty of gothic rock from the crazy, newly-major bondage band D, in the form of a DVD and full-length album.

The DVD, released March 31st, will feature the all-new MV of NOCTURNAL, four post-major music videos, “several” music videos released while they were still indie, plus a digest version of the TV program Bara no Yakata.


Our visceral faculties all tucked in, if you didn’t get enough from the DVD, turn up the volume and blacken your skull with some dark tunes off their newest album. The album will hit shelves on March 24th, and comes in 3 versions: Regular Ed., Limited Ed./DVD, Limited Ed./Photo booklet. Take your pick– after their recent single releases, this promises to shine– darkly, that is.

Final-product images, covers, and titles will be released closer to the actual release date. Keep posted for updates.

En route to Abingdon

Funny as it sounds, English grandmothers are probably more familiar with the name Abingdon than most hardcore rockers under 30 today. The reasoning behind this? Abingdon, originally called Abingdon-on-Thames, is a town in Oxfordshire, southern England. Home to Abingdon School, an all-boys school whose initial claim to fame was having hosted members of Radiohead during their delinquent school years, Google searches for the town now list results under a new type of Abingdon. You guessed it, Japanese metal-magicians, abingdon boys school.

The good news is, it’s a lot easier to get to far-flung places these days than it was in the past. Jrockers get your passports and hit the road with a scheduled all-new full-length album from Secret Garden’s favorite Jrock sensation, abingdon boys school. Make room in your collection, because on January 27th 2010, ears will bleed for Abingdon Road.

The planned album will have 5 previously released singles and 6 all new songs.