Neolog Review Contest: 2nd Place


For several weeks in September, Neolog, the up-and-coming website offshoot of Japanese CD, DVD, and apparel online hot-spot  CDJapan, has been hosting an online contest for reviews posted on Neolog until Sept. 16th. Quote:

“From among the new reviews created in September, We picked up and published the creative,

hilarious, interesting, original, thoughtful, or notable Neolog reviews under Jpop,

Anime, Music, and Movies…”

The reviews were selected in categories of  “best 3 reviews”, “best J-pop”, “best music”, “best anime”, “best movie”,  and then a “cool ten reviews”. The contest results were posted today:

Neolog Review Contest 2nd Place winner: Best Top 3 Reviews Cate.:


B’z~ Ichibu to Zenbu/Dive,   By Gacktpause

This review was originally posted here on Secret Garden. To read the original post, follow this link.

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