Summer Single Shortlist

Let's see some summer shockers, please...

Hiroto’s (front right center) expression in this picture basically sums up how I’ve felt about most of the new stuff I’ve heard the past couple of months. For example, at first D’espairsRay‘s Love is Dead sounded passably cool until Jrockers net-wide reached the unanimous decision that it sounds too much like You Spin Me Round to actually make it casually listenable. Usually I try not to listen overly much to any Visual Kei that makes me think of Adam Sandler in the ’90s. It’s not that the single is bad or anything, because it’s not bad, it’s just that I, and I’m not sure about anybody else, have started feeling a bit lethargic about the recent releases. There have been quite a few “best-of” collections and “nyeh” status singles released lately, I need a real stunner lest I should go catatonic.

And before any devoted and emotional fans start frothing at the mouth– I do concede that there are some releases that I know would be unfair to include in this generalization.

I don’t usually organize release information like this, but since there are so many awesome bands releasing summer singles in the next few months, I thought it would be worth compiling instead of doing a million one-liner posts announcing them (which I pretty much never do).

Summer Releases (they had better be good..)

Alice Nine // “Untitled” 8.04.10

Their latest release was a best-of in late ’09. Now that the boys are off duty for a few minutes (in regards to touring) they can actually write some new music. Hana was a pretty good single before the best-of, and although it wasn’t particularly ground-breaking, even the B-side Cross Game was pretty cool.

Creature Creature // “Untitled” (album) 6.16.10

I didn’t buy the first album, because I’m afraid that I’ll wake up one night and find Morrie standing over my bed….But DEAD END rocks, and Tetsuya rocks. Not that that means that CC rocks. I always got a real kick out of the caption on an upload of their “Paradise” PV: “Tetsu is at it again, with his creepy looking band and creepier lead singer”. –BanhBaoX That all being said, I thought the song Kaze no Tou rocked. It was reminiscent of L’arc, but on an even deeper tier of emoism.

D // “Untitled” 6.30.10

After warming up considerably to their brand new album 7th Rose, I feel slightly more lenient with the goths.

GACKT // “Untitled” 6.16.10

He likes to keep everyone guessing.

girugamesh //”Untitled” ??.??.??

First real venture after everyone declared them sucking because of NOW. After NOW became one of my frequently listened-to albums, I realized that I don’t give a damn what the rest of the Jrock community says; you can bash giru all you like, and I will still buy their music. Just make the A-side feel like an A-side

MUCC // “Yakusoku” 6.09.10

I’m slightly give-or-take about MUCC on the best of days, but I feel like this one sounds like the anime theme song it was made to be (seriously).

VAMPS // “Devil Side” 5.12.10

When I saw the cover art for this in the sidebar of my blog, I thought “Who put this ero pic in my sidebar?!” I was appalled. Naked girls with devil-tails don’t appear there unless I say they do.

+ VAMPS // “Live 2009” (DVD) 5.12.10

I want a Region 2 encoded DVD player.  I seriously think my computer will take drastic action if I try and set it up to handle R2 DVDs.

+VAMPS // “Untitled” (single) 6.09.10

I hope nobody reports me for indecent imagery in the sidebar .

Tetsuya // “Roulette” 5.19.10

In contrast to Hyde becoming very vagabond, Tetsuya remains as well behaved as ever. Still, you can’t resist bass lines like that, nor can you really say no to his happy-go-luckiness, even though, if you’re anything like me, you’re a jaded, macabre, and demented Visualist.

The GazettE // Film Bug II (DVD) 8.04.10

Only seasoned Jrockers can call things “I” and “II” without actually presenting evidence as to a chronological system. Where is Film Bug I?

+The GazettE // NEXT SCENE 7.21.10

I hope I can redeem the shame of not even remembering the last thing they released by pre-ordering this one!

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Note: titles subject to change prior to release date. “Untitled” is pending the release of complete information.


D’espa: Bird-Masks.

 On March 14th D’espairsRay and Mucc performed at the Megaport Music Festival in Taiwan. In keeping with proper form, D’espairsRay released a video message for their fans in Taiwan. The masks, which look incredibly cool on the cover of their new single, only help to somehow make this one of the more awkward videos I’ve seen in a long time…

The bird masks remind me of the ones gacktjob wore for the Diabolos tour performance of Lust for Blood…

Video Credit: RikaiSchool

MUCC Tour 2010 Dates

Details and particulars are waiting for notification. Please check back for information concerning exact dates, tickets, times, etc.

Year/month/day /(date)/ location/ venue

2010年10月30日(Sat) Hibiya Music Association Hall
2010年10月31日(Sun) Hibiya Music Association Hall
2010年11月03日(Wed) Mito LIGHT HOUSE
2010年11月06日(Sat) Sapporo PENNY LANE24
2010年11月09日(Tue) Aomori Quarter
2010年11月11日(Thur) Yamagata MUSIC Shouwa Session
2010年11月12日(Fri) Sendai darwin
2010年11月14日(Sun) Kooriyama HIPSHOT JAPAN
2010年11月17日(Wed) Nagoya Electric Lady Land
2010年11月19日(Fri) Osaka umeda AKASO
2010年11月23日(Tue) Nagano CLUB JUNK BOX
2010年11月25日(Thur) Kobe CHICKEN GEORGE
2010年11月27日(Sat) Kochi CARAVAN SARY
2010年11月29日(Mon) Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO
2010年12月01日(Wed) Kagoshima CAPARVO HALL
2010年12月03日(Fri) Kumamoto DRUM Be-9
2010年12月05日(Sun) Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS
2010年12月07日(Tue) Kyoto FANJ
2010年12月09日(Thur) Gifu club-G
2010年12月11日(Sat) Niigata LOTS
2010年12月14日(Tue) Chiba, Kashiwa Drunkard’s STADIUM
2010年12月16日(Thur) Tokyo, Kichijoudera CLUB SEATA
2010年12月21日(Tue) Okinawa Sakura Hill Central

…and more

Source: OHP

As the Crow Flies…

2009 was certainly a year of many changes in the Jmusic scene. New bands formed, many indies bands failed (unfortunately), and several popular bands decided to go on hiatus. However, 2009 and these fresh new days of ’10 have also seen several promising solo and side projects popping up in relation to some of the greatest bands out there today.

One of these side projects which is not to be missed, is the darkly named KARASU. KARASU, which means either “withering”, or “crow/raven” in Japanese, is the session-project of some of the most respected names in Visual Kei. Vocals are provided by the renowned Tatsurou of moody metal shredders MUCC, guitars by hiroto of Alice Nine and Mizuki of Sadie, bass by dunch of jealkb, and last but not least, the backbone of a band: drums by Kenzo of Ayabie. With this stunning lineup of talented and well-known musicians, this dark, moody Visual Kei group promises to tear up the music turf with a tornado of sound starting today, January 27th,with the release of debut single, Lastica.

In honor of their debut, the band will be appearing with interviews and spreads in Visual Kei publications including FOOL’s MATE and SHOXX. They will also make appearances on various live radio programs and on television, as a special spot on NHK General Program’s MUSIC JAPAN.

Get your copy now and check these guys out.

Note: Not to be mistaken with the already-established band by the same name. Man…didn’t these guys have a good Japanese dictionary lying around when they came up with a name..?