Monkeys, Maseratis, and Trans-Continental Crisis Management

Soaking in a steamy hot-spring, monkey-filled or otherwise, in the mountains of snowy Hokkaido would be pretty baller right now. Unfortunately, although I do live, for better and for worse, in the snow-encrusted northern mountains, where the winter is 6 months too long and about 30 degrees too cold, we don’t have any of those perks that make you think, this really isn’t so bad.

The really bad part is that, not only do you end up suffering from acute February-Blues, but come March (assuming you survive until then), you feel foolishly hopeful that the “end” is in sight. And then the blizzards set in, and you are faced with the bleak onset of nihilism, that dark moment of enlightenment, when you understand that it will never end. It is winter, forever.

That is why I, lest my roommates should come home one day to find me buried out under the back deck, do my best to escape to some marginally warmer and redeemingly more interesting part of the world. Thus, tomorrow afternoon I will be catching a flight out to Seattle, WA, to spend some time visiting friends, thawing out, and taking a break from 8′ snow-banks and frostbite.

It may not be Okinawa, but 45 degrees and rain sounds like the Virgin Islands compared to playing Ice-Climbers in real life. It sounds like a cool city, as well, and given that they were apparently the first to successfully impale a UFO, must be forward-thinking and strategic people with a tendency to accept foreign cultures.

After an uninspired couple of months, I’m looking forward to taking a bit of a vacation from reality while I’m out west, so a lot of my projects will be put on hold until I return in early April, while I party my way through my quarter-life-crisis in the hopes of returning refreshed, restored, and rejuvenated.

Ironically, in an attempt to not let Secret Garden become so inactive that it gets evicted from the internet or something, things will probably be more frequently updated while I’m away than they have been while I’ve been lazing around picking out fancy sports cars I can’t afford and don’t want, but that my trophy wife thinks I need in order to express the suffering that comes with old age and— what I mean to say is that posts will be appearing on SG every Saturday at 7:07 AM EST. Comments, emails, and @mentions will be moderated and responded to when I return in April, so if you don’t see your comment up right away, fear not- I did not send it to the spam folder. Yet.

Incidentally, the day that I get back to the east coast will also mark my 2nd anniversary on WordPress. I’ll admit, the reason I haven’t been posting lately has less to do with picking out Maseratis, and more to do with the fact that I feel like I’m not able to properly express a lot of what I think and perceive about Visual Kei on Secret Garden with things the way they are.  I’ve been turning over a lot of ideas in my head for ways to expand and change things, so we’ll see what happens.

Although I’ve enjoyed working on Secret Garden with things like this for the past few years, I think I expressed in past posts that I’m plagued by a chronic obsession with self-improvement and development, and I feel like I can always be doing better and working to improve things. This will be my mission when I return to the east coast. But in the meantime, I would like to expand a little right now and open a poll to Visualists to ask you, for the first time, what brings you to Secret Garden for the 1st, or the however-many-returns visit. Leave a vote, and if you have any feedback, insights, thoughts, suggestions, or remarks, comment below.


What do you think?