Get ready for gladiator sandals, The Perm, and the Satoshi-boogie…

I hope they leave the gladiator sandals at home.

I admit, I’ve entered a sort of state of denial about the lack of orange-highlighted dates on my sidebar calendar.

I like to flatter myself and primp my shameless vanity by assuming that lulls in the activity of Secret Garden are duly noted out there. Although I’m daily shelving a hankering to be on here spewing my snotty opinions about the noxious new releases of Jrock Today, likely setting out on the road to becoming some kind of embittered critic, while squirreling away my secret adoration of the more Kpoppian ventures of girugamesh, I hope to be able to post more regularly again eventually. In the meantime, I will continue to ask for your patience.

I notice that I’m not the only one who has been lagging in their post count lately, though. In fact, most of the blogs I read regularly (you know who you are) seem to be kind of slow these days. I remember those sweet, sweet, broke days of living on a whim and blogging sun-up to sun-down without a care in the world other than being totally cash-strapped. But remember this, kids, make good use of your blissful free time and become magnanimous forerunners of the future before the shackles of the 9-5 routine enslave you and stunt your entrepreneurial developments. What these other slaves to the system tell us is partly true, you get used to it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t stop being  frustrating. Ah, who am I kidding. The life of rampant hedonism is obviously the one for me. I’ll start a terrible Visual Kei band and do nothing but wine, women, and sleep, all in varying degrees of debauchery.

Now that we have my future sorted out, shall I spend the next thirty minutes of our time (so precious, according to the previous paragraphs) talking about something else equally inane and patronizing while I try and remember what I started this post to talk about? Nah, just kidding, I’m not that depraved yet.

This news apparently popped up over the weekend (proof that the world continues spinning even when I’m out of the loop. How dare they.), and although I admit it’s taking some time to sink in to the remains of my mushy brain, melted to the consistency of chunky 3-day-old applesauce zombifying slowly on the kitchen counter by too little sleep and too much caffeine too many days in a row, I’m pretty pumped to be able to announce this at last.

girugamesh WORLD TOUR Confirmed!!

2011.3.05 Tochka
Moscow, Russia

2011.3.06 GlavClub
St.Petersburg, Russia

2011.3.08 Nosturi
Helsinki, Finland

2011.3.11 Columbia Club
Berlin, Germany

2011.3.12 Diesel
Budapest, Hungary

2011.3.13 Backstage
Munich, Germany

2011.3.15 La Laiterie
Strassbourg, France

2011.3.16 TBA
Paris, France

2011.3.18 O2 Acedemy Islington
London, UK

2011.3.19 Zeche
Bochum, Germany

The band has apparently taken a leaf out of D’espa‘s book and is reaching out to fans for suggestions regarding their, y’know, tracklist for the tour. Hurry–together we can make a stand against having to ruin our current record by accidentally hearing Color live…

All snark sheathed for the time being, this is actually news that, once it fully establishes itself in my gelatin-filled skull, is worth getting psyched over. They are one of the bands that I would really stretch to see…and although Europe is a bit too much of a stretch (especially at risk of showing up to a disco-ball and Satoshi’s shuffle-boogie), ShuU started rumors on their official Facebook that more information (cough dates and locations cough?) is to follow. Holla, US? I think we’re ready for Color.

Not only that, but they have also announced a brand new album. The question I want you to answer, Visualists, is that of whether the album actually still runs a chance of stirring some response by returning to their raucous roots, or striking a new chord by actually going out on the limb of innovation and, god forbid, inspired creativity. This positive anticipation of giru‘s actions (recently so disturbing) is edged, we all know, by the woolen itch of doubt; the fear that it could really be rock-bottom. The maker or breaker. Takers?


Mum About Myv

First off, I’d like to apologize (again) for things being so slow on here lately. I just looked at my calendar in the sidebar and realized that it’s been over a week since the last time I posted. Honestly, time is flying a lot faster lately than it feels like, and I haven’t adapted to this problem yet. I’ll warn you now though, I haven’t reformed quite yet. This week is going to be another busy one for me, so while I’ll post when I can, I’ll be straight with you all and say it straight out– it won’t be a burst of posts everyday, and things most likely won’t pick up that much until next weekend. This is an excellent issue to have to be struggling with, though, and really it’s a moot point because the source of the on-coming hectic week is that I will in fact be seeing MIYAVI live at Harper’s Ferry in Allston, MA on Friday!

I apologize as well to everyone who asked me whether I was planning on going and got a vague, noncommittal answer. I bought tickets in April, and the reason I haven’t been able to be open about it is because the tickets were a surprise for one of my in-real-life fellow Visualists. They say that bloggers, like journalists, have no capacity to keep any kind of secret or information to themselves, but apparently I’m some sort of genius, as I was able to keep this perfect secret from the middle of April all the way until that person’s birthday yesterday. And come on, give me some credit, right? How easy is it to stay mum for three months about having tickets to MIYAVI hidden away? I’ll tell you though, every day of sneaking around the topic of MIYAVI’s North American tour was worth the expression on my fellow Jrocker’s face when they saw the tickets.

By Special Request


NIGHTMARE Request of GIANIZM the tour

4/13(Thur)Nagoya Daigaku Cultural Meeting Hall: Aurora Hall
OPEN 17:30/START 18:30
info. Sunday Folk Promotion 052-320-9100

4/15(Tue)Zepp Fukuoka
OPEN 17:30/START 18:30
info.Kyudo Nishinihon 092-714-0159

4/21(Wed)Zepp Sapporo
OPEN 17:30/START 18:30
info.WESS 011-614-9999

4/27(Thur)Osaka International Conferance Center Main Hall
OPEN 17:30/START 18:30
info.Kyudo Information 06-7732-8888

4/29(Tue・祝)Tokyo International Forum Hall: A
OPEN 17:00/START 18:00
info.Disc Garage 03-5436-9600

【Ticket Charge】
All Tickets:¥5,500(tax in)
<Zepp Fukuoka・Zepp Sapporo>
1F Standing:¥5,500(tax in)
2F Reserved seat:¥5,500(tax in)
※Drink charge extra

【General Sale】
※Tickets necessary for everyone older than 3 years old. Please don’t bring anyone younger than 3 years old.


Official Website

Dim Sum for some, Dim Scene for VK scene

At this rate, after all, Dim Sum or Dim Scene is a choice some of us will inevitably have to make. Yes, Visualists, time to crack open your piggy-banks yet again. It is something of a exquisite purgatory that really will never end…But they sure haven’t been going easy on us this summer/fall! Winter is proving to be just as monetarily fatal– or perhaps even more so, given the release of several must-have live DVDs. This time, we tremble in our boots anticipating the December 16th 2009 release of Tour 09- Dim Scene- Final at Saitama Super Arena.

Wow, Saitama Super Arena has really been the place to be. And now, thanks to the graces of technology, you can witness the things that go on there for a “mere fraction” of the price it would cost you to fly to Tokyo on a whim and bribe a Japanese friend to get you a ticket. Here it is, GazettE fans rejoice–
Live DVD Tour 09 - Dim Scene - Final At Saitama Super Arena / the GazettE

The DVD is 3 discs (region 2 encoded: Japan, Middle East, Europe, So. Africa–N. Americans, I suffer with you.), no subtitles, limited edition available now for pre-order, comes with poster extra. JPY9300 (USD$104.45–again, I suffer with you). Regular edition also available for any who have a cadaverous malnourished piggy-bank like Gacktpause: Regular ed. JPY5800 (USD$64.52)– 2 discs, all the aforementioned handcuff-like vice of encoding and limiting, includes poster extra.


If you simply can’t wait until the snowy days, October delivers a feed for the fix with new single Before I Decay. Available 10/7, JPY1000 (USD$11.12-we now have a wussy currency), limited edition available, B2 sized poster extra.

abingdon boys school to teach rock a lesson in London, 11/12

May it never be said that I am not devoted. When I discovered the horrifying information that abingdon boys school would be touring Europe this fall, I felt the keen twist of betrayal…that this incredible band would be performing in an English-speaking country and I would not be there to see it….It was bad enough missing GACKT’s Requiem et Reminiscence II in the spring, and then the Vrock Fest happening in October…one can only take so much torture before one breaks!

abs 005So I broke down and bought a ticket to see their live at The Underworld Camden in London. There is something somewhat unbelievable about the fact that it actually says it’s for an abs live. Not to mention the fact that I’m going. I know that I live in the US! I’ll swim if that’s what it takes.

The ticket came in the mail yesterday…I’m considering framing it until I leave (just kidding).

ABS European Tour 2009

Abingdon Boys School to appear in the barbaric west this fall! November will bring the stunning rock phenomenons abroad in their first European tour. Starting November 4th, ABS will hit up Finland, Sweden, 3 cities in Germany, France, and the UK, finishing up with a 4th date in Germany, concluding in Munich.

Lucky to be English? They will perform at The Underworld in Camden, in London, England. Tickets advance price £22.00. Concert begins at 19:00 (7:00).

Venue site and info: The Underworld in Camden

Everyone else– tour info available here.

Read about Abingdon Boys School

Lucky to be English? Come see us live!

Lucky to be English? Come see us live!