382 Tour Dates

I wish I was announcing 382 tour dates. Almost as good, here are the 14 dates for MIYAVI’s 2011 world tour No. and So. America circuit. A little bummed that he didn’t announce a Boston date, as not only is it my favorite east coast city, but Megabus just started service from my city to Boston… I can tell you one thing, I won’t be getting $1 tickets to NYC any time soon. Big deal. Will def be picking up tickets for the NY show– which will be my first time at Irving Plaza. You ready to get rowdy, New York?



Thu/Oct-20 San Francisco, CA
Venue: Slims
Tickets on pre-sale: 7/25 at 3pm PST
General onsale: 7/31

Fri/Oct-21 Los Angeles, CA
Venue: House of Blues
Tickets on pre-sale: 7/25 at 3pm PST
General onsale: 7/29

Sun/Oct-23 Portland, OR
Venue: Hawthorne Theatre
Tickets on pre-sale: 7/25 at 3pm PST
General onsale: 7/29

Mon/Oct-24 Seattle, WA
Venue: Showbox
Tickets on pre-sale: 7/25 at 3pm PST
General onsale: 7/30

Fri/Oct-28 Chicago, IL
Venue: House of Blues
Tickets on pre-sale: 7/25 at 3pm CTZ
General onsale: 7/29

Sun/Oct-30 Toronto, ONT
Venue: Phoenix Concert Theatre
Tickets on pre-sale: 7/25 at 3pm EST
General onsale: 7/30

Mon/Oct-31 New York, NY
Venue: Irving Plaza
Tickets on pre-sale: 7/25 at 3pm EST
General onsale: 7/29

Wed/Nov-2 Washington, DC
Venue: 9:30 Club
Tickets on pre-sale: 7/25 at 3pm EST
General onsale: 7/30

Fri/Nov-4 Atlanta, GA
Venue: The Loft
Tickets on pre-sale: 7/25 at 3pm EST
General onsale: 7/29

Sat/Nov-5 Orlando, FL
Venue: The Club at Firestone
Tickets on pre-sale: 7/25 at 3pm EST
General onsale: 7/29

Mon/Nov-7 Houston, TX
Venue: Scout Bar
Tickets on pre-sale: 7/25 at 3pm CTZ
General onsale: 7/29

Tues/Nov-8 Dallas, TX
Venue: Trees
Tickets on pre-sale: 7/25 at 3pm CTZ
General onsale: 7/29

Sat/Nov-12 Lima, Peru – Centro Convenciones Scencia
On sale
Tue/Nov-15 Buenos Aires, Argentina – El Teatro Colegiales
On sale
Sun/Nov-13 Santiago, Chile – Maquinaria Festival Festival

Source: J-GLAM official blog


GACKT YFC Munich Show, Extra Tickets

Important update concerning GACKT’s Munich show on July 22nd:

This morning Ganshin was able to announce that (many) thanks to production reasons (such as?), they will be releasing another 200 tickets for GACKT’s show in Munich on July 22nd. The tickets will be sold exclusively through Neo Tokyo, and go on sale on Friday, June 11, at 12:00 pm CET.


Source: Ganshin

Versailles World Tour Dates

Despite tragedy and some pretty heavy hard-times hitting the band last year, it would certainly seem that Versailles is fighting back with a lot of gumption. They are without a doubt putting the “world” back in the term “world-tour” this year with their extensive international circuit, circling through Japan, North and South America, and Europe. The band announced that they will perform 7 more dates in Japan, wrapping it up on September 4th with a tour-final at CC Lemon Hall. Here are the final dates for the rest of the tour– with South America and European dates included.

Versailles World Tour 2010

-Method of Inheritance-Latin America

June 04  Sao Paulo / BRAZIL

June 06  Santiago / CHILE

June 09  Buenos Aires / ARGENTINA

June 11  Lima / PERU

June 13  Mexico City / MEXICO

-Method of Inheritance-Europe

June 26 Oslo / NORWAY Samfunnssalen ※Desucon (Guests)

June 27  Moscow / RUSSIA

June 29  Helsinki / FINLAND

June 30  London / UK

July 02  Baecelona / SPAIN

July 03  Montpellier / FRANCE

July 06  Amsterdam / HOLLAND +SOLD OUT!+

July 07  Cologne / GERMANY

July 09  Hamburg / GERMANY

July 11  Budapest / HUNGARY

July 13  Paris / FRANCE

“Method of Inheritance”-Arousal-

07/19 Club Citta Kawasaki
08/10 Nagoya Bottom Line
08/13 Hakata Be-1
08/19 Osaka BIG CAT
08/22 Sendai Darwin
08/27 Sapporo CUBE GARDEN

“Method of Inheritance”-GRAND FINAL-


09/04 CC Lemon Hall

Source: Official website

GACKT YFC Europe Tour Announcement

It was officially released on the Japanese mirror of gackt.com that the Europe Tour is absolutely official. Here’s the full announcement.


The YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz long-awaited tour has been decided!
The burning guys are gonna rage in Europe!!


7/16-(Fri) O2 Academy Islington (London) +SOLD OUT+

7/18-(Sun) Alhambra (Paris) +SOLD OUT+

7/20-(Tue) Salamandra 1 (Barcelona) +SOLD OUT+

7/22-(Thur) Theaterfabrik (Munich) +SOLD OUT+

7/24-(Sat) Zeche (Bochum) +SOLD OUT+

Please check the following URLs.



※Only Paris has multiple sites.
【Bochum】 http://www.konticket.de

For Japan: There are no plans for fan-club pre-order or domestic ticket sales. Please understand.

Source: OHP


Being a passionate anthropologist, I always find it interesting to observe people’s reactions to things. Some people jump up and down in excitement, some people scream obscenities at the tops of their lungs, some people throw furniture and rip down curtains in anger, and some people bang their head against the wall. What kind of person are you? I’m the type of person who can radiate such a thick aura of darkness that storm-clouds actually gather above my building.

Right now there’s about to be a tornado.

Around the time that GACKT announced the transfer from Nippon Crown to Avex, a rumor hit news sites that this would also mean wider international promotion, including a possible European tour in the summer. Although I, like a lot of hardened fans, brushed this aside as a physical impossibility and general fancitement, we’ve reached a point where this rumor had better be true, or else GACKT comms all over the web will mutiny so hard that the internet just seriously breaks. According to several German events sites and the English web’s own twisted talent concerts, GACKT will, in fact, be touring Europe in summer 2010.

However. I do want to make it very clear that I try and avoid any trollish rumors that go around the internet– usually, even if it means being behind with the news, I prefer to wait until official statements on official websites (namely that of the artist in question) have been released before I post anything. No information pertaining to GACKT’s rumored European tour has been released on his OHP, or any major Japanese news sites. As a result, I’m still somewhat skeptical about this information. That aside, the fact that actual cities, venues, and dates and ticket sales have been projected means that either this rumor is on the level of Emperor Troll, or it’s true and just got slipped before the OHP got on it. So that’s the disclaimer we’ll all be playing by in this game.



“Brace yourself, July will be very very HOT! For years legions of fans have waited for this moment, now finally the legendary GACKT will tour Europe for the first time! GACKT will perform at a very selective choice of clubs in London, Paris, Barcelona, Munich and Bochum. Don’t miss the rare chance to experience a true legend of Japanese Rock live! Seeing this mega superstar in such an intimate atmosphere will make these shows an unforgettable and unique event for all fans world-wide. Tickets will go on sale on June 7th and are strictly limited!

16.07.2010 – O2 Academy Islington, London [UK]
18.07.2010 – Alhambra, Paris [FR]
20.07.2010 – Salamandra 1, Barcelona [ES]
22.07.2010 – Theaterfabrik, München [DE]
24.07.2010 – Zeche, Bochum [DE]

Quoted: twisted talent concerts

So…May the rumors be true! Until there is an official announcement/denouncement from the OHP, I will not be adding this to the lives page. Once everything is Kosher, I will make another affirmative/negative post. In the meantime….North Americans. Come pray with me.

Sources: dears comm. at LJ, twisted talent concerts

Prefectural Cultural International Citizen’s Assembly Center (big hall)

Pop-rock group Remioromen may have a difficult-to-pronounce name (GACKT himself claims that he first read their name as “Remiomeron [remio-melon]”, and I have undergone training so as not to call them “Remiorem” anymore.), but these guys can rock. And rock they will, come May…and it looks like they won’t stop rocking until the end of the year. Now that is what I call an anniversary tour worthy of the ten years its celebrating.


05.13 (Thur) Yamanashi    Yamanashi Pref. Citizen’s Cultural Hall (big Hall)

05.14 (Fri)    Yamanashi     Yamanashi Pref. Citizen’s Cultural Hall (big Hall)

05.16 (Sun)  Chiba                 Forest Hall 21
05.18 (Tue)  Gunma              Beishia Cultural Hall (Gunma Pref. People’s Hall)
05.19 (Wed) Ibaraki             Ibaraki Prefecture Citizen’s Cultural Center
05.21 (Fri)    Tokyo               Eight Princes City Meeting Hall
05.23 (Sun)  Yamagata       Yamagata City Meeting Hall (Big Hall)
05.27 (Thur) Osaka              Osaka Intl. Conference Center (main hall)
05.28 (Fri)   Osaka                Osaka Intl. Conference Center (main hall)
05.31 (Mon) Tokyo              Shibutani C.C.Lemon Hall


06.01 (Tue) Tokyo          Shibutani C.C.Lemon Hall
06.04 (Fri)   Kyoto          Kyoto Meeting Hall (first hall)
06.05 (Sat)  Nara             Nara 100 Year Assembly Hall (big hall)
06.08 (Tue)  Mie              Mie Prefectural Assembly Hall (big hall)
06.09 (Wed) Gifu             International Conference Hall
06.12 (Sat)   Kanagawa       Kanagawa Citizen’s Prefectural Hall
06.19 (Sat)   Nagasaki         Nagasaki Brick Hall
06.20 (Sun)  Kumamoto    Agaki Daigaku Citizen’s Hall (Citizen’s hall)
06.23 (Wed) Yamaguchi   Yamaguchi City Meeting Hall (big hall)
06.25 (Fri)    Okayama        Kurashiki City Meeting Hall
06.27 (Sun)  Shimane         Shimane Prefectural Meeting Hall (big hall)
06.29 (Tue)   Kagawa          Takamatsu Alpha Anabuki Hall (big hall)
06.30 (Wed)  Kouchi          Kouchi City Cultural Plaza Karu Port (big hall)

[Do you think there are seriously “little halls”, or do you think they just want you to know that the hall will be proportion to the band’s greatness?]


07.03  (Sat) Okinawa      Okinawa  Meeting Hall (big hall)


09.03 (Fri)  Iwate            Morioka Citizen’s Cultural Hall (big hall)
09.04 (Sat) Akita             Akita City Cultural Assembly Hall (big hall)
09.07 (Tue) Hokkaido   Obihiro Citizen’s Cultural Hall (big hall)
09.08 (Wed) Hokkaido  Nitori Cultural Hall
09.10 (Fri)  Hokkaido    Wakkanai Sougou Cultural Center
09.18 (Sat) Shimane       Matsumoto City Fine Arts Hall
09.23 (Thur) Fukushima Kooriyama Citizen’s Cultural Center (big hall)
09.26 (Sun)  Osaka          Osaka International Conference Hall (main hall)
09.28 (Tue)  Tochigi       Utsunomiya City Cultural Assembly Hall
09.29 (Wed) Saitama     Imperial Palace SONIC CITY (big hall)


10.01 (Fri)  Shizuoka      Shizuoka Citizen’s Cultural Assembly Hall
10.03 (Sun) Fukui            Fukui City Cultural Assembly Hall
10.08 (Fri)   Tottori         Tottori~ Torigin Cultural Assembly Hall (Nashika Hall)
10.10 (Sun) Hiroshima   Hiroshima Cultural Exchange As. Hall (former welfare building)
10.11 (Mon) Hiroshima   Fukuyama Fine Arts Assembly Hall
10.15 (Fri)   Ehime             Matsuyama City Meeting Hall (big hall)
10.16 (Sat) Tokushima     Naruto City Assembly Hall
10.20 (Wed)  Tomiyama  Toyama Prefectural Meeting Hall
10.22 (Fri)  Shiga                Shiga Prefecture Fine Arts Theater (Biwa Lake Hall)
10.24 (Sun) Wakayama   Wakayama Cultural Assembly Hall (big hall)
10.29 (Fri)  Kagoshima   Takarayama Hall (Kagoshima Pref. Cultural Center)
10.31 (Sun)  Ooita              Ooita Cultural Assembly Hall

[I am getting incredibly awesome at reading Japanese place-name Kanji. This tour schedule is practically an encyclopedia of them…]


11.02 (Tue)  Fukuoka      Fukuoka Sun Palace
11.03 (Wed +Holiday)    Fukuoka Fukuoka Sun Palace
11.05 (Fri)  Saga                Saga Citizens Assembly Hall
11.06 (Sat) Miyazaki       Medeikitto Citizens Cultural Center (Engeki Hall)
11.12 (Fri)  Miyagi            Sendai Sun Plaza
11.14 (Sun) Aomori         Aomori City Cultural Assembly Hall
11.16 (Tue) Hyougo        Kobe International As. Hall (Kokusai Hall)
11.17 (Wed)  Hyougo     Kobe International As. Hall (Kokusai Hall)
11.23 (Tue)  Niigata        Niigata Prefectural Assembly Hall
11.24 (Wed) Ishikawa    Honda’s Forest Hall (Former Ishikawa welfare building)
11.26 (Fri) Aichi              Nagoya International As. Hall Century Hall
11.27 (Sat) Aichi             Nagoya International As. Hall Century Hall
11.29 (Mon) Tokyo        Tokyo International Forum Hall-A
11.30 (Tue) Tokyo         Tokyo International Forum Hall-A

[…Yes, I am tired of typing the words “assembly hall”]


12.05  Yamanashi         Yamanashi Prefectural Cultural Citizen’s Hall (big hall)
12.06  Yamanashi         Yamanashi Prefectural Cultural Citizen’s Hall (big hall)
[..They did these last two just to spite me.]

Seriously. That’s the longest tour schedule I’ve ever seen. And I never want to hear the words “prefectural cultural citizen’s assembly super plaza center plus (big hall)” ever again. I did, however, greatly improve my ability to read Japanese city names (and if you ever need help finding the sign for an ‘assembly hall’ in Japan, I’m your sherpa.).