As the Crow Flies…

2009 was certainly a year of many changes in the Jmusic scene. New bands formed, many indies bands failed (unfortunately), and several popular bands decided to go on hiatus. However, 2009 and these fresh new days of ’10 have also seen several promising solo and side projects popping up in relation to some of the greatest bands out there today.

One of these side projects which is not to be missed, is the darkly named KARASU. KARASU, which means either “withering”, or “crow/raven” in Japanese, is the session-project of some of the most respected names in Visual Kei. Vocals are provided by the renowned Tatsurou of moody metal shredders MUCC, guitars by hiroto of Alice Nine and Mizuki of Sadie, bass by dunch of jealkb, and last but not least, the backbone of a band: drums by Kenzo of Ayabie. With this stunning lineup of talented and well-known musicians, this dark, moody Visual Kei group promises to tear up the music turf with a tornado of sound starting today, January 27th,with the release of debut single, Lastica.

In honor of their debut, the band will be appearing with interviews and spreads in Visual Kei publications including FOOL’s MATE and SHOXX. They will also make appearances on various live radio programs and on television, as a special spot on NHK General Program’s MUSIC JAPAN.

Get your copy now and check these guys out.

Note: Not to be mistaken with the already-established band by the same name. Man…didn’t these guys have a good Japanese dictionary lying around when they came up with a name..?