Addicts To Get Their Dose of Vamps in ’10

VAMPS, the Hyde (L’arc~En~Ciel) x K.A.Z duo will be taking the world by storm yet again in 2010 after a mightily successful round in ’09. They have already announced a round of Japan dates this summer, and are promising world tour dates sometime in September.

They have many multiples of dates per venue, so I have formatted it in a date/date/date medium.


6.22/6.23 +Niigata LOTS

6.26/6.27 +Kochi BAY 5 SQUARE

6.29/6.30 +Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO

7.2/7.3/7.5/7.6 +ZEPP TOKYO

7.10/7.11/7.13/7.14/7.16/7.17 +ZEPP SENDAI

7.24/7.25/7.27/7.28 +ZEPP SAPPORO

8.5/8.6/8.8/8.9/8.11/8.12 +ZEPP NAGOYA

8.15/8.16/8.18/8.19 +ZEPP FUKUOKA

8.25/8.26/8.28/8.29/8.31/9.1 +ZEPP OSAKA

9.8/9.9/9.11/9.12/9.14/9.15 +ZEPP TOKYO

Source: Official Website

Samurai Rehab Due for Hotei

What on earth has this guy been doing? Too much Samurai warfare? Sheesh. In any case, gargantuan rock giant Hotei Tomoyasu who ruins all of our hopes and dreams of ever being considered good musicians, has been forced to cancel the first two shows of his up and coming nationwide tour. The reason for temporary suspension of activities is listed as being due to a serious hand and arm injury, requiring 1 month of rest and several weeks of rehab.

The canceled shows were to be held on Feb. 14th and Feb. 18th at Zepp Fukuoka and Zepp Tokyo, respectively… So unfortunately, for all of the girls hoping to spend their Valentine’s Day evening with the strapping guitar god, well…be strong.

Keep supporting Hotei and let’s all hope for a speedy recovery back to full health!

Official Website


It Started on January 12th 2008….

And nobody TOLD ME???

That’s right, boys and girls… That’d be me– Gacktpause, oh one who lives under the rock. That aside, what’s important right now is that I found out sooner or later.

That’s right– it started on January 12th, 2008: Quintillion Quiz.




Quintillion Quiz being the hard-rock project of Masanori Mine on gt.(worked briefly with Girl U Need alongside ChaChamaru of Gacktjob), myco on vo.(formerly of Changin’ My Life), and Ju-Ken (of Gacktjob fame) on the holy bass. What stands out in this lineup, is that Ju-Ken, the great session-musician and, in his own words, ‘the bassist who wanders endlessly’ has actually agreed to settle down enough to be considered an official band-member.

So how is it? It’s freakin’ incredible is how it is! I mean, come on! How can you honestly go wrong with that lineup? (yeah but who cares who’s in it, what’s the sound like?) The music is really strong and refreshing, with a sleek production quality. Most importantly, really– myco’s vocals are actually new and different sounding. She foregos the typical candy-pop sound for bold, powerful lady vocals that complement perfectly the ready-set-go hard-rock music.

You can hear samples of Killer Rouge and Midnight Express QQQ on their website. Look forward to the release of their singles (according to the website, the singles are under status of ‘now printing’.) And yup– they’ve already performed live. Pictures can be seen in their gallery.

Quintillion Quiz official website (Japanese)

When the video starts, myco says “We are QQ, be kind to us, okay?” and at the end of the video she says, “next is the album!”


Ju-Ken The Bass

The Bassist Who Wanders Endlessly

…Possibly one of the coolest people in the Jrock world, and one of the most in-demand bassists in Japan: Ju-Ken.

His nickname “Ju-Kyu en” (19 yen) may be cute, but it has nothing to do with Ju-Ken’s worth as a bass-player. Although a prolific session-musician, the man, self-named as The Bassist Who Wanders Endlessly, best known for his collaboration with GACKT in Gacktjob, has worked with the majority of big-names in Jrock.

Ju-Ken 'The Bass'

Ju-Ken 'The Bass'

Along with Gacktjob, a few acts he has been associated with are: Anna Tsuchiya, Nakashima Mika, Vamps (with Hyde of L’arc-en-Ciel), Day After Tomorrow, Hotei Tomoyasu, Sayaka, Inoran (of Luna Sea), m.o.v.e, and Fake? (also with Inoran).

After the departure of former-bassist Ren, Ju-Ken began his Gacktjob career in 2003, with the album Crescent, and has been Gackt’s primary bassist since, appearing on most recordings and touring live with Gacktjob.

[Gackt’s DruGparty live performance in 2007]

In-between Gackt projects, Ju-ken gets around… a lot. He performs with Anna Tsuchiya on her Inspi’Nana projects, and toured with her in 2007 for the Blood of Roses live. He wandered for a while with Hotei Tomoyasu for the Hotei and The Wanderers Funky Punky Tour 2007-2008, and performed live with VAMPS in 2008. Through 2009, Ju-Ken seemed to take a bit of a break from his Gacktjob work, but was able to appear for part of GACKT’s Requiem et Reminiscence II Visual Tour(12/08-7/09).

In 2007, Gackt joined up briefly with Yoshiki of X Japan, SUGIZO of Luna Sea (now solo), and Miyavi, to form the “superband” S.K.I.N which debuted at the Long Beach convention in L.A.. Yoshiki wanted to bring the ‘greatest names in Jrock’ together to form this mastermind group that would wreck the universe with its power. Turns out things got a little rough at the end, and it was practically not until the concert that they announced the bassist: Ju-Ken, of course. Nothing much has been said of the super-band since, and to some degree, we heave a sigh of relief. There’s a reason all those artists had to go solo after all…

On January 12th, 2008, Ju-Ken co-founded the hard-rock band Quintillion Quiz along with Changin’ My Life‘s lady-vocals myco, and guitarist Masanori Mine. Although no album has been released, “QQ” has held several lives, and released the limited-pressing of their first single, Midnight Express QQQ/ Killer Rouge, which was distributed in a small batch.

Ju-Ken has an incredibly unique sense of style, both on and off stage. His trademark wild dance moves, head-banging, and dramatic twirling of his upright-basses are always instantly recognizable, and so unselfconscious-ly bad-ass it’s always a refreshing sight to see. The guy has crazy attitude– and yet, behind that intimidating exterior there’s always the killer bassist who loves what he does and is always having fun.

Ju-ken plays on 5-string Sugi and Fender basses, switching between electric and upright as needed. He collects boots, rides Harleys, surfs, and mentions Fall Out Boy as one of his favorite bands. He was born in Funabashi, Chiba-prefecture, Japan (near Tokyo) on June 27th, 1971. His blood type is B.

Ju-Ken The Bass

Ju-Ken The Blog

Quintillion Quiz Official