new journey.

Setting out on a new journey.

 23 minutes ago I turned 21. At 12:00AM I bought myself everything my heart desires: a plane ticket to Osaka, departing March 13th.

 I guess this means exist trace and I will pass like ships in the night. I need to sell my exist trace ticket. My ticket is for the Boston live on March 15th, at Middle East Club. VIP only, meet & greet. Ticket: $46 (39.50+7.03, I’ll let you keep the change ;]). Includes S/H. If you know anyone who might be interested, it would be doing me a great favor if you could pass it on. 

Happy Birthday, GACKT!


For many people, the 4th of July has patriotic signifigance. If you’re Gacktese, like me, then it has patriotic significance for you, too. Yes, one and all, the 4th of July, formerly known as “Independence Day” has been reclaimed all over the world by Jrockers as GACKT’s birthday.

This is actually an incredible thing, because we are celebrating a double-whammy. On Wednesday, July 1st, GACKT concluded his ten year countdown campaign with the releases of FLOWER. Therefor, today we are not only celebrating GACKT’s birthday, but also the ten years of uncomparable, unbeatable, magnificent music that he has created. GACKT is an absolutely stand-alone figure in the world of Jrock, taking names in personality, weirdness, spontaneity, and creativity. For that, Gackt-fans, salute him.

GACKT Camui was born in Okinawa, Japan on July 4th, year unknown. Although Gackt plays a variety of instruments, aside from singing his focus is the piano, which he began playing at the age of 3. He became interested in rock music as a teenager, and studied drums in high-school. This led to the formation of the band Cains: Feel, along with since-then-Gacktjob member YOU.

Sited as a track from a Cains: Feel demo tape: Etude, which was later remastered and released on Gackt’s ballads collection, Love Letter.

Cains: Feel peetered out, and in 1995, Gackt was approached by Mana of gothic Visual Kei band Malice Mizer, which had, until-then, been fronted by vocalist Tetsu. Gackt joined Malice Mizer as their vocalist, pianist, and lyricist, and during that time began vocal training. In 1999, Gackt left Malice Mizer due to power-struggles, and released the first ever Gackt song: Mizerable.

Mizerable, May 1999: Strong vestiges of his Malice Mizer influence remain in his image. These would shortly disappear as Gackt formed his own look.

Mizerable, May 1999: Strong vestiges of his Malice Mizer influence remain in his image. These would shortly disappear as Gackt formed his own look.

Video: a very early performance of Mizerable.

In 2000, Gackt released the album MARS, and Marstoured for the album.

Far from being a testing-of-the-waters, MARS was an explosive debut, and considerably one of his greatest to date. MARS was full of incredibly creative pieces, and most of the songs have become “classics”. It would be hard to forget the first time one heard Ares, Asrun Dream, Vanilla, and Oasis.

During this time, Gackt left behind his Malice Mizer influences that were still apparent in Mizerable, and began sculpting his own unique image.

Video: Ares and Asrun Dream opened Gackt’s MARS Sora Kara no Homonsha ~Kaisou~ (MARS 空からの訪問者〜回想〜) tour in 2000.

This post is not meant to be a Gackt Discography or Wikipedia page, so I will not go through each and every album, although it feels dishonorable not to mention them all…Every last one is worth a spot-light of its own. But essentially, now, we’re honoring Gackt by reminiscing on where he came from, and where he’s got by now!

Diabolos booklet, 2005

Diabolos booklet, 2005

And to think! All that was 9 or 10 years ago!


It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

Video: Oasis from the 2004 Sixth Day and Seventh Night tour.


Video: Kimi Ga Matteiru Kara [君が待っているから」 from The Sixth Day and Seventh Night, 2004.




To conclude, I just want to mention my personal introduction to Gackt:

Vanilla from The Sixth Day~ Single Collection. The first Gackt song I ever heard.


おたんじょうび おめでとう



I would like to credit SawasdeeGackt for all images stamped Sawasdee Gackt. Header photo from the Gackt Crescent Photobook, 2003.  :-) Insert photo from the Diabolos album booklet, released 2005.

This has been Gacktpause, over and out.