YFCz, New Musical White-Meat

I have an idea, which I may or may not feel like taking down in writing and forwarding to GACKT: Like, maybe he should drop the whole band thing and found the GACKT Orchestra. Then he can have as many band members as he wants on stage and nobody will think anything of it.

I like to think of myself as an adaptable soul, and I’m pretty open to change. But I’m also pretty comfortable with the 5-member band formula, now that Visual Kei has pushed me out of the standard 4-man comfort-zone and into the whole almost-as-cool-as-it-sounds “dueling-guitars” thing.

But to have 7 band members just hurts my brain. And dear lord, what exactly does that coat on the chair symbolize? Surely not the potential addition of an eighth member? Seriously, this is not A-PeaceAnd I still can’t figure out for the life of me what Jon’s actual, serious purpose is in this group. I know all the fangirls who harbor tender teenage dreams of going to Japan and starting Visual Kei bands will hate me forever for saying it, but I’m honest-to-gawd just waiting for a logical explanation for his presence in this band.

I can’t figure out if GACKT is just working the edge, or trolling us.

Not able to scrape enough interest off the bottom of my boot to watch the PV for The End of the Day, after the redundant lyrics pushed me away initially, I will say that I’m not entirely disinterested in All My Love. The song sounds decent enough on its own. That being said, I’m not sure I’m tempted enough to pre-order a copy of YFCz’s new album, destined to drop early 2012.  Title is TBA at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll be something relating to the waning phase of a 24-hour segment of time.

GACKT will also be releasing a single (solo? As far as I can tell) on the same date (2.22.12), titled Until The Last Day. Still haven’t heard Graffiti, but my Jrock senses tingled as I passed the Christmas tree earlier, and I’m pretty confident it’s in my future, all thanks to myself Santa of course.

GACKT Puts New Meaning in ‘Waiting forEVER’

The word ‘update’ is no longer worthy of describing these dramatic plot twists in the ongoing epic drama that is the narrative of trying to finally acquire a copy of GACKT’s new single, Ever. These are ‘developments’.

In any case, the latest development is an economic disaster. I have ‘been informed’ that for anyone shopping at CDJapan (I don’t know if this applies to other vendors as well), if you buy both the limited edition and regular editions of Ever, you will be qualified to receive another external bonus (along with the original changeable jacket). The bonus is a special making-of [Ever] DVD that will only be available through the methods of showering Avex with your monetary support by buying two copies.

The DVD will become available to ship sometime in August or September (you’ve waited this long, a few more months won’t kill you– or maybe they will, Avex doesn’t care). The DVD is free, but you will be charged a shipping fee.

If you haven’t ordered your copy [copies] yet, I recommend doing so before the first-press with bonuses sell out.

Ever [Regular Edition / Jacket B] / GACKT

Ever [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Jacket A] / GACKT

In the meantime, in the tradition of all the latest posts on Secret Garden, we’ll do nothing particularly productive, but rather spend word-count on critiquing the album artwork.

EVER Regular Vers.

Somehow I have a feeling that someone, somewhere on the web, is laughing at you, GACKT. Honestly, I think that this is one of the most surprising of his album covers. I mean, sure it doesn’t pack shock-value like Koakuma did, but it has its own way of stunning and killing a few braincells. First of all, let me say how much I like this cover. I think the doubling effect is quite neat, the font is totally awesome, and everything about GACKT’s stance, outfit, and facial expression is too cool.

The Michael Jackson homage is too blatant to be real, I know. That’s part of what surprised me at first. Despite being really classy, the cover just doesn’t feel…like GACKT. However, because it doesn’t feel like his usual stuff in such an awesome way, to say it’s fresh and interesting would be more apt than ‘out of place’. He’s really been…creative with the album artwork lately. I’m highly suspicious of anything GACKT releases with a pink cover, but I’m not passing any judgments until I hear the finished product.

This cover is so much more interesting than…

EVER Limited Vers.

And then there was Belskard. Enough said.

Yes, I know I gave him the wrong fictional name. It has been rectified.

GACKT Hits Home


This is possibly the most exciting news since…well…since the last piece of most-exciting news you ever heard. Finally my prayers (repeated daily since the release of JESUS) have been answered. It has come:

GACKT Greatest Hits Collection!

By the way, JESUS had better be on this thing!

I don’t know about any of you, but I suffer from acute GACKT syndrome. This is a nervous disorder common among his fanbase, as developed due to excessive and repeated shock and psychologically-damaging marketing techniques. They haven’t found any way of helping us yet– but that’s alright. After you get used to it your nerves are so fried that you just start prioritizing your values. GACKT albums over brain-cells, all the way.

GACKT, of course, likes to go ahead and hospitalize as many fans as possible before proceeding to make them go bankrupt. At least we’ll have a ton of GACKT to listen to in rehab…. Along with the greatest hits album, GACKT will be releasing another compilation entitled ARE YOU “FRIED CHICKENz”?? which is mysterious, in that, CDJapan has described it as “featuring his rock songs”, but last I checked, GACKT was a rock musician, so this is a little bit of a dubious description. At the same time, a reissue of his previously released singles collection The Sixth Day will be released. All albums will be released under Nippon Crown, despite/due to GACKT’s recent move to Avex.

The Greatest Hits Collection and Sixth Day reissue will be released July 21st.

ARE YOU “FRIED CHICKENz”?? will fly the coop on June 23rd, and will feature two bonus tracks (Uncontrol and Justified).

All albums JPY 2,857. Excuse me while I go down to the bank to take out a bloody loan.


UNTITLED (Single Best) / GACKT

The Sixth Day / Single Collection [Priced-down Reissue] / GACKT

Somehow it has a certain ring to it: The GACKT Ward. Be seeing you there…

Nippon Crown, Dethroned?

The other day the news started going around about a summer single for GACKT, which was not yet announced officially on his website, and the details for which were limited simply to the release date. The mystery around this enigmatic summer single seems to have been undone yesterday evening, with the announcement appearing all over Japanese online news sources, that there’s quite a bit more than just a new release to announce for the rock god.

Everyone who knows GACKT will be, I’m sure, equally familiar with the name “Nippon Crown”, that is, the noble tagline of the Jrock King– his royal record label. However, it seems that they have abdicated (and by that I mean GACKT dethroned them), as news declares that GACKT will leave Nippon Crown as his distribution company and move to the well-known AVEX label. Although GACKT attended a press-conference yesterday, presumably to discuss the topic, no official announcements have been made on his website, so it seems likely that the information was leaked prematurely.

It is worth mentioning that unlike kingly Nippon Crown, the AVEX group will most likely encourage a wider range of international activities and releases, and will give GACKT a wider reach in regards to world domination. One of the articles hints at a possible European tour being in the works for Summer ’10, but I would like to counter that by reminding everyone (we are all highly agitated about this, I know, but still) that GACKT is already cramming both the YFC tour and Nemuri into every possible chronological nook and cranny this summer, therefore despite the thrill of that suggestion, it seems highly unlikely.

The single, to be releases June 16th, will be GACKT’s debut release with AVEX.

I would like to thank Ryuutatsu for tipping me off about this, and credit GACKT ARMY and the Dears Community, at LiveJournal, and Tokyograph.

GACKT Single Should Be Summer Stunner

GACKT to release new single on June 16th. All details are still pending, but it has been announced that the single will have 2 songs (plus the instrumental versions). The limited edition will include a DVD and a mysterious bonus item, all subject to change. Check back in closer to the release date for more concrete information. I’m totally pumped for this.

Although I felt somewhat disappointed by the later two Kamen Rider releases, his December release, Setsugekka~The End of Silence~ was a work of pure genius. It totally took the crown from all of the anniversary releases and the Decade stuff (but don’t get me wrong, I thought the anniversary releases were awesome as well). Although I’m somehow surprised by this new development, I think that by the time June rolls around we’ll all be ready for some new GACKT.

I have high hopes for Jrock at large this summer. As the weather heats up, I sure hope that Visual Kei and Jrock releases follow suit. Generally I have felt pretty let-down by a lot of what has hit shelves– and although I’m ready to roll with second-chances and everything, I’m hoping that a new heat wave will hit us with something truly stunning from the get-go.

I will be updating as soon as more information is available.

Source: CDJ