Sexy Dynamites exist†trace

Hardcore Vis Kei girl-group exist†trace will be leaving their trace on punk fashion this month via their collaboration with Tokyo punk fashion brand SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON.

Not only that, but there’s now a rumor going around that there will be a Europe tour for the girls this spring. However, this has not been announced on their official homepage or myspace, and until it is, information won’t be officially appearing on SG. In any case, assuming they will be touring, for those of you fortunate enough to be in Japan and unlucky enough to be missing their Europe tour (and this has nothing to do with any of us missing any and all of it– don’t worry, you find sympathy here. In fact, I may even turn Secret Garden into a web-wide shoulder to cry on for all of the people who will probably die before they ever see Jrock in their remotely-near locations.), these Visual Kei dynamites will be making a special appearance at the punk-fashion brand Sexy Dynamite London‘s Tokyo store.

These rocker babes have teamed up with the brand for a collaboration, and will be participating in several events in February. On On February 20th head on over to 「LondonBoys&Girls HarajukuNight2010」 which takes place at Omotesandou FAB in Tokyo. The girls will be modeling SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON clothing. Then, if you didn’t get your fill, on February 27th, they will be heading to the Marui One branch in Harajuku for a 1st anniversary special instore event. The event takes place from 3pm – 5pm, and those who purchase up to 3000 yen by February 20th will be able to attend. The event inclues a handshake and photo with the members, along with the chance to purchase limited exist†trace and SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON buttons. They will also have a lottery to give away member signed posters.

Keep on the lookout for more official announcements concerning a tour!

Further Information:

exist†trace Official Website (Jp)

Official MySpace (En/Jp)