BUCK-TICK Blows Kisses with ‘Kuchizuke’ and Tour

What with fireworks being in the near future for us Americans, it’s a fitting time for the band with a firework namesake to rise up out of the shadows and shower us with sparks. At least, that’s what I hope ends up happening. BUCK-TICK has announced not only a new single (due out Sept. 1), but also an extensive nationwide tour.

The single, titled Kuchizuke, with b-side Yougetsu, will be their first release since the awesome dark pop track Dokudanjou Beauty. I really liked what they did with Dokudanjou Beauty, and I hope Kuchizuke holds up to the same standard. However, I hope that they don’t take the same direction and release another poppy song. So many bands these days try something different and then repeat it one single later and just ruin the whole thing (coughD’espairsRaycough). To be honest, I’m not really sure where they can go from here, but I have a lot of faith that they’ll surprise me (Beauty did), and do something different again. I’m really glad to see them stirring it up with some activity. There’s been too much silence from them this year, and they’re one band I’ve been waiting to see get back on the field.

A note on their “new look”. Not worth Googling, in my personal opinion. Imai (the only one whose look actually changes) looks like a creepy teenage girl. Personally, I liked their Beauty look way too much to accept this one so easily. I thought for once Imai looked kind of cool rockin’ the Perm. Everyone else looks like they usually do, which is good.


October 15th @ Saitama Shibunka Center
October 17th @ Nara 100 Nen Kaikan
October 23rd @ Toyama-ken Tami Kaikan
October 24th @ Ryuutopia Niigata City Geijutsubunkakaikan Gekijou
October 27th @ Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall
October 28th @ Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall
October 31st @ Kanazawa Kenmin Hall
November 3rd @ Sunport Hall Takamatsu Dai-Hall
November 5th @ Hiroshima ASTERPLAZA Dai-Hall
November 7th @ Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan
November 10th @ PARTHENON Tama
November 13th @ Tochigi-ken Sougoubunka Center Main Hall
November 14th @ Yokosuka Geijutsugekijou
November 21st @ Chiba-ken Bunkakaikan Dai-Hall
November 23rd @ Gunma Ongaku Center
November 16th @ Kobe Kokusai Kaikan Kokusai Hall
November 28th @ Kyoto Kaikan First Hall
December 1st @ Oomiya Sonic City
December 3rd @ Fuji-shi Bunkakaikan Rose Theatre Dai-Hall
December 5th @ Hokuto Bunka Hall – Chuu Hall (Nagano-ken)
December 10th @ Sendai Izumity 21
December 12th @ Sapporo-shi Kyouiku Bunkakaikan
December 15th @ NHK Osaka Hall
December 16th @ NHK Osaka Hall
December 18th @ Chuukyou Daigaku Bunka Shimin Kaikan Aurora Hall (Nagoya)

Tickets: JPY 6300. On sale 8/28/10.

Pre-order their new single now! Kuchizuke [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] / BUCK-TICK

Source/ translation: shattered tranquility

Image: Official website

D’espairs Dances On

The full PV for D’espairsRay new single LOVE IS DEAD hit youtube a few hours ago. I have to admit, I haven’t listened to these guys in ages, and I’ve basically only heard clips of most of their new stuff. Seeing this video definitely inspired me to get back into D’espairs‘ stuff, so for that I’m glad.

 The video is pretty cool. Note how the band-members don’t actually wear the bird-masks, but pass them off to backup people. You also hardly see anyone but Hizumi, though, and a few glimpses of Tsukasa rockin’ out. Maybe Zero is embarrassed about the hash his makeup person made of his innocent eyebrows.

 I’m not sure where this electronica/dance Visual Kei trend is coming from, but, as I already mentioned the other day, it’s hitting quite a few releases this quarter. We all know PSC boys alice nine. have always done this stuff, but lately it’s been the vets, like BUCK-TICK and now D’espairsRay. Which seems sort of strange. I’m not complaining, though. I find it really refreshing, especially since I am not the kind of person who uses “different” synonymously with “bad”.  I say keep it coming, it’s about time people started branching out and doing some fun and different things.

Video Credit: YukariKisaki

Pull Up A Seat With D’espairsRay 4/4


Regular Edition

D’espairsRay released the preview for the PV of their new single, LOVE IS DEAD, to be released April 4th. As I already mentioned  the single is produced by abingdon boys school’s own mixin’ master Kishi Toshiyuki. Although you can really only get so much of an impression out of a 15 second clip, I’m having some sort of brain-skip that keeps vacillating between Alice Nine (take your pick) and Buck-Tick‘s incredible dark disco Dokudanjou Beauty. This is not a dissing of D’espairsRay by any means, and I’m looking forward to hearing the full single– especially as the associations my frazzled faculties are making are particularly flattering.

By the way, I know it sounds like I was scorning their new look the last time I mentioned the band, but actually I think they look quite cool in the few glimpses you get from the preview. The hats and shirtless flashy jackets  feel somehow cabaret and, let’s face it, the look is pretty timelessly “in”.   

Video credit:YukariKisaki

Limited Edition

BT’s Latest PV A True Beauty…

Finally something to blog about! The PV for BUCK-TICK‘s latest single, Dokudanjou Beauty, has finally hit the net. And, really, true to its name, this song is a real beauty. Although, like other veteran bands from the ’80s, such as B’z etc, BT‘s music has taken a turn to more of a crowd-pleaser feel. The benefit to being the greatest Jrock bands ever, however, is that this doesn’t necessarily take away from quality, it just adds a particular mode or context to the music. I must say, though, that both the aforementioned bands released albums last year (BT put out Memento Mori, and B’z did MAGIC), and I personally was sorely disappointed with both of them. That being said, though, they both released singles that were absolutely phenomenal– B’z really knocked my socks off with double A-side Ichibu to Zenbu/DIVE, and today, BUCK-TICK is cleaning the floor with Dokudanjou Beauty.

Finally a memorable composition, after the flat and rather same-ol’ feeling Memento Mori delivery. Not only that, but Dokudanjou Beauty is one of the sleekest, most interesting PVs I’ve seen in a while. The Spartan warriors and the sensuous, but dangerous, woman create a sort of Helen of Troy kind of feel, and I really like one of the final images when the warrior throws his sword.

Although Imai obviously still thinks he’s living in 1986, still doing the dance moves he made up when he was on LSD, everyone looks really stylish, cool, and creepily suave. Sakurai Atsushi is in his prime, despite probably being somewhere around 50. They pull off appearing like veterans, what they are, rather than the burnt-out rock-papas they were beginning to feel like in ’09.

Dokudanjou Beauty sounds awesome. Dark, and sort of a-typically BUCK-TICK, the sing-song lyrics are some of the most fun, hip, and mesmerizing I’ve heard in a while. Sakurai has some of the most interesting lyric-composing skills in the industry, and he puts them to good use here. He also totally redeems the perm (the most-scorned-by-me hair-style trend ever to hit Jrock), and even though I scorned his look earlier, even Imai manages to come off as cool.

The bass line is awesome, the vocals are super good (“Oh my god kami-sama!” has to be the catchiest line I’ve heard in a while), and the trash-can-lid-banging sound effects at the beginning cue you in for some BUCK-TICK power like we haven’t heard in a while.

Beautiful Buck-Tick is Back

BUCK-TICK and I have a bit of a history, and I used to blog about them quite often, if I remember correctly. They’ve been a bit off my radar for a couple of years though, not sure why, they just kind of drifted away. However, I will always owe, well, everything to this band– not only because they have written and instigated  a few of my favorite Jrock songs of all time, but also because they introduced me to Jrock. Yes, it’s true. (Oh sweet moments of reminiscence…made weird by the creepiness of the band I’m reminiscing about.). BUCK-TICK‘s Dress was the first Jrock song I ever heard, and well, you know where that led. So anyway, this band will always be a special source of nostalgia for me. Oh, not to mention musical appreciation.  Hmm…no, really…they wrote some bloody phenomenal songs. Muma~ The Nightmare is incredible. Terrifying, and not for the faint of heart, but incredible. …Love Me, Just One More Kiss, Romance, Kain…all amazing works of aural-art. I mean, despite being timelessly creepy, and most of their music being totally bizarre, the fact of the matter is that BUCK-TICK is one of the greatest VK bands of all time. It’s that creepiness (unadulterated by any association with what should or shouldn’t be done) and bizarre music that give them their wretched charm, and their immortality with fans.

Video: audio track Umbrella off of Memento Mori (’09). These guys have a timelessly funky, evil style that shows, no matter what they choose to do.

Anyway, wipe away those nostalgic tears. They released an album last year, Memento Mori, and did a nationwide tour to promote it. They’ll make another micro-come-back with a brand-new single, Dokudanjou Beauty. They have also updated their personal style for a slightly more modern look.

Image credit: SR Jrock UK

Gone are the streamlined and strict black suits of last year, and in…the fluffed perm that Gatsby agents are probably paying millions to have these rock-stars wear… I mean really. I thought at least Atsushi Sakurai, god of wearing styles nobody would ever touch with a twenty-foot pole, wouldn’t succumb to the fluffed perm favored recently by GACKT, Ruki (GazettE), Satoshi (girugamesh), and (unfortunately) others. Oh wait, this is a style nobody else would touch with a twenty-foot pole. Except they did.
Dokudanjo Beauty / BUCK-TICK

ANYWAY, wow, I’m really digressing like a mad person here. Well, new single Dokudanjou Beauty is being used as the GALACTICA Season 2 ending theme song. The single will be released in 3 editions, a regular and limited, as well as a super-ultra-limited version for 18000 JPY (around 180.00 USD) that comes with a special selection of figurines– one of each band member. Creepy. Oh, also, the super edition is already sold-out at CDJ. The single comes out March 24th.

On a further note, BT will appear in the March ’10 special edition of the publication Arena 37 C.

Here’s a preview of the brand new PV for Dokudanjou Beauty at Sony Music. (It looks like a bunch of gibberish, I know. Just click the play button, everything is already set for you.)…and the ending for GALACTICA