girugamesh bounces back

It would seem that it’s about that time again. Summer is coming to a close, bringing with it the papery chill of Autumn. With the turnover from summer, the new round of fall tours, events, and releases start to come tumbling down from the skies of Visual Kei like leaves on a windy October day.

One of those bands whose seasonal turn-around we have most been anticipating, is the extremely versatile, ever-changing and experimenting bad-boy roundup girugamesh. They recently released their new look, and a teaser for the new single, titled Inochi no Ki (Tree of Life), and appropriately depicted by a…er..dead tree. Let’s take a look at their new digs:

Wow, well, first of all, I have to say Nii and his hats keep improving. That over-sized sock he was wearing on his head for about, what? 8 singles? has finally transformed into a classy fedora. Those are in, by the way. Honestly, Satoshi’s outfits don’t change that much. Although he’s cut-off mid-torso here, I’d bet my last penny he’s wearing black ski— wait. Aren’t there too many blonds in this picture?

As for the song… Like Nii’s hobo headwear, giru‘s sound continues to develop and advance. I’m extremely pleased to hear that they’ve gone back to their hardcore sound. Those rap elements are still there, which shows Ryo’s experimental nature is still running rampant. However, it’s good to hear Satoshi’s voice getting that edge back, as I thought he was going soft for a while there. Although, I thought it was something other than ‘luck’ that he was saying. Just Engrish, I guess?

All in all, I think it’s inspiring to see that, although we had a brief lapse with the release of mediocre COLOR, the boys are bouncing back with more of their original sound. I think it was right to stand by girugamesh and continue supporting their creative expression. I can’t wait for Inochi no Ki to land, and I hope the b-sides are just as good as the title track.

Admit it. You can’t deny the resemblance.


girugamesh: Between tours (yes!) and Twitter (no!), no time for writing good singles

Close on the tracks of their latest single, COLOR, girugamesh has just set out on a 14-date nationwide tour that has sold out every show from its onset on July 2nd to its conclusion on August 12th. It seems like this popularity is a fan-wide clamoring for more, and the band is answering the call of Japanese Visualists with a second tour to kick off in October. 8 more dates have been announced, starting in Sendai with a finale in Yokohama. The giru gang will also be making an appearance at JACK IN THE BOX this year, alongside other big-name VK bands such as Dead End, SADS, LM.C, and  MUCC.

girugamesh Autumn Tour 2010 Dates

Sendai HooK

OPEN 17:30 / START 18:00


OPEN 18:00 / START 18:30


OPEN 18:00 / START 18:30

Hiroshima CAVE BE

OPEN 17:30 / START 18:00

Fukuoka Beat Station

OPEN 17:30 / START 18:00

Osaka umeda AKASO

OPEN 17:30 / START 18:30

Nagoya Electric Lady Land

OPEN 18:00 / START 18:30

Yokohama Bay Hall

OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

Source: Official website

girugamesh, what have you done.

You all may have noticed by now that I really like doing this…That is, criticizing the hell out of songs based on their 40 second previews. This irresponsible practice usually results in hypocrisy later, when the full PV is released or I get the single and end up really enjoying it. I can’t help it, though. That 40 seconds can rack up a lot of opinions faster than L’arc~En~Ciel can sell out the Tokyo Dome.

Lately the band who has been perched most precariously on my chopping-block would have to be the be-harem-panted girugamesh, who started experimenting musically starting a couple of years back, ended up in some hot water with latest album NOW, and….got stuck there.

I had a ton of expectations for giru, and high hopes that they wouldn’t release more b-average tunes, and would actually make a reasonable comeback, slapping everyone who bad-talked their recent work right in the smug face. Oh giru, what have you done. Here is the preview of their highly-anticipated new title COLOR.

Here are all of my opinions so far:

According to Ryo’s suspiciously-busy Twitter feed, the band has been going non-stop in the studio recording and writing. And this is what they came up with?! It sounds like 3 different songs off of NOW, the names of which I can’t remember, because when you take songs like that and mash them together, it’s much harder to tell where one started and another ended. To be fair, I like the heavy grunge instrumentation. However, the melody…sounds like every single other melody giru ever wrote.

You can also hear the full extent of b-side SUNRISE, which was filmed live at their performance for JROCK GOES ROUND THE WORLD. I like this song way better than the a-side. Parts of the instrumentation felt fresh and interesting– parts of it reminded me of Driving Time. The vocals were okay, and the instrumental-break was actually really cool.

I know everyone wants to blame the “label” the “management” and everything…but really, I’m interested to know what’s actually going on here. These are obviously some sincere and very talented young guys, and they have made some awesome music. They have a unique and powerful sound, and a cool image. Was their run really that short? I mean, at least regurgitate music from albums that were awesome…

Single COLOR to be released by the one band that has never worn color in their entire existence


So is that what this is. Finally information pertaining to girugamesh‘s July single release has been released. But honestly, at this point I couldn’t care less about the track-list. Honestly, I’ve already decided to buy the single, so as far as that goes, it’s not like I was waiting around for anything. However, there is something vitally more important that happens when new singles come out (particularly at seasonal-junctures): the band changes their look.

I see what you did there, Visual Kei. I take it back. I take back all of the 5 scathing posts, the unflattering pictures (in my defense, isn’t it your responsibility to always look flattering on film?), and every wrong I’ve ever done The Perm. Just take the freaking hats off. For anyone who hasn’t seen any other mad-hatters running around, for their latest single LOVE IS DEAD, D’espairsRay vocalist Hizumi was also pimpin’ a hat. Granted, he looked more like a 1920s gender-confused mafioso rather than some sort of hobo (lookin’ at you, Nii). That said, however, because I think the new look is really quite cool and moving in the direction of fashionable, I’m going to let them off easy this time. Oh, and because it would appear that Nii finally got off the streets– maybe he’s just hiding a bald-spot now.

Satoshi's new digs

Again, I think the look of all the members this time around is actually quite cool. It’s downplayed and casual– denim, the signature black skinny pants, etc. The simplicity is cool because although the outfits probably aren’t anything you couldn’t see on the streets of a chic Tokyo neighborhood, within the scope of Visual Kei they feel fresh and minimalistic-stylish. A lot of the more vet bands these are starting to lay off the psychotic peacock hair-styles and everything…I’m not saying anything against those styles, as I think many of them are quite awesome as well, it’s just that as bands mature, I respect it when they can adapt their look as well. I’m also digging Satoshi’s lack of visible makeup. I guess I can stop secretly referring to him as “Raccoon”.


And yes, I do happen to be rebelling against Visual Kei typography by refusing to type his name with a backwards R.

And Shuu is….Shuu. What can I say? Well, let me try: the harem pants will never die? The harem pants should have died? Most metro-sexual people understand the general rule that one does not pair a baggy T-shirt with harem pants? The harem pants should be left in Aladdin? Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with this final look.


Limited Type


02. sunrise

Regular Type

02. sunrise
03. フラワー (Flower)

On that note, though, I was not disappointed remotely by their cover designs. After NOW‘s total failure of an album cover, I was lying awake at night biting my nails over how they would scar us with the new one. It looks like they’ve captured their new theme/style well both look-wise and in the cover. No scarring– just more gloomy cool. I personally prefer the Ltd. type (which is weird, because for some reason I often prefer the regular type). I think their pose is cooler, and the color scheme is undeniable.

The single is released on 7/7. Make sure not to order along with any GACKT related product if you ever want to get your copy…. UNTITLED [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Jacket A] / girugamesh

Source: official Facebook, neumania