giru goes global

Although we’re only halfway through February, I’m already impressed by the amount of overseas activity I’ve seen announced. Compared to the typical moaning and groaning of global Visualists moping about the lack of Jrock in their local livehouses, 2011 is already proving itself to be a promising year for international J-metal moshing.

First we heard of D setting out to vamp up Europe and one of our own hulking southern states with their worldwide debut. Then MIYAVI announced another European tour to promote the release of album WHAT’S MY NAME. The cherry on top was almost headline news that exist trace will be making an appearance at Seattle’s SakuraCon. Almost. But not quite.

On February 5th, controversial cherry-boys girugamesh turned a few Visualist realities (including mine) upside down with the release of not only European tour dates for their 2o11 world tour, but also the mind-blowing confirmation that they will, in fact, be performing at the East Coast’s own Anime Boston (April 22-24). I have no more mind left to be blown. Or so I thought. giru is very, very slowly leaking at least a few more US dates, beginning by tacking a Pennsylvania show on right after they blow up Boston. The boys will share the Starlight Ballroom (Philadelphia, PA) stage with Acey Slade & The Dark Party, who opened for D’espairsRay at their Webster Hall live last year

Although more dates are still in doubt, so far things are looking up for at least a modest US tour- major cities might stand to hold their breath, as I wouldn’t be surprised to see giru hit up the usual hot-spots. But remember, that’s simply my assumption, and if they don’t announce other dates/cities, I refuse to be held responsible for any sense of false hope instilled in your tender Visualist heart.

girugamesh WORLD TOUR 2011 “Here we go!!”

03.05 Tochka / Moscow, Russia
03.06 GlavClub / St.Petersburg, Russia
03.08 Nosturi / Helsinki, Finland
03.11 Columbia Club / Berlin, Germany SOLD OUT!
03.12 Diesel / Budapest, Hungary
03.13 Backstage / Munich, Germany SOLD OUT!
03.15 La Laiterie / Strassbourg, France
03.16 Le Trabendo / Paris, France
03.18 O2 Academy Islington / London, UK
03.19 Zeche / Bochum, Germany SOLD OUT!

04.22 Anime Boston 2011 / Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA

04.25 Starlight Ballroom / Philadelphia, PA
With Acey Slade & The Dark Party

04.26 Crash Mansion / New York, NY *NEW*
With….Acey Slade & The Dark Party? Presumably.

04.27 Jaxxroxx / Springfield, VA *NEW*
With Acey Slade & The Dark Party

06.04 Hiroshima Namiki Junction
06.06 Nagoya Electric Lady Land
06.08 Osaka umeda AKASO
06.10 Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
06.18 Sendai Darwin

6.26 Zepp Tokyo

Honestly, the reason it took so long for me to post the announcement was because every time I tried to articulate the news, it came out something like awuhetralksjfvkjalhwe7cbytnle98i3784tGIRUGAMESHjhdgflajhg. Considering giru has long been on my Top 5 Bands to See Live Before I Die list, I was (and still am) incredibly stoked to hear that they will at least be shredding through the US to shred a few stages. Although I originally had plans in place to head out to Seattle for exist trace, fortunately I saw the girugamesh announcement before plane tickets were acquired and cons were reg’ed, and was able to do a 180 turn around and head for Boston. Am psyched for the show, and def hoping for a balanced mix of old and new tracks…More on the latter coming soon, so, as always, keep reading SG.

The Pros and Cons

Just back from the con this evening. And I feel like this:

CA3A0003And aside from totally throwing me off in every way, I find DST really exciting. If everything else fails, let the twice-a-year time-change exhilarate your life… I always have a hard time wrapping my head around the logic of DST. All the leaping forward and falling back and gaining hours and losing hours and the great extra sunshine in those god-forbidden hours no decent person should be doomed to witness. I was sort of paranoid that none of the clocks were going to change automatically, and I was going to sleep in too much and miss the early AM panels [at the con]. The hotel clock wasn’t automatic, but my phone didn’t fail totally, and at 2 AM when I checked the time it had performed its duty, and no panels were missed. No, rather, I woke up 1.30 hrs before the alarm went off. Now I feel like a Laputacian robot that needs some axle grease, requiring a very sturdy spatula to peel my crippled and still breathing carcass off the pocky-crumb dusted floor…  laputa03

The only thing I really missed this weekend was the music. Follow up from earlier post: con #1 of con: super extra no Jrock at the dance this year. Plus it started late and finished early, but what’s a chap to do, eh? Right before they played the last song, they said something about because it was an anime convention, needing to end it with certain style, so they played a high-energy meow-meow candy-pop song. If they were really worried about that, they should have played Jpop the whole (or even a 1/3) the way through. No, I’m not ‘con’plaining. :) Also, the dubious “Intro to Jrock” panel was removed from the events-list this year, much to my relief.

Hey-ho. Tomorrow is brutal re-entry to the cold and disinterested 9-5. Life can’t be all fun and anime, right? Wrong.

257684-samus_snake_high_five_largeWeek from Monday is London, and then scraping together any scant remaining quid to buy Double Decker boots. Day in the life of GP, your eternal host on Secret Garden, over and out. +