GACKT Puts New Meaning in ‘Waiting forEVER’

The word ‘update’ is no longer worthy of describing these dramatic plot twists in the ongoing epic drama that is the narrative of trying to finally acquire a copy of GACKT’s new single, Ever. These are ‘developments’.

In any case, the latest development is an economic disaster. I have ‘been informed’ that for anyone shopping at CDJapan (I don’t know if this applies to other vendors as well), if you buy both the limited edition and regular editions of Ever, you will be qualified to receive another external bonus (along with the original changeable jacket). The bonus is a special making-of [Ever] DVD that will only be available through the methods of showering Avex with your monetary support by buying two copies.

The DVD will become available to ship sometime in August or September (you’ve waited this long, a few more months won’t kill you– or maybe they will, Avex doesn’t care). The DVD is free, but you will be charged a shipping fee.

If you haven’t ordered your copy [copies] yet, I recommend doing so before the first-press with bonuses sell out.

Ever [Regular Edition / Jacket B] / GACKT

Ever [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Jacket A] / GACKT

In the meantime, in the tradition of all the latest posts on Secret Garden, we’ll do nothing particularly productive, but rather spend word-count on critiquing the album artwork.

EVER Regular Vers.

Somehow I have a feeling that someone, somewhere on the web, is laughing at you, GACKT. Honestly, I think that this is one of the most surprising of his album covers. I mean, sure it doesn’t pack shock-value like Koakuma did, but it has its own way of stunning and killing a few braincells. First of all, let me say how much I like this cover. I think the doubling effect is quite neat, the font is totally awesome, and everything about GACKT’s stance, outfit, and facial expression is too cool.

The Michael Jackson homage is too blatant to be real, I know. That’s part of what surprised me at first. Despite being really classy, the cover just doesn’t feel…like GACKT. However, because it doesn’t feel like his usual stuff in such an awesome way, to say it’s fresh and interesting would be more apt than ‘out of place’. He’s really been…creative with the album artwork lately. I’m highly suspicious of anything GACKT releases with a pink cover, but I’m not passing any judgments until I hear the finished product.

This cover is so much more interesting than…

EVER Limited Vers.

And then there was Belskard. Enough said.

Yes, I know I gave him the wrong fictional name. It has been rectified.


TMR Naked Arms / Sword Summit / Nosebleed

Despite the crazy release schedule for this summer/fall in the world of Jrock, Jpop, and Visual Kei, I think that there’s a certain voice in particular that some of us, at least, have been missing. I’ll give you a hint: he can wail and warble like nobody’s business.

Well, get down on your knees and give thanks. T.M.Revolution will be gracing us all with his tremulous tenor talents on August 11th with the release of Naked Arms / Sword Summit. The song is being used as the second intro theme for the PS3/Wii game Sengoku Basara 3 (he has previously done work for this game with abingdon boys school) and intro theme for the anime take, Sengoku Basara 2.

Check out the CM preview for the single:

Personally, I think that TMR is looking better than ever. His outfit is cool enough to make the best-dressed out there feel like they’re wearing sweatpants and a jersey, and the tough sub-masculine image works wonders for the fashionisto.

The CM is quite cool. If Jrock PVs get any more aerodynamic and stylish I might have a nosebleed. The black and white themes all over the place are so clean and timelessly cool, and I am particularly liking it for TMR because a certain someone has a bit of a history for over-the-top flashiness and outrageous PVs. Now that he’s more of an ani in the J-music scene, I appreciate this more mature (yet still totally rockin’) image, and alongside GACKT’s recent styles, I have to say I think this is one of my favorite looks out there right now.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the full single, as Naked Arms sounded especially cool. I think it would be safe to say that we always know we can leave it to Nishikawa Takanori to always keep up the standard.

The single will be released in 3 versions:

Regular Vers.

This is my least favorite cover out of them all. Honestly, I think something about how it’s been shot is kind of unflattering.

Anime Vers.

This one, however, gets my approval 100%.

Game Vers.

This cover is also awesome. I really like how they steadily zoom in on his image and get gradually more flattering.

All versions first-press edition come with a poster (which is hopefully not of the regular version cover)– which I want, just throwing that out there.

Pre-order and get your poster (I didn’t list it first for any particular reason) and a sick new single: Naked arms / Sword Summit [w/ DVD, Limited Edition (Animation Ver.)] / T.M.Revolution

Video credit: test69rock

Image credit: TMRevolution official Twitter @TMR15

ADHD: Attention Deficit HIZUMI Disorder?

MONSTERS album cover

D’espairsRay just posted a new video message on their Facebook page. They (being Tsukasa) addressed the fact that they have just finished shooting the new PV, which is, according to Karyu, the most aggressive PV ever filmed on the face of the earth.

“The guys recorded one video in which they looked VERY tired… and so they tried to “take it up a notch” and that’s why you get to hear HIZUMI’s creepy voice.” – Video caption

Honestly, I don’t think they looked any less tired in this video. Zero looks about to collapse at any minute, and I can’t tell if Karyu is wearing white contacts, or if his eyes are perpetually rolled into the back of his head. Hizumi, on the other hand, exhibited obvious signs of ADD.

Tsukasa pretty much takes over the whole message, and you can practically see him jabbing the other members in the ribs whenever he’s like “And then….Zero, what about you?”

It’s no surprise, though. The band has surely been hustling to get the album finished up, PVs shot, and get everything prepared for the US tour– which can’t be a walk in the park. Speaking of which, if you haven’t got your tickets yet, I recommend doing so as quickly as possible, as shows are already starting to sell out.

Note to everyone in the US – new studio album Monsters will be available for digital download via all major MP3 stores, including AmazonMP3 and iTunes. The band will post links to where you can buy the album digitally. Monsters goes on sales on July 28th.The physical album will be available at all the usual hubs, so if you want all the plastic trimmings, or need to sleep with it on your pillow, pre-order it at CDJapan to ensure it gets to you in a timely fashion.