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17 responses to “Lives+Tours 2012

  1. Gackt should come to the north west . . . specifically Oregon XD The america dates haven’t been finalized right?

    • GACKT said he was coming to the US, but as of right now there’s still no definite plans. Not holding my breath at this point. And as for X-Japan, I really don’t know, I don’t follow their activity. But seeing as they’re based out of LA now (Well, Yoshiki Big-Momma is anyway), their tour info should be pretty accessible.

  2. I Hope that he comes to NYC. (I’m in NJ, but pretty close to NY) I keep looking but I can barely find any information on this, other than that he’ll be touring North America.

    Is he on a solo tour, or is it a group thing? (Because apparently “Big Bang” will also be in NYC in March. So I wasn’t sure if they were bringing global bands/singers for some huge concert thing… or, what)

    Oh, I’m so anxious for this.

    • If he comes to the US at all (not looking great at this point), NYC is probably a pretty safe bet, at least as long as he works East Coast into the tour. Again, GACKT posted on HIS PERSONAL YFCZ BLOG that they would be doing a tour, this was BY NO MEANS a definite, about-to-announce-tour-dates-type announcement. Just starting his own rumors, the prat.

      It would be a tour with his new band YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz. BIGBANG is doing their own tour in the US in March. They have nothing to do with GACKT. Would love to see an Asian music fest happen in NYC, but as far as I can see, it ain’t happenin’.

  3. Ok its February 13th and this is the only site that actually has any information about the NA Gackt tour…WHEN IS HE COMING?!?!?! They said March but they have yet to announce dates or locations. I am dieing from anticipation.

    • Sorry, nobody knows. GACKT posted the NA Tour rumor on his personal YFCz blog, there was no official announcement, and nothing hinting at dates or locations. I recommend keeping your eye on his various official Facebook pages, as they put up most major appearances and announcements on there.

      Since it’s already mid-february, I’m guessing at this point there won’t be a tour in March, but whether this means there will be a tour later in the year, I can only guess.

  4. Here’s hoping for Las Vegas. I’m working myself up in a frenzy every time I do a google search for any new info. Thanks so much for all your hard work; I keep comming back here and good luck on your new adventure in Japan- you’re going to be living the dream.

    • No problem, although I haven’t really done anything. At this point I’ve sort of withdrawn from the whole thing as, aside from general curiosity, I don’t really have any investment in GACKT coming to the US. Heck, the chances don’t seem that great even if I did. Also once I leave the States I won’t have much time to keep up with anything, so I just hope somebody stops by and lets me know if he ever showed!

      That being said, I really, really hope for all of the Dears this side of the Pacific that he makes some appearances this spring. :) If he does, Las Vegas doesn’t seem unlikely….At the very least seems like he’d be somewhere close enough to commute.

      Thanks for the well-wishes! I’m really looking forward to my trip. Can’t happen soon enough!

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