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Thanks for reading Secret Garden, and I look forward to connecting with you.

Secret Garden を読んでありがとう!いっしょうに話すに楽しみにしています。

16 responses to “Contact + Connect

    • No problem, glad you find it useful! I’ll do my best to keep it updated, although…when every single band decides to tour at once, it can be frustrating keeping up with every single website…And a bit masochistic too– I can’t afford to fly to foreign countries every single time I want to go to a Jrock concert!

      • Lol, I know! The worst however, is when bands choose venues in countries that you *think* you have a chance of visiting and you get your hopes up. XD

  1. Absolutely! I also find it amusing that my devotion to Jrock/VK makes me view, say, Europe as “close”. The closeness of the country is decided by the greatness of the band, and not the mileage…. I’m officially done-for.

  2. Why have I not seen all these posts until now!? D: I’m subscribed to your blog & usually get notifications via email but recently, they haven’t been coming through at all. DX

  3. After reading classical and neoteric Japanese literatures, watching different Japanese movies and TV dramas, SG is the third good aid and guide for me to get to know Jrock and other Jmusic. Even the new glossary are learnt from SG. This website is really cordial and professional. It gives the feeling like this: in a snowy winter morning, step on the white snow, the slight balmy air comes to me, when I go on, there is a grove of calyx canthus bloom just in front of me, the Secret Garden!

    • “The” tickets? I’m no mind-reader nor Sherlock Holmes, but guessing by your handle, you mean GACKT’s US tour tickets. As far as I know, they’re not on sale yet and no further information regarding dates is available at this time.

    • Thanks very much for the compliment! I’m happy if any of my material has helped you in describing the sometimes mind-boggling world of VK.

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