Alice in Wonderland…Move over!

Seriously! For Visualists, there’s a new Alice now. Although not a bland blond promenading through psychedelico and British humor nobody else understands, Visual Kei has a new aural wonderland and an Alice to go with it, the Visual boy-band PSC Company offspring, Alice Nine is taking the Jrock world by storm.

They will summon up a (sort of) new wonderland for us on March 24th with the release of their greatest hits album, Complete Collection 2006-2009. The album will feature their hits songs released during the respective years of activity….The happiest news of all is, CDJapan is offering an exclusive promotion for the release. Not only will pre-orders placed before March 18th win the external bonus poster (while first-press is available), but they will also include a band photo, and a member photo of your choice. (Photo size: 18.0 x 12.8 cm)

In addition, the members of Alice Nine will autograph the band photo for 40 lucky purchasers who preorder the CD before March 18, 2010 11:59pm (Japan Standard Time). AWESOME! The 40 lucky winners will be chosen at random from orders placed before March 18th etc, and will not be announced.

**Click: Alice Nine greatest hits release promotion**

Good luck!

Cruel Pre-Order

The LEGENDARY SIX NINE’s debut single, Cruel, now available for pre-order. The single is released 3/24, in two versions, regular edition and a limited edition with PV DVD. Check back soon for cover image and more information.

More information about the LEGENDARY SIX NINE


Get ReVeNGe with Sex Pot

Looking for something to add some oomph to your dreary January days? Get punked-out and organize your life at the same time with hardcore punk fashion label from Japan: Sex Pot ReVeNGe.

Covered in the gnarly skull Sex Pot design, with plenty of tattered tartan, vicious studs, and rebellious usage of inspirational English phrases for the renegade in all of us, it’s not hard to see why this brand has become “the” Japanese punk label.

Based out of fashion-central Harajuku, Tokyo, the brand “designs around the concept of of smashing the useless norm and produce items with a shocking, strange, powerful, and fresh feel.”

“The brand has further extended its tentacles through the Japanese underground by collaborating with artists like Antic Cafe, STANCE PUNKS, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION (Phantasmagoria, Vidoll, 12012) for new fashion items, and by producing their own free music magazine.” [1]

The brand’s free magazine, VINYL SYNDICATE has featured modelling spreads with bands and artists such as AnCafe and girugamesh.

Along with huge sales, CDJapan is currently running a promotion– the first 50 people to order JPY 10,000 or more of Sex Pot product will receive a sick 2010 date-planner. The planner is approximately 15.3cm x 11cm / weighs 100g.

Note: 10,000 yen minimum excludes shipping; while supplies last; From CDJ: *The present will be included with the orders and we won’t be making any announcement. *Please note that we can’t guarantee that every person who order of 10,000yen or above will receive the present.

Good luck!

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**Sex Pot ReVeNGe at CDJapan**

**CDJapan Top**


Omedetou to myself! Neolog, the CD, goods, and media review site hosted by CDJapan, held a Holiday Season 2009 review contest throughout the month of November. Results are in! The winning reviews were posted this morning, and my review of GACKT’s 12月のLove Song,December’s Love Song? Try December’s ONLY Song!”, made the Best Reviews category!

Read the review here on Secret Garden.

Check out the contest results page, and all the other great winners, @here

“Of Corset Is!”


Crimson leaves are starting to fall, and rockers far and wide are digging up corsets, frock-coats, and implements of bondage to identify with the gloomy change in weather.

The other day I was talking about how Halloween is coming up, and how I will be spending it at a con. I hope the rest of you have interesting plans for the gloomy un-holiday. I at least hope that you have a party to attend, where much Malice Mizer will be blaring. Martha Stewart suggests complicated green curries cooked in gutted pumpkins, and acrylic-nail application parties for Les Halloween ’09. But we’re a long way from Connecticut, Visualists…


Visual style has wormed its way into the apple of rocker fashion. Most Visualists are rooted strongly in their individuality and creativity, hacking their own look into the world of Visual style. However, because of the nature of Visual style and the rising popularity of Visual Kei as a mainstream genre, it has also transcended personal style and gone into the, shall we say, band-boy-band-girl and/or cosplay modes of expression. A lot of people who appreciate Visual Kei style and music feel that cosplay and band-fan-dom is a way of forging a closer bond to their favorite artists and bands.

Although I personally believe in Visualism and Jrock as a life-source, not to mention life-style, I also believe in cosplay  as legitimate means of expression and appreciation of bands and idols. Even if you decide to do a simple cosplay, and can’t find all the Moitie accessories to glam up your Mana-sama, cosplay well, (and this goes for everyone across the board—) and cosplay with integrity. There’s nothing less appreciative of a band or specific band member than half-assing your depiction of them. If you’re short on time, cash, garb, gear, or all of the above, consider simplifying your effigy by focusing on several very characteristic traits (hairstyle and makeup, for example…whatever the personality is really defined by.) and toning down the other elements. For example, Kanon Wakeshima? Broke? Full-time job (yup, they do go together)? Con in a week? Simple solution! Focus on the hair and makeup and any accessories you can manage, and then try and emulate the experience and sentiment of her outfit without actually recreating it in full! This is much more appropriate than buying a $14 cheesy prom dress from Salvation Army and hauling a cello around.

kanon-wakeshima…and remember…next year, start making the costume right after the convention, not right before. (To be fair, I tried this and failed miserably. Wish me luck that I don’t return a hypocrite….Not that you’d know  either way :D).

Whether you’re seeking to improve your own Visual style, or considering cosplaying your favorite band-member, here is something that may help along the way– and remember, do your best, and have fun! ganbatte ne!:

If you’re totally green to Visual style, but want to go the whole nine yards, a DVD was released in September called Visual Makeup Lesson. The DVD has a variety of lessons to show Visualists how to do typical Visual Kei style makeup. Japanese language with English subtitles. Learn it from the best– and by that I mean, of course, learn it from the Japanese…