Seasonal Mix tracklist

As requested, here’s the tracklist for the Jrock winter playlist I posted.

this is just wrong on every level

Itsuka no Merry Christmas – B’z (intro clip)
Merry Xmas 2 U – Vidoll
twinkle, twinkle – L’arc~En~Ciel
Konayuki – remioromen
Winter, again – GLAY
I Wish – L’arc~En~Ciel vers.

Silent Night – Hamasaki Ayumi ft. GACKT
12 Gatsu no Love Song – GACKT
Christmas – Kawamura Ryuuichi
Hanashitaku wa Nai – T-BOLAN

Arigatou – Amuro Namie
Mirrorball (VANDALIZE vers.) – alice nine
Yami ni Furu Kiseki (Classical White vers.) – D’espairsRay
SNOW – B’z

My personal winter playlist also includes these songs, which were not featured on the podcast:

Snow White – D
Setsugekka ~ The End of Silence~ -GACKT
Saikai ~STORY~ – GACKT
I LOVE YOU – Ozaki Yutaka
Kanashimi ga Itai Yo – T-BOLAN
Meguriai – GACKT
OH MY LITTLE GIRL – Ozaki Yutaka
Sayounara ~ RRII Vers. instrumental~ -GACKT
SWEET DREAMS ~ acoustic vers.~ – VAMPS
Lunartail – Luzmelt

What do you guys have on your seasonal mix? (And don’t even say Hurry Xmas by L’arc, because I don’t even want to hear it. /shudders)


2 responses to “Seasonal Mix tracklist

  1. A lot of similar ones to you are in my seasonal mix. “Setsugekka” was a great choice. I keep forgetting about that song.

    My list goes from merry to depressing to mimic the effect winter has on me once the holidays have passed and the cold weather and misery begins to overstay its welcome.

    Of course there is the obligatory “Itsuka no Merry Christmas” to begin which is a perfect song in every way. Some others:

    2. December Love Song (Japanese or English) – Gackt
    3. Tokyo Ice Age – Caroline Rocks
    4. Snow – Bluebeard
    5. Moon (Image version) – Luna Sea
    6. KA-RE-HA-TE-TA-SA-KI -no one’s grieve- – BORIS
    7. Yami ni Furu Kiseki ~ Classic White Version ~ – D’espairsRay
    8.悲劇は目蓋を下ろした優しき鬱 – Dir en Grey
    9. 鏡になりたい – Kuroyume

  2. For me, it’s the instrumental version of Moi Dix Mois ‘Pageant’ – the tune, the bells, the instrumentation – it just sounds like the perfect Christmas!

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