GACKT to fulfill his promise at last…?

“Although the Japan tour is over, we’ve gotta keep our focus for the America tour beginning in March.
(translation by amaiakuyume)

I always knew this day would come. From the bottom of my heart, with the strongest gut instinct, I knew it would come. Through the Japan tours and the European tours and the hints and the teasers and the vague little “maybe”s, I knew he would one day have to cave in and give us what we want.

GACKT is coming to North America.

Not for movie premiers. Not for holing up in a recording studio. Not for sight-seeing.

GACKT is coming to North America for a tour.

Funnily enough, I always used to joke that the one day he finally announced a NA tour, it would be at exactly the same time I went back to Japan, and we would pass like ships in the night. Guess where I was supposed to be in March?

Lemme write about this when I figure some of these emotions out.

….As a side note, he knows North America is more than just Canada and California, right? Hurry, someone send him a map before they finalize locations..!

Thanks to @kimberdesu for the tip.

Source: amaiakuyume



17 responses to “GACKT to fulfill his promise at last…?

  1. I know, I know, I got pretty razed when I first saw the YFC conference sometime back and saw the “tour dates” near the end of it. Golly, I’m not holding my breath! XD I would die if I do! But if so please be somewhere near the East Coast, PLEASE!

    • I do recommend breathing between now and the finalized announcement– it’s helpful to be alive when the tour starts! That being said, I’m right there with you praying for an East Coast show.

  2. Is this official? :} If he has any plans to perform in the U.S. soon; can someone please notify me? My sister and I have been dying to see him here~! Would be cool if he can make it out to, or near Texas!!! My email >>

    • GACKT mentioned on his YFCz blog that they would be touring in the US in March. That’s all the information I have right now, but I’d keep your calendar open.

    • Trying to muster an argument for this, and, sadly, am unable to do so. The likelihood of the US tour being particularly widespread is, in my honest opinion, pretty low. Not losing hope, though! He might surprise us.

  3. I’m really seriously hoping for a stop in Atlanta, though I know the chances are slim..

    HOWEVER.. I tihnk, for soemthing this important, I would be able to go out a couple of states like when the nearest theater showing Bunraku in March was 4 hours out in Asheville..

  4. I’d be happy to see him hit up Chicago on his tour. That, for me, is the closest to where I live. And no one EVER plays here anyway. Otherwise, I doubt I’ll be going. With no venues announced yet and March drawing closer, I don’t have the money to travel much further

    • I’ll be honest, I don’t have exceptionally high hopes for an extensive YFCz tour, if it happens at all. I’d put my money on Canada, CA, and if we’re lucky NYC. Not to be a debbie-downer, just a not-so-cute pattern I’ve picked up from Jrockers. However, I really hope he hits up Chicago so you get an opportunity to see him!

      Good luck!

  5. …I’m so excited, I REALLY hope this is definite. I truly would love to see him. East Coast, of course lol. Please, please, please, Gackt. Been wanting to see him perform for some time now. I’ll be waiting impatiently. <3

  6. i’ve been love with gackt since i was 15! please please please let him come here! i’d die a happy person! if he does!

  7. Holy… I was just talking to my husband last night about when Gackt would tour NA
    Please, come to Arizona, the only other good band to come here was Dir En Grey, and MYV went to Las Vegas, so please, please come to Arizona….

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