Top 5 Lives To See Before I Die

I’m going through serious live-withdrawals at the moment– a fact that isn’t helped by knowing that I’m missing Matenrou Opera, MIYAVI, and Dir En Grey this fall/winter. I pray there is a show in my near future, lest I go stark raving mad.

I started this list when I began going to lives in 2009. A while ago I shared the list with one of my brothers and he suggested I keep adding bands so that I never die. Seems legit.

The List – 2009

  1. GACKT
  2. abingdon boys school
  3. 雅ーMIYAVI
  4. D’espairsRay
  5. B’z

The List – 2011

  1. GACKT
  3. B’z
  4. girugamesh
  5. exist trace



7 responses to “Top 5 Lives To See Before I Die

  1. totally second that one Ok Rock part, i really loved watching their ‘this is my budokan’ dvd!!!! they’re so energetic and lively :D

    • They’ve steadily worked their way up the list and into my favorite bands, really. I can’t believe how much of the music coming out these days doesn’t catch my interest–but somehow everything they release continues to be absolutely excellent. Can’t turn it off– Been addicted to their newest album lately, will try and get a review up if I can find time.

  2. Your brother has a great idea. Also, you can eventually get to the bands you want to see but are not one of the top five at the moment..

    • Sure, I always look for opportunities to see the groups that I like, even if they’re not in the list of “see before I die”. Of course there are groups I want to see live, but I didn’t include them simply because it’s not as much of a life or death matter.

  3. If I may suggest a couple; the GazettE, L’Arc~en~Ciel, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz, X JAPAN, and D. Actually, if you can afford the trip, you might get to see L’Arc soon when they play at Madison Square Garden in New York.

    • I would definitely go to their live if the opportunity arose to see the GazettE, but I don’t follow their releases or activity that closely since their music started going downhill. L’arc-En-Ciel has never been a favorite band; I probably won’t see them in NYC. Would rather see VAMPS. YFCz is under GACKT sort of in parentheses– I would prefer to see GACKT live in his original, arena-live style rather than with YFCz, but when they tour in the US you had better believe I will be there. After all, it’s more about GACKT than anything else, so he could be balancing plates on spinning dowels and I would do anything in my power to be in that audience.
      I would like to see D, definitely, and always keep my eye on their tour schedule. Not a life-or-death matter, though.
      I’m not interested in Nishikawa’s solo project, but I would kill to see abingdon boys school perform again. Again, though, I would go if the opportunity presented itself. exist trace is doing an East Coast tour in the spring (finally someone caught on) which I am postponing major life plans to attend.

  4. I think exist trace is having a US performance soon at Otakon. Also, L’Arc~en~Ciel will perform at Madison Square Garden next year. How about adding D, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz, and T.M.Revolution since they’ll probably perform in the US sometime in the future?

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