D’espa Members Get Busy

Good news for me any D’espairsRay followers out there who may have yet to fill the void left by the great veteran VK group that, due to extremely unfortunate circumstances, disbanded this year. Although I heard in passing a few weeks ago that guitarist karyu and bassist ZERO were added to the Angelo lineup** and that Hizumi was designing kawaii romping tigers to bounce cheerfully atop Japanese website banners (is this true, or was that a weird dream?), personally I find the most intriguing new venture by former D’espa members to be THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S.

Brand new band consisting of drummer Tsukasa, bassist ZERO, vocalist Ricky (formerly of Dasein– “You’ll be in my heart….yes you’ll be in my heart…”, ok, I’ll stop.), and guitarists kazuya and SHUN., both formerly of bands I’ve never heard of, the names of which were too case-sensitive to remember*.

Well gee, ZERO, I guess karyu’s invite got misplaced.

THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S (is it just me, or are they getting more and more out-there with the band names? Thank goodness they didn’t ditch the apostrophe-trend) will make their debut appearance on December 1st at Shibuya O-EAST’s stylish wave GENERATION live, performing alongside Penicillin, Daizystripper and LM.C.

* FANATIC◇CRISIS and Lastlip

** Not changing the post, but this was a brain-slip. ZERO wasn’t also added to the Angelo lineup, the other new member was former-Vidoll guitarist, Giru. Thanks, Kaxxina, whose below comment made me realize I should switch to decaf.



2 responses to “D’espa Members Get Busy

  1. Funny… I know TSUKASA and ZERO were touring with GACKT but I never heard of ZERO as a member of Angelo… just Karyu… I figured that’s why Karyu was left out of this band, since he’d be busy with Angelo…..

    • Okay, you’re right– that was totally an Alzheimer moment. The other new member in Angelo was the former guitarist for Vidoll, which for some reason translated into ZERO in my brain. I have no idea why I thought that at all. Whoops!

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