Secret Garden 2.0

Welcome to Secret Garden 2.0!

I can’t believe in all of the 2+ years I’ve been running this thing, it’s never had a makeover. Lately, though, it’s felt like everything could use a bit of a facelift–my blog, my life, I don’t know, whatever. I’ve been struggling to hold my interest in keeping SG updated. I buy and enjoy albums and singles, but don’t review them. Long story short, I’ve just outgrown the original, and it’s time to level up.

I’m pretty stoked on it, if I’m perfectly honest. As you can see, theme and header are brand new. Pages are now up top, and dropdowns, so there are multiple pages stacked in there… They’ve also been rearranged a little bit. A few have been completely revised. Check them out if you feel so inclined. The sidebar and widgets have also been moved around and edited– I find that it can take a few tries to get the sidebar right…So if anyone is having problems with it or encountering issues, do me a favor and let me know so I can smooth out the kinks.

There’s a lot I would still like to update, develop, and refine, but for now I’m okay with taking all of this one step at a time. It feels good to have a new face, and I’m sure the rest will follow suit.

Part of the reason I really needed a change was due to the fact that GACKT has pretty much always been the face of SG. He’s graced the header, sidebar, and pages for the past two years. This is all well and good since I have so much respect for GACKT, but on the other hand I felt like the image was misleading–to myself, as well as readers. My blog isn’t a blog about GACKT. And I realized the other day that I don’t even want to say it’s a blog about Visual Kei. Honestly, there have been a few instances in which I have felt inspired to write about something, but I decided not to because I felt it veered from the path I was trying to take. This has helped develop a sense of congruency (I hope) in content, but on the other hand, I honestly couldn’t give less of a shit about congruency right now. Seems blase.

So as things continue moving forward here, I hope to start introducing new bands into the flow. Film and drama reviews might show up after a while. I might throw some other genres, perhaps even some Asian music that’s not Jrock, in there if it’s sick enough.

All of this oh, no point in blogging because Visual Kei is idle is starting to get boring. I’d like to take a minute right now and just go ahead and choose not to let that get in the way. Just because bands aren’t releasing endless amazing albums doesn’t mean we all just pack up our headphones and throw sheets over our speakers, does it? When D’espa disbands and it seems like all hope is lost, what kind of playlists are you rockin’? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

 Here’s to new beginnings.


14 responses to “Secret Garden 2.0

  1. The new look is awesome!!! It is a whole lot neater, I guess. ^^ I’m all for positive thinking! And just because VK seems lacking doesn’t mean the rest of Japanese rock (or the world) is.

    • Thanks, yeah, I was looking for something a little cleaner and more aerodynamic. I feel like this will do the trick, at least until I become a master programmer or something.

      I definitely agree– although Visual Kei hasn’t been super high on my playlist this summer, a lot of good stuff has, and I hope to be able to pass some new names back and forth while we wait for some real shi’ to roll this fall.

    • Thanks. If nothing else, it does feel somewhat more…mature, in a way. So I’m okay with how it turned out. I guess no one is having any problems with the sidebar yet!

  2. WOW! It looks great!!! A revamp is definitely great to way to revive and refresh a blog. :) Looking forward to a brand spanking new Secret Garden!! \(^0^)/

    P.S Who’s in the header now? Is that Satoshi of Girugamesh I spy? ;p

  3. Hello!

    The site does look very nice. Congratulations on the new look and the renewed stoked feeling when it comes to continuing it! It’s always nice to read reviews about music I love. I’m currently listening to D’espairsRay, the GazettE, Xenon, Riddick, noGoD and defspiral. There are many new singles and albums to be released so I’m very excited to hear them all. Keep up the good work!

    • Heya,

      Thank you– I hope I can restart the frequent posting of reviews. I plan on doing my best to make them worth reading.

      Sounds like you haven’t been idle on the VK front. That’s nice to hear. Any thoughts/opinions on Remember The Urge? I haven’t heard it yet, but it’s on the list, at least so I can say I’ve given it a chance. I’ll have to take your recommendation and check out Xenon, Riddick, and defspiral. Although the latter sounds familiar, I can’t say I’ve explored any of these bands to any particular extent.

      Thanks for reading ++

  4. Hey there~
    I just dropped by to say – I love the new look/layout. Very epic. ^^
    Keep up the good work!

      • At the moment I’ve got VKakumei back on hiatus…not entirely by choice – I had been completely without internet access for about two months and the computer I’m using right now is about 150 years old.
        I’d like to start posting again sometime in the future, but certain things in my life are pretty seriously messed up right now (besides lack of contact with the Visual world, that is.)
        So I guess I’ll let you know when I get things back up and running. Thank you for asking. ^^

        By the way, might I ask if you have any more reviews in the works yet? I greatly enjoyed your review of Episode.0 and can’t wait to read more.
        Take care~

      • Yeah, I feel you. I’ve definitely been in that position before, and honestly as someone who writes more or less on the spot, it’s a pain to try and write from libraries or cafes. People are always trying to get me to be that cool writer who is always typing away at the local watering hole, but seriously I end up too absorbed in watching the natives in their habitat and it’s an unproductive venture.

        I do have a few reviews I’m considering right now… I probably won’t get any new stuff from CDJapan until mid October, but there’s a possibility of reviewing some of the stuff I’ve been listening to lately. Check back later this week, I’ll try and have something new. Glad you enjoyed the Episode.0 post!

        Take it easy++

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