For Future Reference

Holla, blogsphere, ‘sup? Can you believe it’s already the second week of August?

I know my summer is def flying by– it’s been a mixed bag so far, really. You know how as you age you kind of compartmentalize segments of time? For example, “the winter of indentured slave labor”, “the summer of The Perm”, and so on… Not to say it hasn’t been a good summer, because it has certainly had its high points, but I would best describe it as “the summer of taking one for the team”. There’s been a lot of dealing with it, and doing what needs to be done. I feel like when you live life under these conditions, you can become ruled by what if‘s and but‘s and eventually‘s. As always during these challenging points in life, there’s always a moment when I realize that I haven’t been listening to nearly enough music.

I think it’s the curse of humanity that we want the answers to all our problems to be complicated, esoteric riddles that we have to spend years of wallowing to unravel. Friends often tell me, “I just wish there was a simple solution!” And actually, 9 times out of 10 there is a simple solution. Someday, I hope, we’ll become OK with that.

In any case, tomorrow I’m catching a train to Philadelphia, where I’ll be able to unwind and just focus on having a great time. I hope the rest of you are having a brilliant summer….And for any of you who are also dealing with it (as well as those of you who are emotionally stable enough not to be in a perpetual state of crisis and self-reflection) this summer and have no idea what to do with the approaching threat of fall, I have some good news.

Although I’ve probably mentioned them on here once or twice (max), edgy, energetic rock group ONE OK ROCK is actually up there among some of my favorite Jrock bands. In the past although I knew of them and knew I enjoyed their music, I didn’t start following them religiously until a couple of months ago. One day they just kinda rose up in my awareness like a phoenix from the ashes of my own jadedness. The urge to whine about a lack of decent new releases was knocked right out of me by the PV for their new track Re:make.

Re:make was released July 20th as part of the double A-side, Re:make/NO SCARED, but the PV was actually revealed exclusively on OOR‘s official facebook. Although I’ll post a 30sec preview here, I insist that anyone who hasn’t seen the PV yet head over and check it out for a mind-blowing experience. You don’t need a facebook account to watch it, but most people have those nowadays, right? It’s one of those things, like cell-phones, that for some reason life has made virtually impossible (see what I did there?) for us not to have, but which “some people” leave turned-off and stuck in some dark corner of reality for as long as society will allow.

Re:make PV Link

Once you’re all done being devastated by the crisp innovation in PV production and only recorded example of the usefulness of facebook, there’s more.

ONE OK ROCK announced that they will be releasing a studio album on October 5th, titled Zankyou Reference. Their 5th original album, it will include the typical quantity of previously released material, including Re:make and NO SCARED. So glad I picked up that single. (Just kidding. Really, I am.)

For the benefit of those of you more geographically blessed than some of us, starting in November ONE OK ROCK will be setting out on a new tour, finishing with two performances at Yokohama Arena on January 21st and 22nd 2012. Check their OHP for details, or google it, or do whatever it is you do when I lack the energetic resources necessary in posting the relevant information.

Zankyou Reference
Released Date: 2011/10/05
[First Press Limited Edition] 3,150Yen (tax in)
[Regular Edition] 2,800Yen (tax in)

To pre-order: Zankyo Reference [Limited Edition] / ONE OK ROCK


2 responses to “For Future Reference

  1. ONE OK ROCK is definatly one of my most favorite rock bands. They make up for the lack of visual-ness with awesome lyrics and brilliant music. Not to mention the vocalists has the second best engrish I’ve ever heard.

    • Yes, I guess that’s one way of looking at it. After being immersed primarily in Visual Kei I find the simplicity of Jrock bands’ looks to be a breath of fresh air.
      As you said– Taka’s pronunciation as well as composition in English is quite stellar, and I find that I particularly appreciate their choice of English usage. Somebody has really done their homework– or at least attended a few ESL classes, and it shows (sounds?). I really can’t wait to get a copy of the new album– I’m sure it will absolutely rock.

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