B’z LIVE-STREAM -long time no see-

I feel as though there’s an unspoken (and sometimes spoken) sentiment among overseas Visualists (particularly No/So Americans) that falls somewhere along the lines of, we’re unnoticed, our fandom unappreciated, our prayers left unanswered. As I recall, a little bitterness flared up summer of last year when GACKT announced his international debut– in Europe. Oh come on, we’re all a little guilty.

This is more or less a working hypothesis on my part — based on Twitter conversations, mainly, and fleeting observations; it’s somewhat sad, though. I highly doubt any fans are slighted or left unappreciated; actually I’m sure most bands would be stoked to perform for as many audiences as possible all over the world. Touring overseas is a massive undertaking, requiring visas and money – lots of money, as well as time, energy, and enough of a reception to foot the (considerable) bill. It’s a form of promotion a bit pricier than handing out fliers in Shibuya, I’ll say that much.

It’s actually come to my attention the past year or so how much bands are working to overcome this obstacle of time and space. Although I’m sure they understand that nothing, nothing will replace the exhilaration of being crushed up against the stage in a dingy little club, your favorite band inches, feet, yards from you, rocking out before your very eyes. However, there is a way to emulate universal inclusion.


Oh the joys of the 21st century. More and more artists and groups are catching on to the phenomenon that is live-streaming. It seems like pretty much anything and everything can, and is, streamed live on the internet. We can now watch real-time interviews, press-conferences, talks, events, and– you guessed it, live concerts.

If this isn’t the most legit use of the internet since its advent, then I honestly can’t tell you what is.

Although the fact of live-streaming via USTREAM doesn’t rate the front cover of The Your- City-Name Times, the content can still be pretty attention-catching. And this week, the content is certainly worth its weight in bandwidth. As it were, this Sunday will see the conclusion of Jrock megastar duo B’z‘s short North America stint,  LIVE-GYM 2011 – long time no see –. The performance, held in Los Angeles at CLUB NOKIA, will be streamed live for free via USTREAM, an answer (compromise) to the prayers of Visualists who don’t count on waking up mysteriously in a hotel in downtown LA on the 24th.

The concert will be streamed at 7PM local time (LA) — following is a list of the corresponding times in the major cities. I don’t envy Paris, but it’s well worth it.

July 24th – 7pm (Los Angeles)
July 24th – 10pm (New York)
July 24th – 11pm (Buenos Aires)
July 25th – 3am (London)
July 25th – 4am (Paris)
July 25th – 6am (Moscow)
July 25th – 11am (Tokyo)

Access the live-stream here. For smartphone (actual intellectual quality of said devices being a matter of opinion) users, go here.



3 responses to “B’z LIVE-STREAM -long time no see-

  1. Thanks for posting the times – I’d been wondering when the show would start.

    I’m with you completely on live-streaming being one of the better ideas J-rockers have come up with to reach out to fans world-wide. As far as I know, it’s a fairly simple thing to set up (compared to a world tour, anyway) and it is also possible for them to charge a small amount for ‘e-tickets’ in order to cover the cost of hiring the filming crew. Thankfully, most choose to stream for free, however as I recall – when MUCC streamed two of their recent lives they charged about $8.00 for the tickets. Still, compared to the cost of regular tickets (+all the other related costs of going to another city/country) that’s relatively cheap.

    I was lucky enough to see INORAN’s livestream a couple months ago. I had to stay up all night to make sure I’d be at computer at the right time, but it was well worth the loss of sleep. It was a lot of fun, and essentially my first concert. =D

    Also, while we’re on the subject, I’m not sure if you are familiar with the band Acid Black cherry or not, but if you are they will be livestreaming their show on the 23rd.
    Just in case you’re interested…. =)

    • Yes, groups do occasionally charge for the live-streaming events. I believe during his European tour last year, for example, GACKT streamed one of the Munich lives and charged around full ticket price for it. I believe it cost around $40-$45. Well worth it if you weren’t able to attend, though.

      Most other events I’ve partaken of, or heard about, have been free or much less costly than this example, though.

      Yeah, I’m down with Acid Black Cherry. Not a huge follower, but I think his music is pretty dope and I’ll give it a good listen now and then. Unfortunately I’ll be out of town on the 23rd, so I won’t be able to hit this one up. But let me know what you think.

  2. So glad I dropped by today..in time to catch this. Although I’m not a big B’z fan, I like their music and would have loved to see them live. A bit relieved and sad when I noticed that they did not visit the East Coast. Maybe I need to move out to Cali. But am glad I found out in time to catch the streaming tomorrow. And hopefully, the NA run was successful enough so that they’ll consider more locations next time. Thanks for sharing.

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