I’m skipping the whole New Look comment-fest this time around because I think by now everyone’s seen The GazettE‘s new look and probably guessed what my opinion is about it anyway. To summarize: everyone looks the same. Any enhanced coolness of the mug-shots this time around is thanks to cool lighting and enigmatic, indirect poses (way to not look at the camera, Ruki. I never do either.), as opposed to innovative new outfits/styling. I don’t really mind either way if they wear crazy outfits or choose the subdued a-typical Visual Kei monochrome uniform of choice, so no complaints in that area.

Moving along, today is the REMEMBER THE URGE (to write all in caps? To smash your electric guitar? To start tearing off your clothes?) EDITION of GazettE Overwhelms The World With More Mediocre Releases Week.

Optical Impression....



*Plus DVD containing PV and making-of footage.

  Even if I rarely end up actually listening to the music anymore, I still find myself drawn to The GazettE‘s sense of aesthetics. The albums and singles always have cutting-edge styling, and the imagery is ironically pretty sweet and different from a lot of the stuff out there. Looks like they’re drawing on a similar general concept to their last release, Vortex, by using the same ambiguous-paint-splatter concept, this time in black. Not sure who picked out the kid’s camo trunks, but it’s cool man.

And Auditory...


03 – Chiyou

I actually really appreciate how they tied the two covers together. In the first cover, the kid is smashing the guitar, and it’s like the guitar is spewing this deluge of black…blood? Paint? Oil? And in the second cover, the guitar’s blood? Paint? Oil? is raining down on the character in a black shower. Sick.

As always, I wish I could approach the preview with as much enthusiasm. Perhaps I should go into being an amateur art-critic and give up on music altogether (you were thinking it– don’t deny it). Actually, I’m choosing to withhold judgment until the PV is released in full….But trust me, you will be hearing from me when it is.




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