Diru Announces Full Tour Schedule For 2011

I’ve never pretended to be a huge fan of Dir En Grey. Actually, I’ve never pretended to be a fan at all. “Respect”, is the simplest way to describe my opinion of “Diru“. I respect the band, and I respect its fans, and I respect the fact that they have a lot of good music. But maybe it has something to do with the fact that whenever you’re mid-conversation with a Diru fan and they pause to say, “Oh I loved their one release….uhm…” you can suggest “Uroboros?” and pretty much hit the nail on the head. They don’t even have to whistle the best song for you. Too easy. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I don’t want to be vomited on by my favorite band– I don’t think I like any band enough to rinse chunks of their pre-show sushi out of my hair.

Dir En Grey will hit up Europe next month with a full European Tour, starting out with a sold-out show at Wacken Open Air, and moving on with their PARADOX OF RETALIATION Tour.

North and South Americans, don’t feel excluded yet. The band will hop the holiday train for their recently announced Americas Tour, Age Quod Agis, starting off in Chile on 11/23 and working their way north throughout November and December. Canadian synth-rock group Birthday Massacre will open the show for 11 of the 17 listed dates. Yeah, I’ve never heard of them either.

For a full list of dates, venues, and ticketing information, visit the band’s OHP or facebook.

As a side note, I remember hearing a lot of moaning (not the pleasant kind) about the band’s look. Honestly, I think they look sweet — I didn’t think I’d ever compliment someone with a buzz-cut, but Kyo’s actually rockin’ it.


5 responses to “Diru Announces Full Tour Schedule For 2011

  1. Ewww… Uroboros? Really? Nothing will compare to “Marrow of the Bone” or whatever it was called. :) Which is so different from their VK stuff I also like. However, I will still try to see them on this tour. :)

    As for their look, the pics aren’t very good, but just get a little water on ’em and they’ll clean up good. ;)

    Will you partake in this tour, GP? :)

    • Heh, my remark had more to do with how much they over-used the word “Uroboros” in their releases. I feel like they had singles, albums, tours, DVDs, etc etc etc titled the same thing. This made it hard for me to accept a few things early on in Resident Evil 5 when Sheva was tossing around the word “uroboros” and I couldn’t help but wonder if DeG supplied the Japanese release’s theme song.

      As long as they’re not hobos (some bands have done that, much to my horror. I’m a great believer in the positive effects of soap and water on one’s career, especially should one’s career involve public appearances.) I can deal with a little grunge. Pics are a little too artistically sketch, I suppose, but all in all they could’ve made worse beauty decisions. Kyo could have The Perm, for example.

      I haven’t decided yet if I’ll go, but it’s pretty likely I’ll hit them up for Philadelphia, since I have family there I could stay with, and it’d be a good excuse to go.

  2. I think I have the same exact opinion about Dir en grey. I respect their talent, accomplishments, and the precedent they’ve apparently set for visual kei to come overseas – but I’ve never been a fan of their music. (I actually used to outright hate them). I have songs I like by them but even those have lost their appeal over time.

    Even not being a fan though, I have to say I tried Uroboros and it was my favorite album out of them all. At least I felt it was the most solid out of their “non-visual” releases.

    I also really like their new look. Kyo grew out his hair a little more in recent pictures on their website and it looks SO much better than that matted yellow-ish mass that used to protrude through his head. They also actually look like a metal band now and not some bizarre pseudo-visual band.

    • Shame his hair grew back, I actually thought if it stayed real short it would start a trend but I guess that would piss off Kyo. Still, he looks good and so does the rest of the band. I just wish they didn’t go for the suit look.

      • If you mean a trend in visual kei – eh, probably unlikely. The bald-ish look probably might not sit well with your average VK fangirl; it’s just too risky (though that would be in the true, original spirit of VK, unlike today where it is all about pigeonholing the market for a certain group of teen girls :/)

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