GazettE’s So TOXIC, I’m Slipping Under

…I don’t know who I’m more ashamed of, those of you who get the reference, or myself for making it. But what can I say; I mean, it’s the world we live in. Some things once seen, cannot be unseen, and for some reason they always come into focus when I’m typing in titles. Holy hell I’m corrupt.

Last we heard on SG in regards to The GazettE, I’d begun tentatively shifting positions from thinking the continued mystery of Reita’s likely-disfigured nose just isn’t enough to disguise the band’s obviously-disfigured sense of good music  into an amiable appreciation of their latest single, Vortex. The single’s bounty certainly whipped it up (after the band spent a good few releases dragging their creative heels, trying to hide their brewing incompetence by increasing the coolness of Ruki’s outfits and covering their heels economically by shipping poor Kai off to work in catering. Not cool.), for a refreshing change of pace, leaving those few left unglamored by The Goddess’s imperturbable charm while still unable to acknowledge Red‘s existence on musical-earth, at least back in the GazeRock conversation.

Whew that was a long paragraph.

Well, if nothing else, plenty can certainly be said for The GazettE‘s persistence. GazettE singles seem to drop with the frequency of lunar tides — the only thing left wanting (aside from maybe a break long enough to replenish their creative juices?) is the eclipse of releases, the original album.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. They’ve been kind enough to give us a headstart so we can begin arranging the loans most of us will have to take out in order to actually afford the album (a nasty exchange rate, plus the fact that you’ll most likely want the ltd. edition with the DVD, paired with shipping costs from Japan will bring the album well over $60). So, literally, the release is so toxic we’re (economically) slipping under.

Just because we get a headstart doesn’t mean they’re cutting us any slack– if you want to be a true fan, you’ll most like want the single that’ll drop at the end of August, titled REMEMBER THE URGE. Released 8.31.11 in 2 versions (is the Auditory Impressions/Optical Impressions thing becoming a new trademark?), the single should tide Gaze-Minions over until October.

The GazettE‘s first original album since 2009’s DIM will overwhelm fangirls (and Reita still won’t take his mask off) on 10.05.11, in two editions (think more Budget and Luxury, rather than Auditory/Optical), and bears the title TOXIC.

I wonder if the title track is a collab? Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Pre-order the ill shizz here (TOXIC) & here (RTU).

9 responses to “GazettE’s So TOXIC, I’m Slipping Under

  1. That’s what I thoought too, a break is needed immediately. I haven’t been listening to their new releases simply because I feel that it’s just been put out there I don’t know.. Anyway I hope the album will be good :\

    • Check out Vortex if you feel up to it. I thought it was actually a decent release. Will look forward to the album, even if the title just can’t sound cool to me based on word-association issues.

  2. Actually, Auditory/Optical Impression is pretty much standard for GazettE – they’ve been doing it since the Regret single in 2006. [I suppose it’s like the equivalent of a limited and normal edition of a single?]

    On the one hand, I’m excited for the album [because…well, it’s a new GazettE album]…on the other, I’m approaching it very tentatively since 4 of the tracks are singles, “Vortex”, “Pledge”, “Shiver”, “Red” which weren’t all that enthralling…it makes me wonder what kind of sound the album will have. All I can say is, I trust Ruki not to lead the band down a path of…..I don’t even have an adjective for it.

    P.S. It has been theorized on Twitter that Reita is Voldemort. XD

  3. I’d been wondering when they’d get around to this…
    The question is – once you factor in the four A-sides from this era’s singles (five, assuming they include ‘Remember The Urge’) and who knows how many B-sides, how many never-before-heard tracks are going to end up on the album?

    But I guess it’s still something to look forward to. *smile* Who knows, maybe a world tour next…?

    • Including A-sides (and occasionally B-sides) on “original” albums isn’t a new practice, nor should it be considered a path of laziness or a form of cheating. Previously released tracks have pretty much always been included on original/studio albums. Typically you still get 5-7 brand new songs, which is well worth its weight in gold if you ask me. The day an album is released that has 13 never-before-heard tracks on it I’ll sacrifice, well, something, to the music-industry gods to give thanks.

      PSC isn’t generous with their overseas activity, but we live in hope, we live in hope.

      • Was just reading this comment and thought it was rather ironic that the Gazette’s newly announced album, DIVISION, will actually be comprised of entirely new songs and no singles. xD

        Also, I’ve been really enjoying your posts, they’re extremely well-written, and are humorous while staying to the point and providing all relevant info. Looking forward to reading more when I get the time : )

      • Damn! I guess that means I should go buy a goat to slaughter at the altar of completely-original-studio-albums. Not because I ever anticipate GazettE releases, but because it’d be scandalous if I didn’t hold to my end of the bargain.

        Thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the blog; it’s always good to know someone is still reading even though I’m not writing much anymore.

  4. Unlike most GazettE fans, i enjoyed this era’s single (even if their not at the level of DIM). The album comes with 14 tracks and a PV for THE SUICIDE CIRCUS was made. I think after factoring in the A-sides, we’ll have seven brand new tracks (I’m pretty sure they won’t include B-sides this time around). And yes, they need a break not just for creativity’s sake but for their health. So many Japanese people never make health a priority.

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