MYV The Ever International

Although very little information aside from the basic announcement is available, it was confirmed today on MIYAVI’s OHP that he will be doing another World Tour in October/November of this year.

At this point, only two dates have been released, but as the summer progresses, more dates have been promised for North and South America. Keep your eye on SG for more information.


2011/11/12 Lima, Peru – Centro Convenciones Scencia
2011/11/15 Buenos Aires, Argentina – El Teatro Colegiales

I have to admit, this week has had the Visual Kei/Jrock industry full of so much “wtf”, it’s a relief to finally have a piece of news I’m not psychologically prodding with a 20-foot pole.

MIYAVI’s show in Boston last summer was one of the most memorable and outstanding experiences I have had the pleasure to partake of, and should he hit up the east coast again, I will not hesitate to jump on some tickets. I highly recommend anyone who has, and most especially those who have not yet had the pleasure plan on seeing MIYAVI should the opportunity arise.


8 responses to “MYV The Ever International

  1. …Another one!?!? Is it me or has Miyavi done a World Tour every year since 2008? (@_@;) Or have they been more region related than actual world tours…??

    It’s strange to say but if it is a case of him having done international tours for 4 years in row…I’m a little worried about him having burnout. But then again…MYV has buckets of energy and I’m sure he wouldn’t take on something he couldn’t handle.

    • Hmmm, the Jrock band’s standard geographical understanding of “world tour” usually means North and South Americas, Europe, and Japan, with possibly a show in Taiwan here or there. So “region related” may be a more accurate way of describing the way the “world” tour actually plays out.

      As far as I can see, MIYAVI is working especially hard at touring and promoting himself now that he’s running J-GLAM. In a way, MIYAVI has started opening up a market, and a demand, that’s relatively new to visualism in any nation [outside of the motherland]. While it’s becoming less uncommon for bands to tour, or make in-con appearances, every couple of years or so outside of Japan, for some reason the idea of a band or artist actually having a solid market here that they could return to year after year is more or less novel. (Although, I’m sure if the other bands came back more often, they would increase their market more efficiently than they do staying home).

      That being said, I can understand your concern about MIYAVI burning himself out. I, too, was somewhat surprised to hear that he was coming back just over a year since his last tour. Although I never once doubted he’d come back soon, I wouldn’t have been disappointed had we been made to wait at least a full 2 years. Don’t question miracles, I suppose?

  2. First good news I’ve had in weeks. ^.^
    I can’t wait to see the rest of the dates – here’s hoping one of the shows will be near enough for me to get to it.

    Thanks for the great news!!

  3. The Boston concert was amazing but am not sure there will be a repeat since it’s not among the additional locations/dates that have been released :(

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