GACKT in the Ghetto

I’ve been stewing over this for some time now. I can’t take it anymore, I gotta get it off my chest.  In anticipation of his upcoming YFCz European tour (extended and expanded version), GACKT switched up the ol’ tried-and-true approach of actually looking cool, and decided to go out on a limb with his newest makeover. His stylist must’ve felt bad for all the countries that haven’t gotten a GACKT tour yet, and decided to help console us by giving GACKT such a ridiculously WTF-worthy hairstyle that we would close out the tour schedule tabs on our browsers, going “grumblegrumbleGACKTwtfyourghettohairgrumblegrumble”, content to wait until a better makeover before we lament not being able to see him live. ¹

Who is he, Shimizu Shota?

 I mean, seriously, did I miss something? Is he a rapper now? Will Justin Bieber be featured on Episode .0 as a special guest? Or is this some inter-cultural attempt at Harry Potter in time for Deathly Hallows Part 2? What’s with the lightning bolt? Didn’t he read the books? It goes on your forehead, man!

 I’ve always accepted and been able to appreciate GACKT’s blonde haircolor– I thought he looked kind of like a Japanese sararii man with the straight black sleek look– not in a bad way, just in a Japanese-dad kind of way. I do think the blonde hair makes him look younger and certainly edgier…

Fo shizzle, yo.

My issues lie with the haircut.

 It looks to me like someone wasn’t paying attention when they were cutting it and accidentally hacked a huge chunk out of the bangs and did a rush job of trying to cover it up (remember, GACKT, don’t tell them about their salary cut while they’re wielding scissors by your head). It’s not definable by any hair-style known to man– it is not a low-cut, faux-hawk, or buzz. It’s like all three mashed into one, dyed blonde, with a random zigzag stuck on the side just to enhance…enhance what, exactly? The overwhelming lack of symmetry and coolness? Remember, there’s a difference between “asymmetrical” and “just plain awkward”. I doubt I need to tell you which side of that line this falls on.

 Following this disaster, cover-art for July single Episode .0 was released for 2 versions, the usual ltd and regular. I was originally planning on picking up the ltd edition because it comes with a DVD, but then they released the cover art…

…Which further proves my point that the Regular edition cover art is always superior. I don’t care if it is the OP to some new anime or game, to me it just doesn’t have the feel of a GACKT single. It also reminds me of those vocaloid monsters in which I have absolutely .0 interest.

 The regular edition cover art, however, hits the spot. It actually has GACKT on it, which always helps give it the feel of a GACKT single. Fortunately he’s wearing his cool samurai wig so I won’t have to remove and hide any booklet tainted by this new Faux-Low-Cut nonsense.

 Not my favorite cover by any stretch of the imagination, but it gets the job done. I admit, I like the font a lot, but I feel like the design of the cover overall is “good” rather than “great. I live in hope that the songs and PV² far surpass the quality of their creator’s hair-style and the lackluster artwork.

Remember, GACKT’s birthday falls on the 4th, so if you’re starting to make plans to smash open watermelons on the beach or poke out innocent eyes with sparklers, save some time on your calendar to acknowledge GACKT (ghetto lightning-bolt-scar-wannabe and all). And if you have plans to do so, feel free to comment and explain– I’m always curious about how others honor these moments in their Visualife.

Also, July 7th is tanabata for Visualists and Japanophiles alike, Episode .0 drops the 13th, and of course don’t forget the premier of GACKT’s new movie.

Wait, what? Don’t worry about it.

¹–Note: I am obviously being humorous here…kind of. Even if he was bald I would kill to see GACKT live. I think.

²—Note: The PV has been leaked on YT, but, as is my custom with GACKT releases, I won’t be watching or reviewing the PV until I’ve heard the single itself.


12 responses to “GACKT in the Ghetto

  1. Oh good… I’ve been trying to keep quiet about how much I am unimpressed with this new “look.” :P

      • It’s different , I miss his dark hair (Black or Brown) with with long bangz, like the short Picsi. He can wear just about any hairstyle, or color just because of who he is. But his skin is still flawless.

      • Always been a fan of the coppery blonde from his early days. Wouldn’t hate it if he went back to the dark hair, though. Have accustomed myself to his latest style, but live on in hope of yet another new look.

  2. Hahhah!!! This made my day!!! xD

    I never understood those scar-looking things either. And that third picture looks REALLY bad. At first when people started showing the new haircut around, I didn’t mind it and thought it did look cool and then I see it from more and more perspectives and now I only have the “. . . um wut?” feeling.

    I usually don’t mind Gackt with hair that short although I’m 100% agreed it could show a bit more . . . class. When I first saw it, I didn’t think it even looked like a stylist did it. I imagined more of a scenario of GACKT walking into a high school and getting it sheared off in the boy’s locker room by some random jocks with cheap buzz clippers, “Dude let’s put like . . . zig zag lines on his head too. BADAAASS!!!”

    • From some angles it looks acceptable. The first image, for example– from the front you can’t spot all the dreadful bald spots and random faux-hawk foliage. In the third picture, as you say, all the haircut’s true colors show– and none of them have inspired me to bring these pics in when I get my hair cut.

      It’s not really the length or the color that bothers me. It’s the overall style (or lack thereof).

  3. Yeah, not feeling this haircut that much. Honestly, it makes me miss the perm, but hopefully, like the perm, I will grow to like this haircut and pray he grows it out more since I feel he’s better off with his hair a bit (just a bit) longer. That being said, I don’t mind the dye.

    • The Perm had symmetry. The Perm had concept. The Perm had a sense of being a style (for better or for worse). My birthday gift to GACKT is going to be a flat-brimmed hat. On that note, the color is fine.

  4. I’d like to point out, not in his defense or anything because people can dislike his haircut as much as they want, but just to get the complete picture here, that he had to cut his hair in order to fit the bald cap he had to wear for TEMPEST, the new historical drama he’s been filming in Okinawa.

    I guess he tried to make the best out of it by going for a mohawk-ish look.. xD

    • Hmm…. I see the logic in your argument, but I still have to stand by the fact that extra-short hair like that can still be well-executed (no pun intended) and come out looking stylish. This is not exactly the case with GACKT’s latest cut. Had the “mohawk” actually extended to his crown, I probably would have less to complain about. In any case, some will love it and some will hate it, and that’s fine. My only consolation is that hair grows, and he won’t have to wear that incredibly badbald-cap forever.

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