GACKT Fries More European Chickens In 2011

Last year’s big, exciting Jrock moment, as many of you probably still remember, was the “international”- aka European- debut of GACKT Sanders’ YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz project. The tour, a short, experimental stint with a few scattered dates in a select few countries, sold out in a record 4 minutes of tickets being released. After this information reached the Colonel, he expressed a sense of regret that so many fans had wanted to see him perform, but were unable to because of the limited number of dates, locations, and the haste with which tickets sold.

It seems like he was sincere in that regret, as his second round through Europe is much more extensive, and rumor has it, booked in larger venues to accommodate the masses of European fans lining up to show GACKT that, yes, they are fried chickenz. I just hope that he has taken some time to actually rest and prepare himself for this venture…The last thing we (collective worldwide “we”, not Japanese version of ‘worldwide’ “we”) need is a replay of Munich ’10.


July 20(Wed)  LA BATACLAN( France/Paris)

July 21(Thu)  LA BATACLAN(France/Paris)

July 23(Sat)  E-Werk(Germany/Cologne)

July 26(Tue)  Melkweg(Netherlands/Amsterdam)

July 27(Wed)  Forum(UK/London)

July 29(Fri)  Bikini(France/Toulouse)

July 30(Sat)  RAZZMATAZZ 1(Spain/Barcelona)

August 1(Mon)    Backstage Werk(Germany/Munich)

August 3(Wed)    Huxleys(Germany/Berlin)

August 4(Thu)    Syma B(Hungary/Budapest)

August 6(Sat)    Stodola(Poland/Warsaw)

August 7(Sun)    Haus Auensee(Germany/Leipzig)

August 9(Tue)    Arenan(Sweden/Stockholm)

August 11(Thu)  Arena Moscow Club(Russia/Moscow)

Ticket information to be announced soon.

Details available from

Source: GACKT official Facebook

5 responses to “GACKT Fries More European Chickens In 2011

  1. thankyou for this, if everything goes my way i’ll be seeing him in london… dies at the thought of missing him again.

    • You’re welcome. I hope that you were able to get a ticket, and are in the clear for seeing him in London. Make sure you stop by after the live and let me know how it went.

  2. It figures he wants to tour Europe again before I make my relocation to Germany in 2013. XD I know a lot of NA fans are sad that he isn’t coming our way anytime soon….but here’s the question if he ever decides to perform in North America, will the shows be a success? Meaning will the tickets sell as fast and sale out like they have in Europe? I mean of course I’d mos def buy a ticket but, yh, most ppl I know don’t have a clue who he is besides Anime fans. :/ Which sucks big time!

    • That’s definitely a valid question, and one I’ve been wondering myself for a while now. I think that NA is a more difficult tour-market to break into as a Jrock artist. I think that the fanbase is a wide-spread demographic, ranging from as far east to as far west as possible, with fans scattered all throughout. The problem, I think, is exactly that: it’s so spread out. There’s no doubt that GACKT has a large and supportive fanbase here, I just have a difficult time truly convincing myself there’s enough pockets of density to warrant the kind of tour he would likely have to have in order to justify coming over here. I can see shows on the West Coast being a success (of course), especially after the successes of YOSHIKI and Luna Sea‘s events, but could he, for example, sell enough tickets in enough venues on the East Coast to even bother coming out here?
      I do find the whole “only anime fans know who he is” argument to be somewhat confusing and slightly misinterpreted- actually, to take it just another level deeper, I think we have to look at who exactly you mean by “anime fans”. Most of the people I know who are GACKT fans are also anime fans, but I’m pretty certain they appreciate the 2 as part of a separate whole: simply as being Japanophiles. The fact of the matter is, most people who like Jrock and Visual Kei love Japanese pop culture (incl. anime), and while I totally respect anyone who appreciates Jrock [etc.] independent of Japanophilia, I think that’s only to be expected.
      In the meantime, I at least put my work in to try and spread Visual Kei and Jrock to as many Japanophiles, anime fans, and non-Japanophiles alike, with varying degrees of success. And I encourage other Visualists to do the same. However, I think it can be helpful to accept that there’s something of a cultural vibe in Japanese popular music, of whatever genre, and I find that a lot of non-Japanophiles find it intimidating, or for whatever reason just can’t “get it”. And that’s fine. I hope they enjoy whatever it is they like to listen to.

      Thanks for reading — Take it easy.

  3. Any chance Gackt-san will be returning to Sweden for another show? (So annoyed that I missed that he was here last year!)

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