GACKT Goes Global (Again)

And there we go, I used my mind-link with higher forces (the same link that was used to troll the living hell out of me back before I conformed to The Perm-loving masses. And there we go. It’s public.) to get a ball rolling with the Visual Kei/Jrock summer news. And, of course, it’s GACKT who steps up to the plate to accept the challenge. Actually I think it, unlike The Perm trolling, was probably a coincidence.

Not only will GACKT be releasing a new summer single (7/13, title TBA), but JaME’s official Facebook page published the inciting tip-off that Jrock’s grandmaster will be taking another dip into global relations with a second European tour this summer.

I vaguely remember the Internet exploding with stoked-ness last time this happened. For all the people who were able to attend GACKT’s shows in Europe, it was a life-changing event (in some way or another, at least), and for those of us sitting around at home or work depressed, checking their watches, thinking “I suppose GACKT’s on stage right about now…”, it was an iconic moment of blinding hope: GACKT was going international. Legit international. Kind of. Which, for the rest of the world, meant there was hope for us to.

As a North American who has yet to invent a teleportation device, I probably won’t be catching a quick flight to Germany this summer either (that thought won’t stop me from starting to play the lottery, though), but I am certainly making a mental note of the year on my calendar, really trusting that we will get our chance too.

Although these year-long periods between alleged test-runs feel like eternity to us, actually this whole annual European tour thing is a good sign. If he can continue proving to the Jrock Powers That Be that he can kill an overseas tour again and again, who knows what they’ll let him do? I mean, with YOSHIKI becoming self-proclaimed Emperor Hollywood, he might even let GACKT open one of his creepy theme parks in California.

 And damnit, if not, to hell with it– I’m heading East.


16 responses to “GACKT Goes Global (Again)

  1. Europe, shmurope… (don’t get me wrong, I do love you Europe, it’s just you’re so far away, and I always have to go and see YOU… kinda one-sided, don’t you think?)

    I coulda sworn on that red carpet he said (something to the effect of) “I will visit North America this year” and that he meant more than his visit to Toronto for a screening… :(

    Was I wrong?

    • My thoughts exactly. And it’s great that more and more Visual Kei and Jrock bands are making their shows accessible to international fans (arranging for websites to sell tickets specifically to overseas fans, etc.), but it would, of course, be awesome to see at least more of the major acts (GACKT, T.M.R, and so on) coming to North America. And just out of a sense of self-righteousness may we ask, (I’m looking right at you, D) what’s with the preferential treatment? I understand the challenges involved in the logistics of touring overseas, but it’s not like they just don’t leave Japan.

      And yes, he did say something about touring North America, and something else about how he always keeps his word. So we can live on in hope.

      By the way, hope you’re doing well these days. How was the giru show? I’ll be putting up a live report soon of the AB version, so we can exchange our worldly experiences.

      • I do believe I remember hearing that everyone in Europe feels the same way when jrockers announced a N.A. tour. And I guess I should feel a little bad as I met a girl from Brazil at the giru show and says NO ONE goes to Brazil. However, we got her through the show (her first ever) AND she got some hugz (Ryo [her favorite] and Satoshi). I got to hug Ryo (because he was there) and Shuu (my favorite… even though I didn’t get to see him playing “Angry Juice” :( ) So it was good, but I guess my favorites are the older (and unplayed at the concert) songs. :/ So I got my signed girugamesh poster and a CD signed by Acey Slade and the Dark Party… bonus! :) How was your show? :)

  2. I think this just made my day!
    I was on holiday during his last concert but if this concert gets announced on time I might just go all the way to Germany and make a little holiday out of it!

    • Totally awesome. I hope you’re able to get to one of his shows. No exact dates or venues yet, but I’m sure they’ll start trickling out soon.

      Haven’t seen you around much lately. You good?

      • Tickets will start selling coming friday! So yes, I’ll definitely buy one!
        I’m so happy he’s coming!

        Yes, I’m good. Been busy working and taking care of family business. Right now I’m supposed to be planning my trip to china haha. For a while I was afraid gackt would tour while I was on holiday just like last year.

        How about you? You’re working or studying or something?

      • Ah, China, that sounds brilliant. It sounds like you have some opportunities to travel, which is great. I’ve been making rough cover-up jobs of my own inherent wanderlust by traveling around the US when I get the chance. It does help to keep me from going stark-raving-mad, but in the end I simply come home to find restlessness still there, waiting for me. I suppose I can’t pretend there’s not a greater pull back to the East. Someday soon, I think.

        I see that you started a new blogging project. The blog looks good– the world can always, always use another good bentou.

        I’ve been working, working on side projects, trying to get the next couple of years figured out, putting my time in to get some things off the ground. The trick, I’ve come to find, is taming impatience and moderating motivation. I return always to the question of, What would GACKT do? and it inspires me to go the extra mile, every time.

  3. Haha, all of us North Americans need teleportation devices… However, by the time we get them, Visual Kei will probably have already made it over :P

    • Congratulations! Glad to hear you were able to get a ticket. Hopefully the ticketing was better organized to deal with the buying traffic this time around.

      • I heard the place he’s preforming at is bigger than last year’s.

        I’m so excited! I will be in China really soon! Yeah, I thought, my work is flexible, I’m healthy, got money, so why not? I can still travel right now but next year and the year after that I probably can”t anymore.
        If you want to travel I think you should just plan in advance, let your boss know and buy the ticket really early. And make sure there are some national holidays going on, that way you won’t lose your vacational days :)

        Yeah, I started a new blog. I want to inspire myself to eat more healthy. I already quit drinking soda and am eating less meat now. And I also use my bike more. But I’m not that good at cooking so usually I just eat potatoes and one other vegetable. But lately I’ve been trying some receipe’s so my meals have become a bit more varied. And I lost about 5 kilo’s!
        Which I’ll probably gain back in China… :)

  4. He also said something about America in last year’s tour too. I just hope he can tour America next year or something. Has anyone been able to get a hug from him? I’m gonna attempt to hug him! If he does anything like standing outside for the fans to see him or something like that, autograph signing and what-not, then I’ll definitely try to get a hug out of that lovable hunk!

    • This would have to be a question for any readers who attended the last European tour– However, I do not believe GACKT did any M&Gs or autograph sessions. I’m not positive, though, so don’t give up on that hug yet.

    • That can often affect touring plans, as the most important thing, of course, is the health and well-being of the artists. But given the timing, I doubt it had anything to do with “his” decision to not tour the US, if that’s what you mean.

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