Cowboys Vs. Vampires

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: D is one band that I am always glad to see flourishing in the Visual Kei industry. Despite concerns about their move to major, the band has continued to do well, both in terms of increasing their international presence and following, as well as continuing to maintain and preserve their signature melodramatic Goth sound and style. A few moments of much-repented doubt, and several ridiculously horrible PVs aside, I have been nothing but impressed by the recent work D has put out, as well as by their ability to continue to sound, and look, fresh and inspired without losing touch.

I’ll admit, I had to spend hours practicing my poker-face before I felt confident in my ability to post this announcement in articulate, semi-fluent prose that at least aspires to cohesive sentences and properly formulated paragraphs. I won’t hide it – I’ve been waiting to make this announcement for a long time.

Today I am psyched to announce D‘s overseas debut with their first European tour, titled VAMPIRE SAGA in Europe ~ Path of the Rose ~“. Setting out on May 7th with a live in Paris, France, the EU will go goth with 10 performances. Coffins close on May 22nd in Helsinki, Finland.

“VAMPIRE SAGA in Europe ~ Path of the Rose ~”

05/07 Divan du Monde – Paris / France
05/08 Melkweg – Amsterdam / Netherlands
05/11 Logo – Hamburg / Germany
05/12 Firlej – Wroclow / Poland
05/14 Marche gare – Lyon / France
05/15 Feierwerk – Munich / Germany
05/17 Werkstatt – Cologne / Germany
05/19 Academy – London / UK
05/21 Toshka – Moscow / Russia
05/22 Gloria – Helsinki / Finland

North American cowboys don’t despair – D will also be making their first foray into the wild wild west in June, when they make an appearance at one of America’s largest anime conventions, the illustrious A-Kon in Dallas, Texas.

Home to many Visual Kei debuts and overseas appearances, A-Kon is a great starting place for the Vampire boy-wonders to make a strong first impression on Visualist and non-Visualist con-goers alike. Although yours truly will be spending that weekend wallowing in embittered concert-envy, I wish Texan (and traveling) Visualists much joy in this opportunity…Kind of.

A-Kon runs from June 10th – 12th, and is held at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas. The website has yet to list official information, but stay posted .

To get stoked for the show, pick up a copy of D‘s latest original album, Vampire Saga, which hit shelves on January 12th.

A-Kon official website

Source: MusicJapan+


7 responses to “Cowboys Vs. Vampires

  1. Man, this is some exciting news… So many VK bands are finally starting to tour outside of Japan. I just hope they announce a North American tour next.
    I won’t be able to make it to any of the shows either, so I’ll likely be wallowing in embittered concert-envy right along with you.
    It’ll be a pity to miss A-Kon though, I can just about guarantee that all the cowboys in a fifty mile radius will be running for the hills.

    • It definitely is pretty encouraging to hear about all the international debuts and appearances that have been rolling in over the past 2 or so years. I think bands’ managements are finally starting to catch on to the fan-base that is here, ready and waiting, and at least some of them are jumping on it.
      That being said, I really hope to see the fan-base continue to expand so that we can avoid cancellation issues such as with the D’espairsRay tour, etc. Either that or we start a public transit group specifically aimed at shuttling Visualists around to shows near and far to lessen the disappointment and further display devotion.
      In the meantime, all you and I can do is keep hoping and praying and supporting the bands from afar, working toward expanding the market for them here and enlightening Visualists and non Visualists alike to the glory of not just Visual Kei as a whole, but also the intense experience of attending a live.

      • Hehehe… I think we should start that transit system, somehow I can’t help but picture an old, hippie-style bus, only instead of peace signs and bright colours, paint it black with VK band logos all over it.
        I haven’t been to a live show yet – but I’m turning “sweet 16” in just a week and I’m hoping this will be the year I get to see my first. If I get my choice, I’d love to see either BUCK-TICK or D’espairsRay live.
        Here’s hoping the year of the rabbit will be a good year for Visual Kei and Visualists everywhere.

  2. I now have to decide who to mug in order to buy the ticket, the train fare, and the overnight hotel in London . . .

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