Pledge Allegiance to GazettE 12/15

I’ll admit, The GazettE is, much like girugamesh, one of the mainstream Visual Kei bands whose releases I don’t procure religiously anymore. I more or less skipped over Red, although in retrospect it was a pretty decent single. In many ways, I’ve enjoyed their earlier work to such an extent that I’m pretty content keeping NIL in heavy rotation, and if something utterly mind-blowing is released, that’s okay too.

Heading into mid-November now, a new wave of release dates are being announced for the December and January rounds of economic Visual Kei worship. I find it quite fascinating when I’m paying the bills…There’s always Rent, Cellphone, Internet, List of Visual Kei singles to pre-order for [insert month]. It’s one of the few I pay cheerfully and with a sense of great reverence. Coming up to reward your December tithe is new single Pledge from The GazettE on 12/15, just in time for their first Tokyo Dome performance on Dec. 26th. I bet that leaves no mystery as to how I want to spend my holidays.

Check out the preview for the heavy ballad (Yeah, I wasn’t surprised either), and Gazerock fans, censoring any spewing of “Reita omg kawaii kawaii!”, let me know what you think.

Mug Shot

Finally the stylists stopped being on strike, recognized that Kai is, in fact, part of the band and not a misplaced member of the catering crew, and outfitted him accordingly. For once in their career he is actually starting to fit in with the band, and it’s working wonders for him. The sharp black outfit (what can be seen of it, anyway) is…a…y’know, sharp black outfit for which too much can never be said. The extreme layers and long hair bring me way back to Visual Kei in the late ’80s and early ’90s, before Host Boy Hair Syndrome (HBHS) took over the scene.

Mug Shot

Best part of my weekend: when The GazettE changes their look, and all the fangirls spam comment all over our lives with “Oooh omfg Reita kawaii kawaii!” When…his look never changes. Ah, a world without GazettE fangirls would be a sad, sad place indeed.

Mug Shot

Aoi always tends to pull off these minimalistic chic looks, with simple hair and normal-ish outfits to which he lends his natural enigmatic charm and makes everyone else look like they’re trying way too hard. He, like Reita, never surprises me. At least it’s in a good way.

Mug Shot

Uruha says, If my face ends up on another British T-shirt ever again… least send one to all of my band members.


I’m not too much of a man to admit that I got a nosebleed.


9 responses to “Pledge Allegiance to GazettE 12/15

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  2. i like it…tho it seems kinda like i’ve heard it before. know what i mean?

    in regards to kai’s look, this is an improvement…tho he is still the most understated member…and i’m afraid if they’d not cropped it in so close you’d still be able to see the waiter’s cumberbund.

    i think aoi could wear a grass skirt and coconut bra and still manage to make it look like he’s not trying…like “what? this is just what i chill in on a normal saturday.”

    and of course, reita never changes and uru is always a goddess.

    and yes..nosebleed. *passes you my box of kleenex*


    • I have to say, I agree with you about the preview. There’s nothing wrong with it. Pledge, like, say, SHIVER, is a decent piece of music, it simply lacks in any sort of innovation or freshness. As always with this sort of thing, though, I live on in curiosity about the B-sides which can, without a doubt, completely overwhelm an A-side.

      The thing is, though, now that he has a shaggy ponytail and a dark satin wrap-top, they can pass the cummerbund off as an ‘obi’, and we’ve done a complete flip from bistro waiter to ronin drifter. See what they did there?

  3. I haven’t been a fan of the GazettE for too long (started this year after hearing about SHIVER) and I would like something awesome from them a la DIM but I like this era’s material too (I think Ruki needs to tame his vocals since early-mid tour this year he needed surgery/something).

    Kai looks like a modern day samurai with those clothes and hair, Reita doesn’t really change his look (why fix what ain’t broke), Aoi looks sorta like a bishonen character out of a manga, Uruha looks like his gonna punch someone, and Ruki looks… well, good (always has some noticeable change).

    Will look forward to their next single.

  4. …PLEDGE sounds awfully similar to DISTRESS AND COMA just with a little less melancholy. :/

    Haha, its the opposite with me: Unlike Girugamesh, the GazettE is one of the bands that really ranks at the top of my favourites list so while some singles may be a dissapointment (SHIVER), I’ll give a new single a listen regardless.

    I like their new look, its classy and sleek tho its possible that it may lend itself to a bit of the boring side…GazettE’s always pays specific attention to detail with regards to cover art and image styling so I always take it as an indicator as to what the music will sound like. Recently though, its been a bit hard to say considering how awesome the covers for SHIVER were but how mediocre the tracks turned out to be.
    I’m not particularly fond of Kai’s new look…I didn’t really like his long hair during DIM but at least its better than those braids. Reita looks THE SAME and while he is one of my favourite bassists, I truly wish he would change his look a bit.
    Aoi also pretty much looks the same and I though I can’t really place what’s changed, its a very nice look for him. Uruha, well I think his hair is getting a little long…its a wonder he can still perform with his hair in his face like that. XD And Ruki…yea, Ruki almost always looks good…with the exception of when he decides to wear a hat or had Justin Bieber hair RED time round. XD

    A world without GazettE fangirls? Now there’s an idea indeed. If there was anything that I truly disliked about the band, it would have to be the scores of mindless fangirls with no real appreciation for the music that the band has. But, rather than continuing with my fangirl bashing, I’ll just say you have to take what you get for the things you love. XD

    Oh yes, you spoke about having NIL on heavy rotation but what about DIM? (We’ll just skip over Stacked Rubbish since it is what its name implies).

    P.S It takes a REAL MAN to admit a nosebleed over Ruki, lol! ;p

  5. I was really kinda “meh…” about Pledge, as the chorus reminded me too much of Red’s chorus (which I wasn’t the greatest fan of)… but now a combination of both of the choruses is stuck in my head @_@
    I have a feeling that I’ll now have both songs on repeat….

  6. I lolled soooo much at what you wrote for/to Kai xDDD Catering crew!!!!! *still snorting* Omf… But hey, I want Hbhs, I don’t give.
    God, I love what you wrote about Reita because it’s so true… I mean, if I brush my hair a bit differently, no one else would notice. They just minimaly change his hair and everyone goes apeshit. (Oh the days where he had a bit of brown-ish hair, or that…thing inside of his hair. I loved that. Everyone hated it and wanted him blond back. Like…we didn’t have him blond for the past years!! XD)

    Aaah you get it down pretty much of what Aoi’s styles are (as of late) That’s the word I’ve been looking for. Chic. He is <3

    xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! omg YES that t-shirt thingie of some time ago….WHAT A MESS.

    To the music (hey its part appearance, part music right? XD) I'd probably be stamped as someone who just loves EVERYTHING the band throws at you, without an exception…But its just my personal taste that I actually really like what they have been releasing past year. I really dig Red, as it does something every good song does: It takes me away, and makes me forget. Its, to me, good rock and I loved the pv. Pledge is also very nice and will always remind me of the snowfall, now. <3

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