Aoi Surrenders Love for Ayabie

I would, firstly, like to thank Connie of for correcting my information in regards to the Ayabie break-up/hiatus. My information in regards to the situation was outdated, and did not incorporate the latest installment of the saga, which was a vital and conclusive piece that explained the drama and the confusion therein. As a result, I was too harsh in my judgment of the events and actions surrounding the band splitting into two separate groups, and I would like to apologize if those judgments, wrongly made, offended anyone, Ayabie fans or otherwise.

As such, I will be taking down the original post, so as not to cause any further discord or confusion. My sincere apologies, and deepest gratitude for correcting my view.




5 responses to “Aoi Surrenders Love for Ayabie

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    • Thanks so much for the update!

      I have to admit though that Aoi is my least favorite, so I’ll be looking much more forward to AYABIE than solo Aoi. Ditching their management is a GREAT idea… when I met them in Balitmore (now this might have been a band request), but it was blamed on management that they were even unable to shake hands with fans which was kinda sad… (I’m a big Intetsu fan… hey, I like bass!) and there was something else one of the BIG fans was complaining about as she followed them around the country, but I can’t remember what. I will, however, have to give props to the band for talking to the audience even if it was mostly in japanese. (Hey guys, clue Kyo and the Deg boys into the idea that fans like a little talk too.) Hopefully they’ll return to their older sound or an all-together new sound!

      Well, I just listened to “Surrender Love,” and although this is where he and I part ways, I’m sure he’ll gain a bunch of new fans with his new career. Keep me up to date if he joins Miku on the dark side.

      • ARGH! Ok…. so I posted the above comment then found Aoi’s “MA DA RA” video, and upon starting to listen to it, I remembered why I really liked their concert (other than the fact that it was my first one-man)…. Aoi led the furitsuke!! Fun!! And this song would be really fun….

        Ok… this is weird, but I like “MA DA RA” and sweaty Aoi… :) List me as officially undecided. Can I get a review of “MA DA RA” when you get the time and inclination? ;)

  2. Ah, I was going to ask if you had read about their management issues. Admittedly, I didn’t read this post in full and skimmed through it then but it appears someone posted a link before I did.
    And while I am an ex-Ayabie fan (from the days of “Japanese Low Res Caramel Town” ending with anything released after “TheMe”) from what I read briefly, I didn’t take any offence at all. ;)

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