Nightly Knights D Uphold Visual Kei in the name of justice

11.17 in the name of justice / D

Although the transition from indie to major label roused some concern at the time, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that D has, so far, pulled through despite being caught in the clutches of Avex. While I’ve had nicer things to say than my critique of their latest ventures into tranny-dom, and their PVs seem to be getting steadily worse, their gory misadventures in ball gowns aside their music has remained unharmed, and their style has stayed compact and focused. They might be confused about the kanji for “women’s formalwear”, but at least they, unlike certain Visual Kei groups we could name, aren’t afraid to keep shredding. Their sound hasn’t lost its edge, and although apparently no one has told them we really don’t care that they can make happy songs too, it’s great to see a Visual Kei group riding their wave so strong, despite the dramatic fluctuations of the industry around them. If in the name of justice can top what they did with 7th Rose and Akaki Hitsuji Yoru ni Bansankai, then we’re good.

Besides, the album artwork is undeniably ill. Glad to see ASAGI has shelved the bustier for the season.

The single will be released on November 17th, in 3 types, including two tracks on the regular edition and three to the limited: in the name of justice, Nightly Knights, Grand Master (type B), Yoru no Me to Ginyushijin (type C) and in the name of justice (voiceless).

Although it’s not their most innovative or memorable piece, and is certainly no 7th Rose, their latest release, Akaki Hitsuji Yoru ni Bansankai has a somewhat better PV, and is a decent track.


9 responses to “Nightly Knights D Uphold Visual Kei in the name of justice

    • Same here. Really anticipating this one…I’ll admit, in some ways I feel a bit edgy about their latest work. Almost as if each single has the potential to “make it or break it”. If in the name of justice is a stunner, then I think I can safely put my paranoia to rest.

  1. Thanks for introducing me to another delectable band! The video got me interested (corsets, PVC, vampires and a pervy butler – what’s not to like?) as a result of which, I’ve spent the past couple of evenings indulging in D’s PVs on YouTube. So much to enjoy! And I’ve now noticed one of their albums being offered on e-bay – I think I might have to invest (apologies in advance to my bank manager . . . )

    • My apologies for being so tardy in my response.

      Which album did you end up finding? I gave up apologizing to my accountant ages ago — I also stopped accepting any kind of suspicious food stuffs they might leave on my desk. Not to say I wouldn’t die for Visual Kei — just that I would rather enjoy it in my living days.

      I’m pleased to see that this is turning people on to D. Their music really shouldn’t be missed.

  2. I gave this pv a view and now (yes, just now) that I have given D a try, I might invest some listening time in their music as well. Still need to check out the rest of their discography but I’ll keep my eye out for their new single. Finger-crossed for good material >_<.

    • Profuse apologies for taking ages to reply to your comment. Better late than never? The same can be said for discovering D. I highly recommend them as a good, solid, trustworthy Visual Kei band (especially if you want something of the gothic thread). Keep those fingers crossed, of course, but D usually puts out good stuff…Here’s hoping they don’t need that kind of luck.

  3. The album (which I did buy) was ‘Name of the Rose’ (‘Sleeper’ version). I love it so much! I’ve now also got a couple of their singles currently in transit, and a number of CDs and DVDs lined up on my e-bay ‘watched’ list, all ready for the next time I can replenish my credit card, and I’m starting to wonder who I can remove from my Christmas list in order to spend the money on ‘In the Name of Justice’ from CD Japan. Oh the delights of discovering a new band!

    • Ah, good choice. That’s some classic D right there. Sleeper was one of the first D songs that really caught my attention, and no matter how much of their music I listen to now, I think I will always remember the simplicity and sheer class they employed to make that track and PV really good. That’s probably one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to warm up to their new PVs. They feel so overly complicated and unnecessarily cluttered compared to the almost-overly-simple PVs they used to do.

      Yeah, sorry about that. Discovering new Visual Kei bands can really be a hazard. I don’t even want to think about my Saved Items queue at CDJapan. It’s a scary pit of economic doom.

      There’s surely a distant cousin on there somewhere? Here’s a tip, convert your relatives to Visual Kei and then you can all share….

      • But I’ve already de-listed the superflous relatives in favour of the new Versailles single!

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