The Announcement You’ve All Been Waiting For

Di$tress + C0mA: Infected by Japanese Visual Kei



I know a few of you have been around for a while now (and I’m still happy to have you, rest assured), and some of the really good ‘uns will probably remember my mentioning a particular anime con that has been honored by my attendance several years in a row. Although I keep saying I won’t go back, and have little to no active interest in anime, I keep going back, utterly unable to resist the gravitational pull of the organized culmination of Japanese pop culture and its cult following.

This year will also mark my first step outside the blogsphere representing Secret Garden. You guessed it (or, I don’t know, maybe you haven’t), I have been granted the honor of appearing at the con as the first Visual Kei/Jrock panelist since circa ’07.

I’m pretty psyched to have this opportunity, and I’m looking forward to working with the con as a presenter, thus being able to expand the world’s awareness of Visual Kei, one step at a time.

Di$tress + C0mA: Infected by Japanese Visual Kei
Presented by gacktpause

Friday, Oct. 22, 5:00 PM EST
Panel Room 2

BakuretsuCon 2010 Oct. 21-24
Colchester, VT

Say you saw it on Secret Garden.


19 responses to “The Announcement You’ve All Been Waiting For

  1. My thought bubbles regarding the announcement really played around Secret Garden moving to to Secret Garden hosting a block screening of Bunraku in your area. But this is way more radical.


    Cheering you on the day itself in spirit.

      • Of course.

        Without a doubt you are uber busy now (real life woes, et al) but as you always sign off with…

        Take it easy–

        Again, good luck with the con. Maybe someday I could be in the audience, physically this time :)

    • Thanks, hopefully I’ll still be able to say girugamesh with a proper Japanese accent even while standing in front of a bunch of people…

  2. Wow! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!!! I wish I could make it to see you, but I’ll be there in spirit. Maybe it’s for the best that I can’t attend. Who knows how many bands I could jinx?

    • Pfft…I know better by now than to answer when the infamous Alisa raises her hand. I’m still researching possible counteractive mojo measures against your jinxes.
      I wish everyone could make it, but even if you can’t, I’ll be thinking about the people who have supported me in the blogsphere as I take the step into talking about Jrock in “real life”. Thanks for your supportive message!

  3. Congrats!!!! :D That really is awesome and if I had the opportunity to attend the con, I’d totally love to meet you and have a good chat on Visual Kei and J-rock. :3

  4. Gratz Gacktpause! I wish I could be there, but I live on the other side of the planet (ok, maybe not really 180 degrees to your location). Good luck on your crusade to expand the awareness of the world on VK! :)

    • Thank you. Can’t really make any promises at this point, but I will hint that I will at least try to post a summary of my presentation or something along those lines.
      Wish you all could be there.

  5. I was there :) you were awesome. I was one of the winners for the DVD. I’m currently doing a paper on Visual Kei bands for one of my college classes because I loved the panel and DVD so much. I’m a huge fan thanks to you! :) If you do end up reading this I’d love to ask some more questions that I was to afraid to ask before at the con. That would be awesome! <3

    • First, may I apologize for being so inexcusably late in responding to your comment. When the big world out there takes hold, it does so with a vengeance.
      Thank you for attending my panel, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it! It was a lot of fun to do, and I really enjoyed being able to connect with other Visualists face to face and hear some different perspectives, ideas, and impressions.
      How did the paper go? I would be interested to hear in what way you were able to pull a point using Visual Kei as your focus. I’ve spoken to a few people who have done so, and it’s always interesting to see how Visualists bring elements of their visualism into academia, etc.
      You are more than welcome to ask as many questions as you like. I promise to be more prompt in my response time.

      I look forward to talking with you. Take it easy.

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