A Ray of Despair

Despite the tough title of their latest tour (currently tearing up Europe), Human-clad Monsters, as of this morning, most of the Jrock community is probably ready to agree that a more fitting description for the band would be Monster-clad Humans, as an announcement on the D’espairsRay official website today shows the band is more human than perhaps we thought.

From the D’espairsRay official website, Tuesday Sept. 21:

D’espairsRay Announces Hiatus

To all our fans who have followed us and supported us throughout the years;

After much consideration and discussion, all 4 members of D’espairsRay have decided to take an indefinite hiatus following the conclusion of the ‘D’espairsRay World Tour 2010 “Human-clad Monsters”‘. During this time the band will be taking a break from all concerts and recording.

The reason for this hiatus is to allow HIZUMI (vo.) to fully recover from a past illness that has affected his throat and made it difficult to sing. HIZUMI has dealt with this rare throat condition for over a year, but the band’s busy touring and recording schedule hasn’t allowed him the time to fully undergo treatment. He currently plans to spend the early part of next year in recovery, and return to the band as soon as possible.

Although HIZUMI has undergone treatment to temporarily allow him to continue the current tour, it is not a permanent fix and there is no guarantee as to how long it will last. All 4 members of D’espairsRay plan to give their all for the remaining shows on this tour, both in Japan and overseas, and thank you for your continuing support in these difficult times.






Even after the band goes on hiatus, we will continue to update all websites and media outlets with the latest information.

While consulting with various voice and throat specialists around Japan we have tried many treatments, but have not yet found one that has a high chance of success.

If anyone has any information regarding promising treatment options, including those done overseas, please contact us. Thank you.


Sword Records Inc.

Everyone who saw their shows during their US tour remembered to buy the limited-edition D’espairsRay hankies, right? Not to try and make the fan-girls cry into them or anything, but it’s that final message that really struck me as the most melancholy. The call for assistance, that seeming plea for help, hit me like woah. I suppose I appreciate their raw honesty, though, rather than some syrupy, vague message we usually get such as “But everything will be ok. HIZUMI is seeing the best doctor in Japan and should be good to go in a couple of months.”

What really shocked me the most was really not the news itself, but more my reaction to it. I realized that in my eyes at least, D’espairsRay was one of those bands that always seemed so invincible. Like the only bad thing that could ever happen would be ZERO’s makeup during their Love is Dead era.

Strangely, HIZUMI is one of a few vocalists who have had to cut out for some R&R time this year. A few months ago fellow Visual Kei veterans Vidoll suspended activities for the same reason – needing time for Jui to overcome his throat condition which went so far as to necessitate surgery. Somewhat recently, as well, The GazettE had to postpone tour dates due to Ruki contracting an infection of the vocal chords. Slightly different in the alignment of physical woe, yet relevant all the same, megastars guitar-genius Hotei Tomoyasu and everybody’s idol GACKT also had medical misfortunes this year, requiring hospital visits for both when Hotei had serious wrist problems, and GACKT ran high fevers, finally resulting in his collapse in Munich.

It’s a tough time to be delivering, and receiving, this message. The band just stirred up a ton of hype in the overseas Jrock communities with the release of their brand new summer album MONSTERS, and their world-tour. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m still on my D’espa-live high, which is amplifying this rancid sense of disappointment by a healthy margin.

I think that the important thing is for Visualists and fans alike to be able to discern between ‘disbandment’ and ‘hiatus’. Even so, in this moment, I am extremely grateful that I had the chance to see them live this summer, and didn’t pass it off with the thought ‘they’ll be back next year’. Although I have absolutely no doubt that D’espa will pull together and HIZUMI will fully recover, he will need some time and space to let his throat heal. Let’s all continue to support and rally around D’espairsRay and HIZUMI, causing such a universal uproar that his condition has no choice but to completely and permanently heal, bringing the band and their epicness back to us.



6 responses to “A Ray of Despair

  1. yes, DESPAIR pretty much sums it up. i can’t even comment properly. i said it on twitter but i’ll say it again…this is my first encounter with the “hiatus” of a beloved band…it seriously blows. </3

    my selfishness aside, it sounds so serious that it's scary…he's been working so hard and through it all he's had this underlying condition…i only hope it hasnt ruined his health permanently.

    ::please get well hizumi::

    • Hopefully it hasn’t ruined his health permanently, yes, and hopefully him taking some R&R time now will mean a speedy recovery back to normal. It’s amazing to think that despite this issue, he has fought on to deliver incredible music, and conjured up the energy and kiai to rock a chunk of the world with their tour before heading out to heal. I’d like somebody to get that guy to an onsen, and fast, and get him better as soon as possible.

      In the meantime, everybody keep your pants on. There’s no point sitting around tearing up — if you’re going to use your energy sending thoughts and mind-waves at HIZUMI and D’espa, let those thoughts and psychic beams be positive, helpful, encouraging ones that support HIZUMI’s recovery. Stay chill, yo.

  2. O!M!M-F!G! :(
    I thought Hizumi sounded a little rough. May I just say I’m glad that 1. I’m at work right now, 2. That I am sitting and 3. That I read it here. I think if any of these factors wasn’t here, I would have been bawling by now and unable to type. I, too, am riding a D’espa-after-live high (and, yes, I am fairly sure that was the best *bleep* tour, I have seen yet.). Likely I will sniffle, at the very least, when D’espa comes up on the drive home. Man, this sucks! We love you, D’espa! Feel better soon!

    And, uhhhh, I’ll keep ZERO entertained ’til you need him again… ;)
    Oh… and I’m very glad the other vocalists have recovered nicely! :)

    • Well…guys….like…do I strike you as being that emotionally delicate? I mean really, I’m a badass.
      And also, it’s not like they disbanded or anything. They’re on hiatus, which is a very different thing. And unlike a “we’re going on hiatus because we are concocting a convoluted plan for how to jilt our vocalist,” kind of hiatus, given that HIZUMI can heal properly and get back to full power, I have total faith that D’espairs will be back in ’11 to rock hard once again.

  3. That didn’t happen, it would seem, I’m sorry, I’m sure he will get better, but he just can’t sing. He will still be here, we can still support d’espairsray, whether they are a band or not. They will always be the same in our hearts :’)

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