Hyperventilation- and Other Responses to the BUNRAKU Premier

TIFF’s “Midnight Madness” has, it would seem, some serious carry-over into Mid-day — at least for GACKT fans. “Flail”, “spazz” and “hyperventilating” have been predominant keywords on Twitter during the steady influx of press, pics, and reviews for this morning’s 12:00 premier of BUNRAKU. Other Tweets, from more self-possessed sources, have also been flooding in, and those that have, of course, caught We the Fandom’s attention, have mostly been expressing appreciation (mingled with surprise) of the incredibly good reception GACKT apparently received on the Red Carpet (tremble in awe).
Although the elitist in me cringes haughtily whenever it hears GACKT described as “the Japanese pop sensation”, I have agreed to dismiss my criticism of the West’s painful ignorance concerning such matters, and focus on more interesting people saying more interesting things, such as:

mmadnesstiff Dare I say GACKT got more applause than Josh Hartnett, Ron Perlman & Woody Harleson combined at BUNRAKU tonight?

Video footage of GACKT answering a few questions has also hit the web. He blows away all the gawking whities in sense of presence and charisma, even though he does seem slightly nervous. Pressure must have been incredible.

[For a transcript of the video, click here.]

Several reviews of the film have also been released, most of which complain gratuitously about lack of plot and how confused Josh Hartnett seems through the entire thing, barely even brushing over the contribution of GACKT, all while typesetting his name in lowercase (the noobs), making it nearly impossible to tell if they even saw the movie at all, actually did any research, or are simply trolling for the sake of being a troll critic.

Also check out some screen-shots (full of whities doing whitie things).

This is gacktpause, over and out.

Images: Getty Images

Video: TIFF Midnight Madness blog


9 responses to “Hyperventilation- and Other Responses to the BUNRAKU Premier

    • No, unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to Toronto for the screening (11 hour train ride up there made making plans a little tough at short notice, although I regret it now). Just processing the hype as it hits the net right now.

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  2. 1. I *love* the pic… the outfit, the pose, the glasses (I could hope for better sandals but really a minor point).

    2. The one thing that disturbed me ever so slightly was his resemblence to Elvis … It’s been an odd Elvis weekend… don’t ask….

    Please everyone tell me I’m seeing things!

      • …I’ll ask you all to kindly cease any discussions regarding pompadours, lest they become the next big [hair] thing to corrupt Jrockers’ sense of style. I don’t want to have to follow up the Perms posts with a pompadour one….

  3. Glad to see fans excited about the movie (and what did you expect from the critics, I don’t think most of the time they do any research, just label and move on to the next event). GACKT’s english wasn’t to bad but he looks like he needs time to process the language but kudos for giving his best as always. Also, I want those clothes so bad.

  4. Ah, I’m really curious about this movie now…I’d like to see it when I get the chance!

    I love GACKT’s proudly Japanese outift of Yukata and sandals…he really stands out amongst all the other actors. (^_^)

    I watched the interview and I have to say, GACKT seems a little nervous which is surprising since he comes across as having this exuberant, confident personality though I’m wondering if it has to do with the language barrier? Speaking of which, I was wondering, how fluent is GACKT in English? (I was wondering since his Twitter bio is English… ^^;)

    • I don’t think you’re the only one who was a little surprised by how nervous GACKT seemed in the interview. Although, based on the many Japanese interviews I’ve seen, I don’t think I would ever describe him as being “an exuberant, confident personality” in them. He has always seemed extremely sure of his personality, yes, but somehow he seemed predominantly aloof and somehow shy– not nervous, no, but not exactly the icon of extroverted chattiness either.
      He seems to speak English passably well, but I don’t think he’s brilliantly fluent by any means.

      Also still looking forward to Bunraku.

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