girugamesh bounces back

It would seem that it’s about that time again. Summer is coming to a close, bringing with it the papery chill of Autumn. With the turnover from summer, the new round of fall tours, events, and releases start to come tumbling down from the skies of Visual Kei like leaves on a windy October day.

One of those bands whose seasonal turn-around we have most been anticipating, is the extremely versatile, ever-changing and experimenting bad-boy roundup girugamesh. They recently released their new look, and a teaser for the new single, titled Inochi no Ki (Tree of Life), and appropriately depicted by a…er..dead tree. Let’s take a look at their new digs:

Wow, well, first of all, I have to say Nii and his hats keep improving. That over-sized sock he was wearing on his head for about, what? 8 singles? has finally transformed into a classy fedora. Those are in, by the way. Honestly, Satoshi’s outfits don’t change that much. Although he’s cut-off mid-torso here, I’d bet my last penny he’s wearing black ski— wait. Aren’t there too many blonds in this picture?

As for the song… Like Nii’s hobo headwear, giru‘s sound continues to develop and advance. I’m extremely pleased to hear that they’ve gone back to their hardcore sound. Those rap elements are still there, which shows Ryo’s experimental nature is still running rampant. However, it’s good to hear Satoshi’s voice getting that edge back, as I thought he was going soft for a while there. Although, I thought it was something other than ‘luck’ that he was saying. Just Engrish, I guess?

All in all, I think it’s inspiring to see that, although we had a brief lapse with the release of mediocre COLOR, the boys are bouncing back with more of their original sound. I think it was right to stand by girugamesh and continue supporting their creative expression. I can’t wait for Inochi no Ki to land, and I hope the b-sides are just as good as the title track.

Admit it. You can’t deny the resemblance.

9 responses to “girugamesh bounces back

  1. Good lord. This gave me a good laugh! When I first saw the picture, my first thought was – “wait, I know the band is adopting a debonair look now but this couldn’t be them, right?” Shit. I’m still laughing now. Nice shot!

    • Well, the funny thing is, Kamenashi Kazuya does resemble Satoshi slightly in this image (hairstyle? Grumpy look?), and the guy behind him is wearing Ryo’s staple outfit (cowl-neck, drapey top and tight pants). If the blonds hadn’t rained on my parade, I probably could have passed these pansies off for giru pretty well.
      Glad you found it amusing. Not sure yet whether the remarkable connection between one of the (formerly) best hardcore VK bands and Kat-TUN is humorous or depressing.

  2. +1 for depressing.

    On the surface it looks amusing. But looking at the bigger picture, beyond just the look, it really is very saddening.

    If only there’s 911 for vk bands, I’ll be pestering them about giru.

    Or maybe I just missed the update and giru actually transferred to Johnny’s.

    • I won’t give up on them as a band. I still think there’s something about them that will never be replaced by another group. Each member has personality, and I have always really liked Satoshi’s vocals. Should I ever have the opportunity to see them perform live, I would jump on it. I just can’t really figure out where they’re coming from with their new work, and essentially, where they think they’re going with their career.

  3. this is priceless! that picture caught me off guard and i laughed so hard people turned and stared.. at first i was like “what is the pretty pretty princess doing in Giru?” and then i looked at the rest of the faces. xP

    i’m making headway on The Righteous List and have been listening to Giru for a while now…they’re totally badass (“Evolution” is playing right now actually) tho i did take your advice and have avoided “Color” so as not to taint the pool…i really hope they continue to stick with their original sound…i’d hate to think that i have some sort of variation of sakurayume’s jrock disbanding disease…one where the jrock bands that i find and really enjoy dont break up but instead turn into… *gasp* Jpop! O_O

  4. Oh god… how depressing. After taking one look at the pic and thinking, “oh hell, no… these women are all too pretty for Giru,” I went to the official site. MISTAKE!! I *obviously* had not heard “Color” yet, and if I had, I thought it was another band entirely. Strangely, I came here after listening to some of the “songs” that will be included on Rock Band 3 from the 2000s… in an attempt to cheer myself up from the horrible “music” they’ve selected…. just to hear “Color.” D:

    VK isn’t dead, but it certainly enjoys flirting with death!

    • Fortunately giru isn’t the deciding factor of Visual Kei’s life-status. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate everything they have done in the past, and I respect them as people, and creative artists, and if they want to write mellow rock from now on, they can go for it. However, in order for me to continue buying their albums and following them actively, the mellow rock they put out with needs to be really awesome mellow rock. I’m all for different genres and bands flexing their sound and all that, but they should at least remember how to put integrity and strength into their music– should they do hardcore or pop ballads.

      Sorry you had to have an experience like that.

    • Basically girugamesh‘s latest stuff has gotten so watered down that I’m concerned about a contract shift from Danger Crue to Johnny’s Ent.

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