Put BBS On Repeat With Best-Of OVER AND OVER

Is it just me, or does it seem like this has been a fruitful summer of Jrock in the US? Well, don’t let it stop now. Following a slew of events and band appearances at anime conventions across the country, as well as several major tours (MIYAVI and D’espairsRay), there’s a whole ‘nother rush about to come through. Starting off with Dir En Grey‘s nationwide gorefest beginning at the end of this month, sailing right into VAMPS, XJapan, and now– can I really say this?– be ready to bop and rock to some BOOM BOOM SATELLITES.

Not only will BBS unleash some improved and updated classic sounds with up-and-coming, US-released best-of album OVER AND OVER, but they will also be celebrating with a nationwide tour….This time, not in Japan. You heard me right – following a successful, summer-long Japan tour and a stint through September, the US will go galactic nationwide when BBS takes their new best-of collection international this October.

Oct. 6th – Philadelphia
Oct. 8th – Albany
Oct. 12th – Delaware
Oct. 13 – DC
Oct. 14th Baltimore
Oct. 16th Connecticut
Oct. 17th – Boston
Oct. 19th – New England (ok, that’s not vague at all)
Oct. 21st – NY/CMJ
Oct. 25th – LA
Oct. 27th – San Francisco
Oct. 29th – Portland
Oct. 30th – Seattle
…and apparently more dates to be announced. This almost seems too good to be true. Since when have Jrock tours in the US ever hit up enough venues to actually have a TBA status? Unnatural. And also, knock on wood, awesome for me, as I percieve about 5 potential opportunities to see them racked up in that list. This electronic-slash-rock, bass and guitar project backed by some badass girl-drums is one of those acts that has to be pretty wicked live. So, any other takers?

BBS official website

Source: Purple Sky


8 responses to “Put BBS On Repeat With Best-Of OVER AND OVER

  1. Wow… I think I had heard the name once before, and I doubt I’ll ever own one of their albums, but that would ROCK live! Not sure I’ll make it to a show though… thanks for the heads-up!

    • Yeah, their music is quite cool, really, and def seems like it would make for a smokin’ live show. I still have to get the specs for the venues they’ll be hitting up, but chances are good I’ll make an effort to see them, especially if they pass through Boston.

  2. Lucky you!

    I only have their album EXPOSED but that has been on my playlist for a long, long time.

    What Goes Round Comes Around used to wake me up every morning :)

    • Well, I’m looking forward to seeing the venue list when it’s released, anyway. Come October I’ll most likely have gone into withdrawals again, so it will be high time to head back down to Boston (NYC wouldn’t be impossible, but it’s a bit of a stretch) for a show.

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