Tales from the Crypt

Well…I mean, my name is gacktpause after all. Some hiatuses come with the territory.

The cheerful image is to actually offset the fact that I feel like I just crawled out of a crypt…only to need to crawl right back into one.

I realize that it would appear as if I have been entirely devoured by the mundane drill of the socially-expected lifestyle I, too, must now serve, in order that I may funnel every last penny away to these touring talents and single-putting-out-machines of musicians. In short, Jrock ate my soul and my job ate me.

Frankly, these next few weeks are probably some of the busiest of the year for me. It already feels like summer has peaked and is now in its decline. Since I live in an arctic waste, the trees have even started turning color already. Yes, I don’t know what’s wrong with them either. It’s as though this is the time when everyone suddenly realizes that summer is ending, and now there’s a rush to cram into every minute all those things you meant to do and never got around to. (This is where I, innocently trying to update with some scathing critique of girugamesh, get caught in the middle and end up vanishing).

And now, really thinking about it, I suppose it’s the same for me. There’s still some stuff I’ve been thinking about for months that I never did. From this place you wonder if there’s any point in doing it, or if you should just forget it (I, being prone to lethargy,  usually pick the latter). I’m still trying to fit a lot in, though I think that the next two weeks will be the crisis, as it were. On Wednesday I leave for NYC and D’espairsRay for their US loop final which, fittingly, will probably be the Grand Finale of my Summer 2010.

I apologize for being almost totally negligent in the way of any activity in the blogsphere, and any modes of contact. I have steadily started responding to comments once more, and can occasionally be found lurking on Twitter, so we’re getting there.

They are in a secret holding cell at the moment, but I guarantee there are posts in the works. There is, as I recall, at least one smasher of an album sitting on my iPod waiting to be reviewed…and yes, I do plan on doing so.


2 responses to “Tales from the Crypt

  1. I’ll be looking forward to what you come up with. Take some time to relax, because blogging should never be a chore. You’ll be missed, but your posts are well worth waiting for. ;)

    • Thank you for your support. To be honest, I’m actually chomping at the bit to get back on here and write some stuff up. It just doesn’t seem like there’s been time these past few weeks. I’m hoping I can work it out to make it easier in the future.

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