Awakening The Rocker Within

NEWS FLASH: This just in today! Japanese superstar GACKT (37) invents and instates, via general consensus, a new form of verbal punctuation. Now, replacing the Japanese and English words ‘desu’ and ‘are’, we shall hereby be required by Japanese law to say EVER at the end of every statement and sentence. May also be used as a general exclamation, or as a warning called out after anyone wearing capris.

This PV screams GACKT. It screams GACKT louder than a hysteric fan-girl in the front row. The excessive, unnatural, hard-to-believe-it’s-serious machoness, and insanely awkward acting and lines, which we began encountering early on, and the utterly random moments that are so shockingly powerful, it makes them even more random, all just seethe GACKT.

Long story short, he got it all right with the brand new PV for EVER.

The random (yet undeniably brilliant and meaningful) fragments of storyline in this PV are simplistic, and yet I somehow have a feeling we’re not meant to accept them at face-value. I was really into the shameless self-directed idol-worship, and how his performance awakens the rocker spirit in the boy wearing the YFCz uniform.

The most unbelievable moment of the whole PV is the first scene actually showing the idol himself. When he does that spirit-fingers thing? I mean come on! Everything about his outfit (even the sparkly makeup looked quite cool in the PV), his dance moves, and how he used the hat was really stylish. All I can say about the scope thing that periodically targets him, though, is…Gundam or it didn’t happen.

My only real complaint about the video was…what happened to Chachamaru? Is he camera shy now or something? I’m seeing Tsukasa, SHUN, and some guy with a Perm on bass (Ni~ya from Nightmare again?). I know Chirolyn is scary, but really.

The random ending where the spirit-guide bouncer guy (AKA “GACKT’s Secretary” -insert expletives-) laughs and says “heh…EVER.” was… was…very…let’s just say I bet GACKT thought up that one personally.


5 responses to “Awakening The Rocker Within

  1. I felt that this PV was so darn slick. Was this dedicated to MJ in any way (1 year death anniversary)?

    Anyway, I agree that he hits it right on this. It is just so GACKT of him to come up with this. Also, this PV was rather inspiring in an unusual way. His fingers… are so hot! Takanori has met his match!

    (Bets are on on how much he overworked himself for this.)

    • There was so much MJ influence obvious in this PV – the outfit was such a catch point. I wonder how conscious that was on GACKT’s part… I have to say, though, I think it’s only been a matter of time before GACKT acknowledges MJ in his work; both of them the King of Pop from East and West.

      “(Bets are on on how much he overworked himself for this.)” – my thoughts exactly.

      The PV really is terrific. I think it’s ranking up there with D’espairs’ Death Point PV for my favorite of…well, a while.

      • Anyway, tribute or not, I would still consider this as one of Gackt’s best. Gackt never fails to deliver.

      • True story. Glad to see that he was able to release a stunner for his debut with Avex. Hopefully it put to ease some of those doubts that have been flying around harder than Bird Flu.

      • Also, he’s got a pseudo-supergroup for this, double the awesomeness.
        (Reminds me how LeBron James went to form the history’s greatest big three in Miami…)

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