D’espairsRay Adds 2nd NYC Show

Note: this show was canceled.

Wow, this whole D’espairsRay world tour thing has really had us all on tenterhooks since they first started hinting at the possibility. It’s amazing to think back to all the anxiety and excitement there was leading up to the official announcement/confirmation. All that wondering if it was really going to happen, and whether or not they would come to a City Near You.

It hasn’t been a wicked easy ride, either. They had to scrounge a bit to get their visas in order, but fortunately some awesome fans from all around the world chipped in to get them all the materials they needed in order to get the big brother’s OK to enter our domain and rock our souls with their gnarly rhythms.

Then, last week they (very) unfortunately canceled the three southern shows, Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas. This jumped the sold-out NYC show at Webster Hall to the finale spot…Until, that is, this morning, when I checked my email only to find…some random spam note from somebody I don’t know. And then I saw the subject, and had to stop for a moment. Oh, I guess D’espairsRay isn’t classifiable as spam.

Due to the swift selling-out of the tickets, and the uproar caused by under 19’s about the 19+ show on the 12th, a 2nd NYC show has been added for Friday, August 13th, at the same venue. Woah. I just realized that’s Friday the Thirteenth…That really jammed my thought-process.

Moving on. Not only that, but the show will be All-Ages. This means they will be satisfying everyone. The youngsters, hardcore fans, and those who missed out on tickets for the first show will all get what they want. And don’t worry, guys, our 19+ show will still be elite.

Tickets are on sale via Ticketweb as of 10 AM today, July 27th. $18 in advance, general-admission, all-ages. Doors are at 6PM and show starts at 7PM, which leaves enough time for the kids to make it home before curfew…and hopefully leaves enough time for me to catch the last train from GCS. Although I’m already going to the August 12th show, I just ordered another set of tickets for the 13th as well. This will be my first time ever attending the same show two nights consecutively… As long as something bad doesn’t happen to me on Friday, it should be killer.


5 responses to “D’espairsRay Adds 2nd NYC Show

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  2. I heard about the age restriction for the NY show and it being +19…I’m guessing its to do with the venue being a bar/club kinda scene [and not being able to drink unless you’re 19 (18?) or over]?

    • Drinking age in the US is 21+, but they typically just stamp hands/ do bracelets anyway, so that doesn’t usually impact these shows. On that note, I think it’s awesome that Jrockers almost always have all ages shows. Although there’s quite a good music scene in my town, it’s almost exclusively 21+, which I personally think nips an interest in live shows right in the bud for younger kids, and definitely frustrates the cultural scene. Stamping hands isn’t that hard, guys.

      The show was +19 because all-ages shows apparently have a curfew. So had the show been +19 they would have had to start the performance quite early (the 2nd show follows this rule, doors are at 6PM– a whopping 2.45 hrs. earlier than the +19 show). However, this works out well for me in the end because it means I’ll be able to catch a train out of the city. Had it opened later, I wouldn’t have been able to make it.

      • “On that note, I think it’s awesome that Jrockers almost always have all ages shows. ” <— Yea definitely…I mean if they didn't I would be able to go! :p Though I'm sure that from performing in Japan they've been able to generally gauge the ages of fans.

        The reason I asked was because this didn't exactly fit into what I experienced at the Miyavi show in NY. It was an all-ages show yet it was set to start at 8:00. Then again, I'm not sure if doors were actually open at 6:00 since I only got there around 8:15. XD?

        Oh, are you attending both shows? :)

      • I think this curfew thing is…by…venue? To be honest, when I read the explanation on the D’espairsRay FB page, I was kind of like ‘huh?’. I didn’t know they had bogus things like curfews anymore. Especially for bloody rock concerts, all ages or no. So really, I can only tell you what I’ve been told.

        Yes, I’ll be attending both shows. It works out since I’m staying in the city Thursday night. I figured I might as well stick around for the one on Friday as well. I realize I’ll be swatting off raging 14 year olds left and right, but it’s a small price to pay. ;}

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