Takanori ‘Manicure’ Revolution

Taiko-drumming, dancing ninja. Tactfully sheer pants. Slow motion. Anime-theme-song god almighty T.M.Revolution, as my good friend and fellow blogger sakurayume would say, can truly do no wrong. Not only has the PV for part one of his latest double A-side Naked Arms/Sword Summit been released, I have even been able to find an HD version that will actually play stereo.

I don’t know what it is, but lately Jrock and Visual Kei PVs (and now apparently badass Jpop as well) have become really monochromatic. Perhaps it’s the promotional-video version of the custom of only ever wearing black and white (guilty as charged). Whatever it is, it makes everything look cool.

My only complaint about the Naked Arms PV is that I didn’t feel like it went anywhere. Finally T.M. just spontaneously combusted and returned to whatever divine realm he came from, and left the ninja to disrobe mysteriously off screen. Despite that, both the PV and the song were both satisfying and powerful. I am highly anticipating hearing Sword Summit (although out of the two it interested me the least when I heard the previews), and of course putting it all together as a complete single, which is where, when it comes down to it, the magic happens.

Finally, it’s not a T.M. PV without the extended manicure fan-service. Yes, T.M., you have the best nails in Japan.

Also check out the actual OP clip for the game Sengoku Basara 3 in which this plays:


6 responses to “Takanori ‘Manicure’ Revolution

  1. that was a fun pv and i really liked the song!! i liked the ending too…it seemed as tho he was the force holding everything together and once he went *poof* everything fell apart…thought that was pretty cool. :)

    • T.M. is the force holding everything together – and I don’t just mean in the video.
      I thought the ending was quite cool as well – actually, the whole thing was really cool, I just felt like it could have used a little more of a linear (or any kind) “story” that had some kind of crescendo and climax.

  2. I didn’t think the song really went anywhere either, but I’m not about to count it out. It’s got room for growth, and I always say if I can find one thing I like about a song, it’s not a failure. The PV is great, I’ve come to love T.M.R’s over-the-top and even mildly campy videos. I still have you to thank for converting me to the church of Takanori because I have overlooked his music for far too long.

    Also, your reference to me in your post was much appreciated, and I’m glad you consider me a good friend.

    • Ah, well, I didn’t really mean the not-going-anywhere thing as a basher. Just some constructive criticism. ;) I still think it’s an awesome song, and the video was really stylishly done.
      There are a lot of idols and bands that can make great music, but not necessarily all of them have true style. I think something that really sets T.M. apart from the rest is the fact that he is practically oozing natural style, and it shows in everything he does.

  3. For me TM usually stays on his own realm. He’s different from others. If you are a fan who followed him from the very beginning you will know what to expect from him and his music style. You can expect different though in ABS but no in his solo work. T.M. will always be T.M.

    • I agree, as T.M. Revolution there’s more or less a stylistic formula — not a bad thing, just how it is. Not to mention, most of his work is for anime OPs, which, in my experience, always affects Jpop creative delivery. He’s still one of the best there is.

      a.b.s on the other hand, will eternally keep us guessing, as showcased by the massive stretch of styles, both composition-wise and vocally, between their self-titled album and this year’s Abingdon Road.

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