Finally a VK band remembers that they are not princesses, and make music and a PV with attitude.

The promotions have begun.

Today, D’espairsRay released the official full-length PV for the second track off their up-coming album MONSTERS (7/28), “Death Point“.

First of all, without sounding overly enthusiastic, I must say…this is probably the best PV I’ve seen since, well, a long time. The production is awesome; the fuzzy camera effects that make it look  like it’s about to short-circuit could have potentially been obnoxious, but they were pulled off perfectly, so instead they just added to the overall classiness. The grunge, screamo bad-boy thing, with all of HIZUMI’s wide-eyed bestial glaring into the camera and aggressive arrogant behavior was so refreshing. Especially after I thought they all turned into pimps in Love is Dead (the only thing that was dead was your style, guys.), I realized after watching Death Point how much I wish Visual rockers would start being vain, arrogant, badly behaved bastards once more. Well, D’espairsRay is off to a good start here.

I was also really into the “live” quality they brought in with the imagery. How HIZUMI drops his mic stand and a crew member scuttles in to take it away, when HIZUMI is shaking the camera and being annoying during the guitar solo, and then stalks off to squirt some water on the expensive looking equipment and a guy hands him a new mic. Just really cool elements that completely redeemed that other aforementioned PV that we can add to a forbidden-topics list forthwith.

The guys claim this to be “the most aggressive” PV ever made. Is it? I’m not sure if I would say that, but there was actually real, live energy that could be perceived with the naked human eye, and this, this, is what Visual Kei needs right now.

One thing, though…did anyone else even see ZERO in that video?


10 responses to “Finally a VK band remembers that they are not princesses, and make music and a PV with attitude.

  1. i agree with just about everything here (except love is dead…i totally enjoyed the pimp cane in that pv…altho the catwoman cameo left me more than a lil bit confused)… i adore hizumi’s cockiness in this new pv!!!! totally badass! but really, the first thing i thought when watching this was: WHERE’S MAH ZERO MONSTER?! zero is my fave so i’m always on the look out for good scenes of him and this gave me nothin!!!

    • The catwoman cameo was but one of many confusing aspects of LOVE IS DEAD.

      HIZUMI is really rockin’ the attitude in this PV, which, I’ll say it again, is so refreshing. These rockers need to stop being all friendly and trying to please Avex’s Happy Family and actually get some of that devil-may-care rock and roll going again. Do they really think we’re so complacent that we won’t notice if they substitute metal for muzak?
      Hopefully they’ll all realize that yes, we do still like quality heavy music, and yes, they should continue producing it.

  2. AGREED! On just about every single thing mentioned. :) [Including this one: “Especially after I thought they all turned into pimps in Love is Dead (the only thing that was dead was your style, guys.)”] XD

    The PV must have been fun to make both for the crew and D’espa. I mean, in how many videos does HIZUMI get the chance to throw his toys? XD Though I do think they could have maybe taken it a little farther by getting the whole band into it like having Karyu smash a guitar! XP

    I also noticed Zero’s absence though I do believe he has a white bass in this PV which might contribute to some shots that you might confuse with Karyu…though even then, those would probably be strumming shots. XD

    On another note, something that I noticed prior to this PV but still bothered me, was how skinny HIZUMI looks. I mean, in the comment vid he practically looked like a stick but even here I’d say it seems like he lost some muscle (well he is shirtless…XP). Then again maybe it because he’s drowning in his trench coat?

    And after rewatching the vid, I think it’s safe to conclude that they did not film anything from Zero’s upper torso at all. XD

    • Well, I have to say that now that I’ve thought about it some more, the only thing this PV really lacked was an overall sense of “band-ness”. I did notice ZERO’s shot with the white bass– but it was like a cameo. You practically never see him for the rest of the video. They should have at least given Karyu a different colored guitar, it’s almost like they were intentionally trying to confuse us. Disappointing, though, because ZERO was proudly all about how he was definitely a monster in this video. What kind of monster, ZERO? A GHOST?

      The absence of decent shots of certain key members aside, the PV is awesome, and the song definitely gives me more hope for MONSTERS.

  3. ::adds LOVE IS DEAD to the forbidden topics list::

    And no, I dont remember seeing Zero now that you mention it. xD

    In other news, this is really making me excited for their tour~~

    • I am now officially excited for their tour as well, now that I know it won’t be some kind of Saturday Night Fever rendition, Visual Kei version.

      I’m even, can I say this?, excited to hear the new album (not long now). Hopefully these guys will come out with something awesome where their junior minions (giru, Gaze) fell short.

  4. This PV kinda reminds me of ABGD’s Howling (and abit of JAP). The start where he was sitting and stands up, drinking water, and splashing it all over(JAP), the retro mic elements…

    But hey, I heard they worked with Kishi on the new album. You gotta love how they made it sooooo kick-ass, especially when he just goes up to the big, muscular, Caucasian cameraman and PWNs him by screaming “DEATH POINT” at the cam!

    (LOL-ed at the crew which picked the mic stand, water splashing, and the cameraman cleaning the screen)

    I can only critisise the Engrish (that is a result of importing Kishi) and the repetitiveness of “DEATH POINT’, but it’s still kick-ass; if you don’t like this, you’re not a friend of rock/metal and their variants.

    • Hm… I suppose I can see where you would find similarities to those a.b.s PVs (although, both those PVs are epic, so it’s really a compliment). It’s been interesting knowing that Kishi produced MONSTERS (+ Final Call and LOVE IS DEAD), and now listening and watching the DP PV and trying to find his influence embedded in there in places. Although I honestly have no idea how involved he would have been with the PV, you still gotta wonder.

      Yes, the harried crew members scuttling along after HIZUMI’s heels like the servants of a petulant prince were quite entertaining to see. I particularly liked how they worked with not only the band, but also the staff, as it really brought a lot of dimensional elements into the production.

      The Engrish doesn’t bother me (a result of Kishi enslaving my brain, perhaps), but I do agree with you about the repetitiveness of the phrase throughout the song. It’s good that that’s all we can say ill against, though.

      Thanks for your comment – I enjoyed reading your input and insights, especially as you are also perceiving Kishi’s sway over the D’espa boys. Honestly I don’t think I know that many people who are into both a.b.s and D’espairs, but myself being so, I was curious about Kishi’s collab with them, and other people’s thoughts on it.

      • Thanks. But I still have to say that the Engrish bugs me, since (I believe) the whole song is in English (correct me if I’m wrong). Still I’m glad that DRay’s style is still retained and Kishi did not ruin anything (turntables anyone?) and this collab is really notheworthy.

      • Ah…being a diehard fan of Kishi’s work (he can put those turntables to work anywhere as far as I’m concerned), I don’t think he could ‘ruin’ anything. However, I didn’t think either Final Call or Love Is Dead were D’espairsRay‘s most interesting works. It’s good to see that they’re back up to par with the new album.

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